Sir Lester livid about Sean Bird joining UPP

Former Prime Minister Sir Lester Bird

The following statement was made by Sir Lester Bird who called in on Sly J’s radio show on ZDK Radio:

“I dissociate myself entirely from what Sean Bird has done and is doing and I will be writing a formal letter to the Board to make sure that he cannot remain in the running of ZDK and being part of the other side

That is something that we’re gonna do something about. Ivor may have a problem as his father but I don’t give a shit about that — excuse the French.

I want to dissociate myself entirely from it. I am not playing any games. I am serious.

After I put in 40 something years into it how am I going to turn around now and allow [Sean Bird] that he is going to destroy the Bird name? No, no, no, no. no.

I know what was said about Tanny Rose and so on, but Tanny Rose is a true Labour Party person and anytime Sean decides to get into a fight with him, I am supporting Tanny Rose. You understand what I’m saying to you Sly J?

I want this thing to go around this country and make it very, very clear. And that’s my daughter’s position … that is everybody in my family’s position.” 

In early July it was announced that Sean Bird, grandson of Father of the Nation, Vere Cornwall Bird Sr, will be the next candidate for the St. John’s Rural East Constituency on the UPP ticket. Bird won the primary overwhelmingly against Vincent ‘Vere’ Cornelius. Bird beat Cornelius by 31 to 10 votes. Forty-one people voted in the primary. “Bird has been a member of the UPP for some time now and he meets all our requirements for selection as a candidate,”  UPP General Secretary Shawn Nicholas said. Bird will come up against his cousin, Maria Bird-Browne in the next General Elections.



  1. That’s right Sir Lester. Sean Bird has brought shame and disgrace to the Bird’s legacy and he must reverse course or face descent and rejection from the entire Bird family and by extension, the labour comrades.

  2. That Jim Jones’ Red Kool-Aid is as strong as hemlock,(poisonous drink).I have never known politics to be that degrading.Coming from a Former Prime Minister.He thinks that once your name is Bird.You must be Jim Jones out.See others drinking that drink and dropping dead.While in you are standing in line to do the same thing.What an Organization.What a Cult.Is he using BLACK DYE ON HIS EXTREMELY BLACK HAIR.LOL

      • I would suggest going to the doctor, but there is a simpler remedy, maybe not follow the comments on the page? You think you paying his internet/data? Just take a damn seat. Lol.

      • Blue cool aid drinkers prefer blue to red and vice versa for red cool aid drinkers. The world is full of blind followers. Ask the MAGA hats wearers, the Jim Jones “Real” cool aid drinkers, the Hutus who massacred in Rwanda etc….

        Blind loyalty to race, religion, nationality, political party etc. means you should have been a sheep instead of human …and you should be lobotomized because you don’t really need that mass in your skull!

      • MOONMAN: MOON THIS. That is your damn business.I am not going anywhere.You do not know Lester Bird.I am from Antigua.A dey me barn.He was not born there.I can say that openly.I do not ask anyone in Antigua and Barbuda for anything.Everything I have in Antigua are wholly owned by me.So put that into your spliff and smoke it.You Labor Party minion.

  3. So how come I did not hear any of this on Observer?

    Mr Knight recorder stop working, or is it an opposition recorder?

    • @MEL: Knight did play the tape of Lester Bird.Lester was as nasty as humanly possible.Do you think Lester Bird remembered.That he and others within the ALP tried to overthrow PAPA BIRD.He,Lester Bird was the ring leader.Do you think he remembered his pants fell on the day he was given Knighthood.

  4. Cable n Wireless Operator: “Is this Sir Lester B. Bird?”

    Sir Lester B. Bird: “Yes, it is. May I ask, who’re calling?

    Cable Wireless Operator: “This is a collect call, from Dr. Vere Cornwall Bird, Snr. Do you accept, the charges?”

    Sir Lester B. Bird: “Hell no! Hell to the no!” Hey Asot, I thought you told me, that the Old man passed into purgatory already?
    What the Hell, am I senile already?”

    Asot Michael, MP: ” Kool it Lester, I got Gassie by the seat of his pants, like a Browne girl in the ring. Anyways, enjoy some Disco Dumplings in the mean time. Mami will be here shortly, to tuck you in!”

    Intermission….can I have a celery, carrot, watermelon juice with a twist, of fresh basil?
    Yea, this herb got me chillaxing to the max. It’s a slow news day!

  5. Country first and party second. There are many questions that needed to be asked in reference to where the party is heading and how far away it is from the values that VC Bird shared. Somebody’s brain cells are not working right.

