Single Mother Of Four Makes Impassioned Plea To Landlord As The Reality Of Covid-19 Hits Hard


A single mother of with four children has gone public with an emotional plea to her landlord not to evict her as she struggles with the hardship brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

Tennesha Greene went live on her Facebook on Wednesday after she reached her wits end with not having a job, barely enough food to feed her children and being “harassed” by her landlord for overdue rent.

Greene lives in a house she rents from Landlord Cornelius George of Potters. She lost her job when the Alorica Call Center in Coolidge left Antigua in 2018 but since then has been engaged in hair dressing work from time to time.

But when the coronavirus crisis reached the shores on Antigua & Barbuda, Tennesha said she once again found herself in a helpless position.

The unemployed mother of four says she pays her landlord EC$ 500 a month for the structure he wanted $550 for. She recalled that when she moved into the house it was uninhabitable.

“House needs to be fixed. I had trouble with rats, the first week we couldn’t live in the house,” she told her live viewed by over 20 thousand people as of Tuesday night.

In addition to making the house livable, Greene says she also had to clear a huge electricity bill left by the previous tenant.

She insisted that she paid her rent up until the point covid-19 forced a closure of the local economy. Tennesha relayed that as of yesterday she still owed her landlord $80 for March as well as rent payment for April and May.

Despite, knowing of her situation, Tennesha says her landlord has not relented in his weekly visits to demand she pays up.

“He came in April I told him just give me some time…he buse me off right there so I say okay give me at least two weeks then he came back week after week,” she told a woman who visited her while telling her story.

“I have four kids I used to fight and make sure I pay my rent every month…in April you going to come and cause confusion for money” she said with tears in her eyes.

“I can barely feed my kids as it is,” Tennesha shared.

She said she joined the food programme “but because so many people in that programme as it is you can barely get help.”

“I know it’s a struggle not to have and when you fight so hard to help other and you fall fight back at rock bottom and then you try explaining to your kids.

She said while Prime Minister Gaston Browne asked landlords for leniency “why can’t it not be mandatory that the landlord not harass people right now.”

“These landlords don’t care. They don’t have any kind of leniency whatsoever. I cant even pay for food right now and he don’t even care,” she said.

“I don’t know what else to do. You have so many houses renting…give me sometime that’s all i’m asking,” Tennesha pleaded.

“I can’t hold back tears anymore I don’t what to do. I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to say…every night my kids go to bed I cry. I am on my knees and I am just crying,” she cried.

She doesn’t know where she will when her landlord evicts her.

We reached out to Tennesha to find out what assistance she had received since her story but up to Tuesday night she has not responded.  We were unable to reach her landlord for a comment. Tennesha’s number is 728 6279.

Since our publication another single mother has come forward with a request for food. Iris Scipio can be reached at 7865191.

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  1. Are you need for stop breed dung ya self,n know them man these days don’t love responsibility. Single mother of 4 kids not even 2 , sad situation but come on still paying rent and breeding down yourself with no help ,its hard when u got mouths depending on you and you can’t help them

    • Now really isn’t the time to be telling the woman these things- it will only add more stress to her already bad situation. People are horrible because if she’s still in the House she will have to pay at some point and eventually catch up- I am sure he is not waiting on the Money to pay Mortgage for the House. God does not sleep , the tears of this Woman May very well be his undoing. God watches everything. Sad

    • The woman is begging for help! It doesnt matter if she have 1 or 10 pickney, she/they are suffering. Either u help if u can or shut the f*ck up! I hope and pray you and yours are never in this position. Ridiculous!

    • Your comment is selfish. At the end of the day she didn’t abandon her kids. Whether she wants 4 or 12. It’s her nany, she use it as she feels. The landlord is really heartless. I wouldn’t mind if she was a delinquent and never paid, but this young lady is trying to hold it together. He just needs support. So instead of judging take the beam out of your eye before you take it out of somebody elses.

    • Wow… about some empathy….compassion. Especially during this time. Lawd Gawd, what is this world coming to. None of what you said was helpful at all. What she needs is support not the likes of you dragging her down. If you can’t say anything good just don’t say anything at all.

