Sir Novelle Richards Academy On The Road To Recovery After Theft Impacts The Educational Institution


Member of Parliament for the St. George’s Constituency, Hon. Dean Jonas responded quickly to an appeal from the principal, staff and students of the Sir Novelle Richards Academy who were reeled by a recent burglary and theft of several important items which helped to ensure both the teaching and learning environment was a comfortable one.

The Member of Parliament, who is also the Minister responsible for Social Transformation, Human Resource Development and The Blue Economy presented microwave ovens and sound equipment to the school principal, Mrs. L. Simon-Bradshaw.

Minister Jonas encouraged the principal, staff and students not to be deterred by the criminally minded who selfishly interrupted the educational experience of the members of the school community by their unwelcomed entry onto the property.

He also reminded the principal that the Honourable Members of Cabinet have placed top priority on modernizing the security provisions at schools across the island since the development of our human resources through quality education is an essential element of any nation’s long-term success.

The school principal, Ms Listeen Bradshaw, expressed her appreciation for the gifts on behalf of the staff and students and thanked MP Jonas for his continued support for the Sir Novelle Richards Academy.


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  1. True leadership is being exemplified here. Well done, Min. Jonas. With leadership like yours, no serpents, snakes, or other reptiles will ever sit in our Parliament. Let us keep our Parliament free of those of the reptilian order as it is a place where only decent humans should deliberate.

    “Then the LORD God said to the snake, “You will be punished for this; you alone of all the animals must bear this curse: from now on you will crawl on your belly, and you will have to eat dust as long as you live. I will make you and the woman hate each other; her offspring and yours will always be enemies. Her offspring will crush your head and you will bite her offspring’s heel.” — Genesis 3:14-15 (GNB)

    • Gaston Browne, we all know you went to Wesleyan Holiness Sunday school. Why don’t you practice all they taught you?

    • @ Wash an’ Basin

      ‘where only decent humans should deliberate’………I didn’t know that Gaston died. I have not heard the funeral announcement, do not crack me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Well done Dean, real leadership is not by cursing everyday on the radio or on social media. It’s about meeting the needs of the people as best as you can. Keep up the good work, my family and I will support you for another term

    • @ Ms Barnes

      OK USEFUL IDIOT, lol, as if people stupid not to know you are a minion singing for your supper

  3. Politrickians will always play their game.

    Giving is a sacred art when it is done with a sincere heart.
    Not for a show. Not to call in the media and publicize the act.
    Not even the right hand should know what the left hand is giving according to the figurative Biblical sense.
    When giving becomes a public show it is nothing more than selfish gratification and we know that is the main aim in politricks.

    I do dare any politrickians to donate items to others and not invite the media.
    These are the acts that will gain heavenly notice. Definitely not the acts of self-glorification.

    • @WORLD “CRYSIS”: END SOON COM: It’s weird I don’t see you making these comments when UPP politrickians giving and all over social media and the news with photos and stories. Your blue slip is showing from beneath your yellow skirt, madam.

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