Sir Lester Bird’s Lower Leg Amputated

Former Prime Minister Sir Lester Bird


National Hero and former Prime Minister Sir Lester Bryant Bird is now recovering after a lower leg amputation today.

His family says this was recommended by his doctor after he had been hospitalised earlier this month with a toe infection.

His family says he was in good spirits going into surgery and are praying for a swift recovery.

His family appreciates the outpouring of support and best wishes for Sir Lester.

More to come.

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  1. Rasshole! You never had to come so hard with the source. “Tax payer funded ABS.” Lawd.
    It’s unfortunate to hear though.

  2. Really sad. This diabetic disease is not easy to control. It has taken many lives and people keep on living un-healthy lifestyles.
    My friend I really feel for you and wish you well. My prayers are with you and your family.

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery Sir.. Always seen Sir Lester as the author and builder of modern Antigua and your imprint on Antigua is there to be seen. Clearly one of the most eloquent and dynamic speakers in this twin island nation. Best wishes to you in the days, months and years ahead from a grateful nation.

  4. In times of a human being illness. The headline is inappropriate and clearly suggest this medium has no good intentions. Wish the gentleman s speedy recovery.

    • What is wrong with the headline? He had a lower leg amputated. Is that the truth or not. We could all wish for a speedy recovery. It would not change anything.

  5. I am surprised they allowed your comment. This must speak to a truly independent media entity that allows readers to criticise it. I am sure you are aware that if this were ABS your comment would not see the light of day. Now answer this Is your mother appropriate?

    • Unfortunately when you’re blinded with Politics, you would never see misleading information. There is no need to state that headline as their source. It’s foolhardy to say that this medium is independent. You can’t be serious. “Former PM leg was amputated”. They must do their own investigation and follow up.

    • Since you know that they’re independent. Name the principles behind this medium. Give me an aspirin with your bafoonery.

  6. May the good God of Heaven grant Sir Lester a speedy recovery and give him many more productive years. The Comrade truly is a National Hero, not only in name, but in the hearts of all, Red and Blue.

    • Hope you are living a perfect life. Jah don’t sleep. Karma have a way to hit one where it’s worth the most. Bitterness and hatred are terrible traits to possess. Don’t let Politics guide your life. Show some respect, decency and morality. There is saying, That Today for me, Tommorow for you. No need to be so bitter and hateful.

    • You better take that back. Judgement Day is coming. Sir Lester is a national hero and a true comrade in the struggle for economic and social justice. Obviously, you don’t know your history. You have no respect. Shame on you. You can slap your mouth to start with. Think before you speak.

  7. Sorry to hear about this. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
    I am wondering though if you have come to terms with your future. After all you are not a young man. Time for a reflection. I am sure I heard your voice on the IHI tapes. I recalled all the injunctions filed to keep the case out of court. You should return all the people’s money you may have taken in order to have a peaceful rest.

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