  6. Sir Lester is right. Sean is going to have to leave ZDK before the Board simply fires him. As for dear Ivor, it may hurt for awhile, but he knows it’s the right thing, and Sean must go. Observer will probably pick him up for their station. It’s not only the legacy of Papa Bird and Uncle Lester that he has disrespected, but the whole ATLU and ABLP movement that he has dissed. Sean can do what he wants, but he must resign from ZDK immediately, “go and do what you must do…do it quickly.” Papa Bird must be spinning in his grave. If he doesn’t go willingly, the Board will simply have to send him packing. Time to go.

  7. Well Sean by now you realize can’t win in Rural East the Mayor of Rural East has spoken and Honestly some of the Upp supporters not even willing to give you their vote,talking about 31 votes when all most 6000 persons are registered in Rural East

  8. Live and let live. Let him choose his own path. If he chooses to go to UPP or DNA or wherever, wish him the best and let him be. Mind you we don’t know the back story but Sir Lester mind your pressure.

  9. Antigua needs to get over this cultish birdism idea. It is akin to mental slavery. If the man wishes to break away from birdism so be it.

      • @ Togo…So are you saying if a family member is a convicted rapist or a serial killer society should accept any of his or her offspring because their parent(s) was(were) that way.

  10. Hon.Sir LESTER BIRD You are 100% correct. Sean Bird will do anything for power but UPP will never WIN one seat in 2023. Sean looking for attention .

  11. Like all human beings, Sean Bird is accorded FREE WILL by the Creator. We get to CHOOSE, but we don’t get to determine the CONSEQUENCES. Apparently, his family’s opinion doesn’t carry much weight in his life. It is one thing to marry the love of your life without family approval, yet quite another to “get in bed with the enemy” that wanted your family history to be dumped in the dust bin.

    “We must get rid of BIRDism once and for all.”

  12. Every man/woman was created with free moral agency…..whether we believe it or not. We make our own choices and we have to deal with the consequences. They are two BIG C’s of life: CHOICES AND CONSEQUENCES.

    Sean Bird made a be it. He will have to deal with the results. No one should ever try to force their beliefs onto another. Only cults practise this type of modality. When one is being pressured to follow a particular modus operandi, then that is something we should all be very weary of and escape as far away as possible.

    A political party should not control how its members think. When it has gotten to that stage then what has been developed is nothing short of a cultist movement. Sad to say…that is exactly what has happened to the ABLP.
    The members of that party/cult no longer thinks for themselves but only follow the dictates of a prescribed indoctrination.
    This is evil…satanic. All who follow this way are only behaving like programmed robots.
    Be warned, Antiguans: Follow not the way of the heathen.


    • Are you stupid or something?
      I listened and ready what regular people are saying. I have my opinion too. but I kept it to myself. I am glad that I did. Because now that Sir. Lester aired his views then, I no longer look at this from a political point of view, first. Yeah, it’s hard to separate BIRD from ALP politics. But this is a “family” situation first before politics. The family values, the family roots, the PAPA, “Father of the nation” who is rooted into the fabric and rise of the people, the family business, the family legacy. Remember, the prime minister is not even a BIRD. But they are still serious about the family’s legacy. This is not Chet Green moving over to join the UPP. Sean is not an ALP minister of government. This is not the World Boss kicking him off the ZDK board. Hope you all get the idea now. This is fist a family issue on the inside. But on the outside it is a political issue first.

  13. So all the others can jump ship and be considered patriots. Dean Jonas as an example. So long as your last name is Bird. You’re demonized and cast aside for joining another party. What a bunch of cult followers. Stop aligning with color and align yourself with the ones that view the wold the same way you do. Opportunity and greed along with women will bring every man to his knees if he doesn’t have a moral compass. Stay tuned!

  14. Is Sean Bird married?

    Does Sean Bird has child?

    Is Sean Bird a Christian preacher?

    Did Sean Bird collect $5000.00 per month from the public purse?

    What work did he do to get paid?

    Sean Bird must address those questions before he speaks on any topic again.

    • @Melchesidec usual ALP members trying to pull a res herring across the trail to distract. As the good book says who is without sin cast the first stone. By the way don’t forget max hurst penned an article about the sins of Gaston Brown during the leadership race. It makes for interesting reading.

  15. The man running for what he believes in and what he can do for Antigua. Antigua politics and govt needs a real shakeup and hopefully his move will be for the betterment of this country.

    Blind loyalty is never a good thing and in this case it has done nothing good for our small nation. It has lead to a lot of underhanded dealings which leaves the rest of us to suffer the consequences. Look at Yida. Look at the Chinese “gifts”. No nation will ever give another nation anything for free. There are always strings attached. It’s a slap in the face when Yida can operate in waters where we, who are born Antiguans can’t even fish there. And that’s one example. How many of you are happy with the govt giving away our lands to foreigners? And they get special treatment. You think that is fair to us?

