Sir Gerald responds to guests on the Big Issues


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  1. Newton is an UNETHICAL CLOWN who have never done anything for anyone in Antigua except to be a Pompous freak. who think he is above others

  2. Since when is the BIG ISSUES programme on Observer radio a United Progressive Party run radio programme? I am surprised that you did not threaten to sue for defamation.

      • @Pissing Basin:
        It was the ABLP that refused to give Observer Radio an license to Operate in Antigua.That matter ended up in at the Privy Council. Where Observer won the case and got their license to operate to this day. It it were not for the so called white man’s Court. We the People of the Nation would not have this Radio Station on Antigua. The Labor Party for decades have kept their feet on the necks of the damn people. I say enough is enough.Gerry Watt was always obnoxious and aloof,turned up nose.As we used to say inna Antigua,he dung no stink.

  3. So what? Is it in any way, more criminal ,that Observer Radio is affiliated with the UPP than the public funded ABS with the ALP? Speak to the current subject and stop being so dense.

  4. I guess “to hell with the constitution” Gerald Watts enjoy listing to ms. Wickham, Arvil Grant and his party colleague, Aswald Thomas.

    Wonder if the legal fees his firm got from Michael Brown, was more than the campaign donation he gave the same Michael Brown.

      • Smh you need to stick to one pseudonym and stop hiding behind multiple ones. Careful we don’t unmasked you, if you keep it up.

          • Tenman,you are living in a glass house on borrowed time. Just hoping you won’t be on the sidewalks begging bread when Gaston is thrown(voted) out of Office.By the way,is it true what I am hearing about you.I won’t reveal it at this time,I have my sources,Hughesy.

          • Gerry Watt,Sir Gerald Watt,QC,Senior Lawyer in Antigua and Barbuda,Speaker of the House of Parliament,head of the Law Firm,Watt and Dorsett.I do believe you are financially well off and nothing is wrong with that.So why do you look so miserable,unhappy, in the above photo.Man,Live life to the fullest and enjoy it while doing so.For you may not know when that time cometh.Reminder,If you are rich you are poor.For like an ass whose backs with ingots bows,thou bearest they heavy riches but a journey and death unloads thee.

          • Tenman or should I say C Hughes I wonder why you dipped your beak into what did not concern you.
            You have been drinking too much red Coolaid and pretending it’s red wine.

            I once heard you on the big issues and for all your chat on line, you sounded so weak and feeble, could not even make sense and they never invited you back.
            Perhaps you should do as the name of your company said and go and find an online solution to help your failing government.

  5. Since you know the definition of conflict of interest and you are so good with words book yourself on the big issues to clear it all up alongside the said panelist that you said talking rubbish.

  6. In Antigua,most if not all Politicians in Cabinet indulged in a conflict of interest.Look up the meaning of a” conflict of interest”.See if it does not apply to some Lawyers also.When Politicians have legal personal issues in Antigua.In my opinion,the Speaker of the House of Representatives should not be representing them in the Courts.Then goes in that House and speak on that matter in that HOUSE known to all as PARLIAMENT.

  7. Sir Gerald Watt,you penned this response on Christmas Eve.Just hoping you had wonderful Christmases celebrated on the 25th and the 26th.

  8. West Indian ‘white’ Gerald Watt has no sense of morality of the law or of his god (money). He is everything the post colonial mixed breed inherited from their rapist white plantation owners and overseers. A conscienceless old man seeking relevance!

  9. Surely anyone above ground can honestly admit that the Big Issues is on a swift decline and is far from what it once was and has evolved into a useless programe.
    1 It is boring
    2 The content is repetitive.
    3 The host is never prepared with questions.
    5 The host does not research his topics.
    6 Same recycled guests every week.
    7 People from all over the world speaking about issues that are unfamiliar to them except for the clues sent by the host.
    8 The views are one sided.
    9 The affected are never represented.
    10 The hist do not prepare his guest for acceptable listening, (unmute your mic, noise in back ground, etc)
    11 The topics are usually irrelevant and the hist fails to make them interesting and relevant.

  10. Mr. Speaker, I thought you were a sensible man but you utterances have left me wondering. Since when Big Issues is a UPP program? If that is the case, then they wouldn’t have speakers like Dr. Aswald Thomas, Peter Wickham and Arvel Grant. I am sure the producer of the program have no special liking for UPP. Don’t ask me how I know, you don’t have to look too far to see that. He humiliates the Leader of the Opposition every opportunity he gets. However, it is fair to say he has to take whomever is willing to be a part of the program. If you valued your integrity, you as Speaker of the House would have kept as far as possible from that case. However trust me when I tell you that sooner or later the TRUTH with come out. Time has a way of unravelling things. You Mr. Speaker, are a big disappointment to me. If I could have seen through a “glass darkly”, I would have never never put an X against your name when I was but a maiden living in Rural East. Vagabond.

  11. Would an individual in North America, Europe or any civilized country who is a member of parliament, be allowed to have a private practice, especially as an attorney representing a member of Parliament? It is not only conflict of interest but the appearance of conflict of interest.
    Is it ethical that the Speaker of the House law firm has been representing the government and member of parliament in court? The problem is that a lot of Antiguans have no shame and the root of this is greed.

  12. In the USA,the Speaker of the House is an Elected Official. Gerald Watt was not Elected into that position. He was hand picked by the ruling Political Party to be the Speaker of the House. That old time Westminster Political Parliamentary System needs to change in Antigua and Barbuda.Let us begin to elect everyone sitting in both Houses of Parliament, Representatives and Senators.

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