    • U sound dumb an stupid asf … U seem like the person who entertains abortion u don’t know the reason of her having her children and kids are a blessing so congrats to u that have 2 or 1 alive and the rest 10 in that u killed no fking sense ppl

    • @Local
      Jackass, please. If you don’t have anything to add please don’t say anything. Only an illiterate cockroach like you would make such a statement.

    • I guess you either can’t get or don’t have any children. Everyone has their own beliefs, maybe she don’t believe in abortion and you do.

    • You need to just shut tf up cause u nah mek no sense whatsoever .. if she decide to have 1 or f#$king ten who tf r you to be judging her…. you mussa nah hab non pickney.. she’s pleading for help and this a wa u come on yah fu do . You make me f@#king sick …. me hate ppl like you. If you nah have nothing fu contribute shut tf up and hope fu you retarded , ignorant , illiterate ass nah breed dung the place … gwarn go back in a yah corner you dumb piece a shit … help if you r help or shut up!!!!!

    • Local I agree! People need to hear the truth. If she is putting her story out there of course people will have an opinion. Having all these children for a young girl and no means of support and not working since 2018 all of this is a cycle and needs to be address. people are saying it’s not the right time but in fact it is the perfect time.

      Where ar the children father? We need to address these issues and not be caught up with dramatica and emotion. This girl has to do better PERIOD! And she needs to be told that . It’s not about being mean it’s facts. YOUNG WOAM TAKE SOME PRIDE AND BUILD UP YOURSELF.
      If doing hair isn’t cutting it get up off your but and go out there and hustle for your kids.
      The same people u are begging from don’t have but u are putting out such a sad story they are bending over backwards for you and you are not doing it for yourself.

  2. Something got to be put in place because many of us a suffering undercover to pay our rent. People who unemployed, single parents and also people who under paid we are crying out for help especially when have other obligations and not understanding landlord.

    • Nothing can be put in place-no one can tell a Landlord what to do in terms of their rental payments. Although i am in total disagreement with the judgemental comment about the Women posted earlier-i will ask the question” Where the hell is the Father/s of these Children? She did not make them alone.Take him/them before the Court and let them face their responsibilities..At least that will be a burden off her..God does provide ,but the reality is there are many starving Children all over the World.

  3. Does/Do the father(s) of these four children play a role in their lives? If not, why not? And why decide to have four children, given your financial background? You see, all actions have consequences! My heart goes out to the four children who find themselves embroiled in this mess. This is not a taxpayer’s issue bur rather a humanitarian one. Reach out, not necessarily through social media, but through social appeals to persons with conscience and a forgiving spirit in and around your community – family, friends, church community, government. Demand better from the father(s) of these four children. This is not really a taxpayer’s liability.

    • So here is a person who appears to have some level of intelligence. BUT where is your emotional intelligence??
      What she needs right now is not a judgmental epistle…..some support would be nice. Empathy and kindness go a long way. Choose to be better.

      • Wow.. you are so correct
        .. ppl make mistakes in life.. dont jusgr them .. its now a time where everyone is suffering… give a helping hand.. the landlord to needs to chill

    • If you really took your time to read what the lady wrote she was managing with her children an rent quite fine everything was been paid on time until the Corona came along an squash her business people would be afraid to get there hair done or they just cant leave home or they saving it in case matters gets even worst so please landlord u should of atleast allow the woman because of what shes going through now knowing that every month your $ was sure from her. And not every man out there are for a woman some would be good an then make there eyes long after

    • I agree. Better decisions must be made you the younger generation. It’s not about having quantity of children but what quality of life can you give your kids to break what ever cycles you went through. We should all want out kids to do better than we did. I don’t think when these young people make choices with certain behaviors they think about this.

      Where are the fathers? Is she involved with a church or any community service. Most importantly young lady needs to seek full time employment. It starts there. Doing hair cannot cut it with 4 children my dear. Since 2018, please find work. You and only u at the end of the day are responsible for your children.

      It takes a village to raise a child but things are hard and the village can’t necessarily help with 4 children.

  4. Why they breathing down the place if things so hard?! Where are the fathers of these children? Some ppl need to be sterilized….

