Sir Molwyn advises region to consider adding COVID-19 vaccine to immunisation regime


BARBADOS TODAY: Health and education officials in Barbados and the rest of the region have been advised to start thinking about adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the regime of regular immunizations for children. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

The suggestion has come from Minister of Health in Antigua and Barbuda, Sir Molwyn Joseph who said officials in his ministry are in discussion on the issue and he believes it should be explored by all regional governments.

He briefly raised the issue on Friday as he addressed the opening ceremony of a media workshop for journalists from the Eastern Caribbean, entitled Beyond COVID-19: The Children’s Story, hosted by UNICEF and USAID in the twin-island nation.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY after his address, Sir Molwyn said he believes the matter should be on the agenda of regional Health Ministers.

“It’s time to have the discussion, and this discussion should be guided through PAHO [the Pan American Health Organisation] … COVID is going to be with us for some time and I think it’s not too soon to have this discussion,” he said.

“The fact is I have witnessed many of our children die in Antigua and Barbuda having contracted COVID from their parents or members of their family, so at least the dialogue should begin.”

Sir Molwyn said that while he did not expect stakeholders to be all on board immediately, given the sensitivity of the issue, he was hopeful that once fully informed they would see the benefits of taking such a step.

“Over the years it sometimes takes a period of adjusting to new policies and what we should do is engage in a series of educational programmes, provide the information to families. I believe that the same families that have accepted the regime of vaccines now, I would be optimistic in expecting them to accept the new vaccine, so I would not anticipate a lot of negative reaction,” he said.

Several Caribbean countries have already carried out COVID-19 vaccination campaigns for children as young as 12 years old, while a few others are either beginning to roll out immunization of younger children with the Pfizer pediatric vaccine or trying to source the jab.

However, it has not been mandated for children. (DP)

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  1. You can take all of the vaccines and put it where the sun don’t shine leave my family out of this.
    Had Covid twice and we will take our chances every time.
    Will not allow a rush to market substance to be injected in of all people the children in my family.
    Knock yourself out do you.

  2. “The fact is I have witnessed many of our children die in Antigua and Barbuda having contracted COVID from their parents or members of their family, so at least the dialogue should begin.”
    Is this correct?

    • Where did you get that information from? Can you please go and do your research again and then give us the breakdown of adults and children that died from Covid-19 in Antigua and Barbuda.
      Bout many of our children die
      Yuh want one hot Cassie stick in yuh mouth

  3. Is this old fool for real? The Pfizer documents are out and show 1291 possible side effects. Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer clearly stated that these poisons “offered little protection if any.” Bill Gates, Mr. Vaccine himself, questioned the mandates because the “vaccines” dont work. Why the hell is this old fool now saying that many children have died in Antigua? Where is the data? Wake up people. These things are killers. The death rates worldwide are up and I suspect here as well, but they will never say.

  4. I don’t believe that government Ministers are sufficiently qualified to evaluate the data to make such determinations. Last I checked the data around the world did not show any net benefit to vaccinating young children since they are much less likely to get severe COVID. They are generally more likely to suffer from adverse vaccine side effects than they are to be protected from anything serious. If they start with these immunisations they might force the kids to get them repeatedly which might be very damaging in the long term. A lot of kids might also already have natural immunity without our knowledge and don’t need any vaccine. It is irresponsible of the Minister to make such recommendations without proper data analysis being completed by the “experts” and even then the agreement of the public. I personally believe that particular immunisation should remain voluntary not forced. The Minister should tread very carefully because some of us parents might suddenly become single issue voters and rally to vote his party out over that issue alone…

  5. Listen to this proper pork. All he know is lifting Rolls Royce over the Port fence. Teefing rass get knighted for that shit. He should have been knighted Sir Rolls Royce over Port fence.

  6. SHUT UP Molwyn Joseph. You are a dangerous idiot. The majority of people have awakened from their sleep and now know that the fake vaccines are dangerous

  7. Don’t see any point to using the COVID vaccines on kids. Every other vaccine given to kids prevents infection and creates and maintains real herd immunity within a given population. COVID-19 vaccines don’t prevent infection and never will due to the coronavirus having a very rapid rate of RNA mutation. The immune system is responsible for the immune overreaction that results in death from the virus. However, the immune systems of kids tends not to overreact to the virus. Instead, the real risk to both adults and kids of Covid infections is long Covid, but the vaccines don’t prevent long Covid. So again, what’s the point of giving kids a jab that is pointless to them? There’s no goal, just jabbing for the sake of jabbing. And given that there are myocardial side effects of the vaccines which are predominantly seen in kids, why would you go down that road?

    And what does the minister mean about having seen many kids die from COVID-19 in Antigua? If true, what else have they been hiding from us?

  8. Molwyn Joseph, if a lot of children died from covid in Antigua, how come we didn’t know. Why would you have hidden this from us? Don’t tell me you are on the payroll of the vaccine criminals. I wouldn’t be surprised because we suspect people in your government will do anything for money. Please leave Antigua people’s children alone.

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