Sir Lester’s wish to overturn his error regarding Lands at VC Bird International Airport

Former Prime Minister Sir Lester Bird

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  1. Apologizing for mistakes is an always an honourable thing that is not quite common from politicians. They see it as weakness, but it is really honest, truthful, candid, straight forward, frank and human. Just wondering if Allen Stanford was around if the Right Honourable Sir Lester Bird would have given the same sentiments. What this shows is that Politicians really need to get a broad input on such things as making our prime lands available to foreigners. There must be broad public input where possible. Once most of these prime lands are sold to foreigners, then Antiguans would never be able to own them again. Sadly, the airport lands are not the only one that falls into this category. Whilst I can understand the needs for Economic Development we cannot sell our prime assists as we seem to be doing on a regular basis. Antigua is all we have!

  2. Or was he asked to do this in exchange for the Sir Emeritus and other comfortable amenities? And will it be restored to the people? Or flipped to a land baron whose eyes have been shining at the thought of that whole illustrious acreage as a possible addition to his growing empire?

    My fellow Antiguans, always remember that there is a method to the madness.

    • @ sorry… Indeed – there IS always another move at play from other players.
      Why the cc to PM & Mikada Michael?

      So will Govt pay Stanford receivers & folks at runway 10, gates 9&8 market rate, or move to ‘appropriate’?
      Are Stanford employees & contractors still awaiting their individual pay-outs? If yes, heaven help them if Govt take over coz that ain’t working out too well for Liat staff.

      Separately, pleased Sir Lester is feeling so alert & energized after his recent amputation to create such a scholarly mea culpa for his lieutenant Sir Robin to action. Birds of a feather and all that.

  3. Now what does Ms. Makeda have to say about all of this? She expresses her opinion a lot. Let’s hear from her on this one.

  4. I am sorry,I sold the people lands to Stanford. I am so sorry, I gave the lands to Dato Tan for mere pittance.What else are you sorry for doing Lester Bird. I am not sorry. That you are sorry.For doing what you did.Please give us the entire litany of things. You are so sorry for doing.To the people of Antigua and Barbuda during your regime. God do not sleep !!

  5. What lands is he talking about? Did he just wake up and realize he was wrong or did someone in government push him to write the letter because of ulterior motives? We know that some people in government think that only them and their family should own all prime lands in Antigua. We will soon find out who they are after. Clue, the cc to Ms. Makada. I smell a stinking rat.

  6. The man is cleansing his soul. Getting right with God! Your conscience is powerful elixir to deal with day in and day out. When you’ve had done wrong and now want to atone for your errors. Some will find it easily to turn the other cheek. Some will not. Do right for the country and you will always feel the love of the people. A standard that has yet to be modeled by any government in Antigua and Barbuda.

    Best of luck to Sir Lester.

    • @Freetownson: In order for him to cleanse his soul. He would need to drink bleach. Perhaps when he became the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda. His intentions were good. However,along the way he lost his way. He became all of self and none for anyone else. He got overpowered by greed at the expense of we the people. That letter above supposedly written by him. Is he apologizing to Gaston Browne and Makeda Mikael. How about apologizing to the people of Antigua and Barbuda. For giving away our blood,sweat and tears to an Asian man for stamp duty. Then he in return sold said lands to Stanford for millions of dollars. Then went laughing his backsides to the Bank back to Asia. How could you as a so called very smart Lawyer. The Leader of this Nation got hoodwinked by Dato Tan. The Hospital named for you by your Comrades. That in itself is a whole other story. We need to see the costs attached to that project. The purchasing of the Old Michael Mount Property. To the costs attached to building the Hospital.

  7. The things you can do with a computer. However you forgot the stamp and since it was backdated it should have PLFILEPA on it.
    Lester I didn’t read THE COMEBACK KID guess it’s because I know you weren’t able to give me back the time I would have wasted. Free advice, if you write a book called ANTIGUA FORGIVE ME with all facts, it would be a bestseller and just maybe I would read it. Notice I didn’t say I would BUY it
    Shame on you and all politicians.

  8. This sounds like giving the Government the justification and go ahead to compulsorily acquire the airport lands including Makeda’s!! Next step is to then use these same lands for the same purposes but with different ownership.

    • This is the government Antiguan people voted for. They are suppose to be looking after the people but are only in government to enrich themselves. I guess by the time the issue would have gone through the courts, Lester will be dead and can’t confirm he wrote the letter.

  9. How much did you recieve in back handers for agreeing the sales? If you’re being open and honest, start by telling us the truth on everything else! What a load of horse sh*t!

  10. Waiting for Ms. Mekada’s thoughts. She is a deep thinker. What does she think about all of this???

      • @Freetownson:Just thought about Bleach as a cleansing product.Perhaps I should have said 10 year old English Harbor Rum as a cleansing agent. What do you say?

  11. Just wait. Gaston and his people will just go to parliament to take the lands like they did to the man’s land in Lower Gambles. Wicked set of people.

  12. Melford has some public apologies to give too. But you know his ego, wrong and strong. But not stronger than God.
    Time coming.

    Wicked hearts. At least we get this much from dear sir.

  13. Well sir, it’s a bit too late for this. You can see it coming..I know you can. Why not tell the people what really troubles you. None of you will he spared!

  14. The date on this letter in 2021 is interesting……..

    Why now?

    More deception and scheming…….

    Who published it? The author is known…..

    The amazing Asot Michael letter come to mind.

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