    • The fathers of these children may be out of work aswell as u don’t know how many ppl in Antigua have lost jobs an have been unemployed even before this pandemic.. instead of encouraging words u choose the negative an shine a light on the fact that she has 4 kids .. did she ask for this virus to cause poverty for her .. she has been doing fine before all this … So u should understand an not bash sum1 because of the choices they make everyone isnt gonna get an abortion ..

  5. Does this single mother have parents, friends, father of the children , church etc? It is a hard situation but the landlord no doubt has his set of worries: bank loan, utility bills etc.
    This is what has become of this ‘economic power house’ model??

  6. we have multi billion dollar profit making corporations who have been operating here for many years, many paying no tax. They need to step up and provide a living wage for all unemployed Antiguans during this time of crisis. A few self-aggrandizing bags of food is not good enough

  7. I had a similar situation with an idiot from Seria. I will never support another serian. This man told me that he doesn’t care. I don’t even owe a month. Lol. Was just late for the present month.
    Be careful of the people you call landlord/landlady. Thank God he delivered me from that house and now my landlady even brings me soursop in the morning, bush to make tea and much more.
    I will never rent from anybody again. I need a reference..hahaha.
    And this serian Sam E toe Di Ass has a building renting to a auto parts company and has other houses on rent.
    He is a pig! I said to him why are you going on like an a$$ he stated that he can AFFORD to act like an a$$.
    Oh well let some idiot give you fi dem hard earned money. Not me.
    The Govt. cannot do anything to assist because there isn’t any bill passed in parliament stating that a landlord must not threaten to evict a tenant in a pandemic.
    The Government can say what they want. Where is the mometarium for ease on land taxes for landlords?

  8. The children are already here why dwell on should’ve, could’ve, would’ve????!!! There is nothing she can do about that now but try to do the best she can for her children regardless if the father(s) involved or not! Her job is now to take care of her responsibilities and she is crying out for help!! It is sad, but also there’s some level of respect there for her as well because I don’t think I would’ve been that public with my struggles. She is just one to speak publicly but many others with less responsibilities are also struggling!! I for one will gladly assist!

    • Jus like u could have simply passed this story instead of chatting off all no gd asses black ppl hate them own 2 n its evident

    • @SENSIBLE. You sound so stupid, EMPATHY and a bit of help is what she needs. You are one your mother should’ve swallowed. Dammit she’s unemployed owing to pandemic. The lady was working and surviving prior to that. Now shit hit the fan she’s asking for a little hand up oh gyde man that ah all you coulda come up with?? who TF hurt you as a kid?? Maybe you mother abandoned you why your hate is so deep. Move ya not so sensible self man chuuuups

  9. My my my sad to see the person called SENSIBLE COMMENT….AND WHAT AN IRONY OF THE NAME SENSIBLE. Am sure some of them have even families who have 8 or 9 kids to. Some go Jamaican dancehall shows and pay money to support and other overseas artists as well. U r making it sound like she commîtted a crime to have 4 kids and by she reaching out on social media should make Dem father’s who r seeing and hearing her embarrassed and shame. Look am so touched for her.

  10. My dear,
    With 4 children as a single parent, you cannot afford to not work since 2018. It mention you do ‘hair’ unless you are some big salon owner I do t see how that is productive to REASONABLY SUSTAIN 4 children plus yourself!

    God help those who help themselves.. it’s hard for a lot of people now a days with covid 19… but with this story .. I feel like you need to do a bit of elevation of yourself my dear. Elevate yourself !

    I wish you well

    • For seeing actuality, $500 for rent isn’t a lot of money. Looking at it from a business prospective,( she’s not his responsibility) she shouldn’t feel that her landlord is obligated to give her free lodging for such pre-longed period of time, being beyond 3 months. As a mother of 4 it is quite irresponsible to be financially unstable for 2 years (since 2018) in a property which is not her own. Making a public statement for help is applaudable but making her landlord (who we don’t his ‘financial status’) seem like a bad and unfair individual is quite uncalled for.

  11. Having children in this era is a choice. Birth control is no secret.

    It is cruel to bring children into the world to face such hardship.

    Why add to an impoverished situation by having more babies? This is not sensible.

    One should have as many babies as they can afford.