    When your decedents can no longer live like we are now and enjoy our little island, our piece of paradise, you will have no one else to blame but yourselves and your blind loyalty. Only together as one people can we stand up against the govt and have the govt make decisions that are for the benefit of Antigua and its people; NOT THEIR POCKETS AND PERSONAL CREATIVE ENRICHMENT AGENDAS.

  16. Sean Bird run anywhere have decided.On any Political Party Ticket you see fit.Do not listen to Lester Bird.My last memory of Lester Bird.From 3200 miles away.I watched as his pants fell to his ankles on National and International Media.That is called Karma.Karma is a beach and then you die.This man is living high on the hog.He has many servants on the taxpayers dimes.With all of his assets.Why do they have to sponged off the poor people of Antigua and Barbuda.Sean Bird is likeable.Lester Bird you were never likeable.

  17. “Raise the standard raise it boldly”. It is time for people to stop being in bondage putting party before themselves and the country, while alot of them enriching themselves and citizens suffering .
    It is Time for each endevouring some achieving to end.

  18. Labour Party have been selling out Antigua for generations. Look at Mill Reef. Prime real estate land sold for pennies on the dollar. Big bird told the people of Freetown sell the land to the Americans. Go back to your little village and build your house. General wealth have been lost to Freetown residents. That money has been repatriated to the United States. Thank god for the foresight of some to stand up to Big Bird and say. Me nar sel um.

  19. What is all the fuss about? Sean Bird the grandson of the late father of the Nation, Sir VC Bird, has decided to throw his hat in the political arena and run on a UPP ticket. Sir Lester Bird, some members of his immediate family and the ABLP have seen this move by Sean Bird as sacrilege and a destruction of the Bird legacy. What hogwash. Sean Bird is an adult and has the right to support any political party of his choice. Sean Bird is the manager of ZDK radio station on which James Tanny Rose makes a regular appearance on the Sly J morning show. We all know the political alignment of Tanny Rose. We also know the previous political alignment of ZDK radio. Now, in all fairness why should Sean Bird as manager of ZDK radio sit back and allow Tanny Rose to criticize and demean him on ZDK radio because he is on a UPP ticket. I heard the comments of Tanny Rose about Sean about his Christian faith and whether he had a child out of wedlock, and Tanny Rose was way out of line. Audley Beef Joseph could not criticize or demean Gaston Browne on Pointe FM. Why should Sean Bird allow it from Tanny Rose on ZDK? Audley Beef Joseph was fired from Pointe FM during the Privy Council – CCJ referendum because he supported the Privy Council. Can you imagine what would happen to Audley Beef Joseph if he criticized or demean Gaston Browne on Pointe FM? He would become instantly barbequed. Finally, Gaston Browne was a bigger threat to the so-called Bird legacy and Sean Bird.

  20. What’s all the fuss about?……there are monies to be made in politics. How come no politicians can become Millionaires until they become part of a governing party (in office)? Now if the guy thinks he can make more monies than what he was paid for doing nothing (as a token) then so be it. Let the family bicker all they want….it appears to be a FAMILY issue. Antigua & Barbuda has no GOOD remaining politicians…..each and every one sees the opportunity to enrich themselves through corrupted practices and by any means necessary. It is our duty to try and prevent them from doing so whether they are dressed in BLUE or RED.

  21. Is this the same Lester Bird that with the opposition against his father? Is this the the same man that remained silent when Gaston denigrate the Birds on his radio station? Is he now revealing the open secret that ZDK was the 18th candidate? Where was he and the Board when ZDK almost shut down because of a lack of advertising support from the current administration? Perhaps all that hair dye over the years is now affecting his brain

  22. Dear Sir Lester,

    Where does 3rd Generation Bird Dynamism exist in ABLP PARTY?

    In my humble opinion I see Sean’s move as very progressive, not only to the Bird Brand, but to Antigua’s Politics in general. Have you considered if Sean is victorious what such victory would do in restoration of the Bird Name? What about character sir and upward mobility of leadership? According to my limited knowledge of Antigua Political History, Sir VC Bird Sr. did not start the political party that he would have joined, and eventually take Leadership…unparalleled to date.

    I don’t get into Family Business Sir Lester, but just want to offer you a different perspective on the Dynamic Bird Name. Sean Bird, I consider to be of sound character and should be allowed equal opportunity to pursue his Inherent Political Genealogy.

  23. Continue to let the naked emperor (Sean) believe that he is finely robed. Hopefully sooner than later, he will discover that his plump, ugly form is stark naked. Continue to push him higher and higher. The higher the monkey climbs, the more he exposes his tail. Sean has a 0% chance of a victory in Rural East or anywhere else, irrespective of the party he feels free to join. What an idiot!

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