    It is most irresponsible to further burden the society with unplanned babies.

    Why is it she has no family support? Perhaps her condition is her doing.

    Never allow your emotions guide your reasoning. 1 2 3 4 is not 4

    • Do not push her head into any deeper doo,doo.She seems to be going through a hard time now.What’s done is done.Where are the Fathers’ of those children?Why are they not supporting their children?

  12. She didn’t ask for your judgements or opinion…..just some support.
    If you can’t help financially that’s okay, but how about some kind words, it not that difficult and it cost nothing.

    I am so disappointed in my people. We are better than this. Elevate yourself.

  13. Aru nah ga like wha me go say but me nah k!
    2 things ya one aru ah cuss da landlord and say he wicked but landlords have bills to. Some lanlords survive off of them house rent. To much time tennant go people place to live with them gang of pikney and when them done the amount of damages and utilities them left ah best the landlord build one new house. Two if u know thing hard with u wha u ah do ah breed down da place. Baby daddy mia and now ah bwal thing rough. Ya never hear bout condom and birth control? Family planning gone outta business. There are three side of every story me too want gear the lanlord own and da truth. Antigua need Judge Judy fu come and expose of aru tennants who lub fu use socail media and mek out lanlords fu be da devil when aru want live inna people place rent free.

  14. It would be interesting to hear the landlord’s side of the story. Its hard to imagine he would be so unreasonable. Hopefully they can work something out.

  15. I am going to make a call.I am going to help the lady to get her rent up to date.This story is heart wrenching.Could you ANR get the full number of the lady,Miss Greene with the area code.I am a very tough person.Matters like this brings out my softer side.

  16. All of u fockers under hear casting judgment shud be ashamed of yourself. are u mumma shudda shallaw and pass are u out a toilet bowl. The struggle is real all around from the upper class to the lower class. It Ruff! She was clearly able to make it by and provide for herself and kids until the lockdown. I pray God continues to provide for her and bless her children to grow up and make lots of money and take care of their mom who chose to bring them into this world and give them a fighting chance at something. Curses on y’all shoulders and family!!!

  17. The sad thing about this is that she is not alone..many people in Antigua who are renting and had good jobs are suffering. The woman didnt abandon her kids…she paid her rent before covid..when she lost her first job, she did hair…she’s not lazy. Give the girl a break. Now what did the government put in place for the many Antiguans like here who are afraid to ask for help. After all the economic power house glorification…where is the Government????

  18. In life it’s easy to see negative but very challenging to see positive, God be with her and I too will offer assistant where I can…. Antigua living in Atlanta as a Software Engineer and last child of 10 siblings… I been through similar struggles as a child and I can feel her pain deep with my soul!!

  19. I don’t believe her story. I’ve experience story like these way to many times. Long before the covid corona virus shut down. I see these so-called “struggling single mother” found a new sympathy card to play. Using this shut down story as a way of living in house/apartments running up huges sums of rent, light, water and property damage then take off leaving the landlords to foot the bill. I’ve heard it all before. So to all of you who showing sympathy for this “struggling single mother” I do hope you do your background check before you get taken for a ride and you end up the victim of a scam.

  20. People don’t come for me! But is any body looking at the other side of this story? The landlord’s side. Don’t get me wrong, I empathize with the young lady, I will lend a hand to her, help in whatever way I can. But how long should the landlord wait for his rent money. Doesn’t he have a life too? Supposed this is his only source of income? If her situation does not change til December, must he just be ok with it? Come on folks. This needs to be looked at both ways. As far as see it, if she can’t afford to pay her rent, then moved back home from whence she came, or doesn’t she have family members to take her in? What about the children’s father to help her in this situation. Where is her family? Or better yet, this is where the Government comes in to assist the Landlord, to compensate him, or better yet….the stimulus that we all been asking for in times like these. With the stimulus, the young lady would’ve been able to take care of herself and her Children and pay her rent. Gaston where are you in all of this. Poor people lives matter too. And landlords lives matter too!!!

  21. My dear young lady, my heart 💔 goes out to you. Call on Jesus, He will help you through your troubles. It is a WORLD WIDE THING. You have to think about the land lord as well.

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