Since the lock-down 76 people have been arrested for breaching curfew restrictions


The Police continue to appeal to residents in Antigua and Barbuda to observe the curfew restrictions and remain at home in order to prevent any further spread of the Coronavirus.

The concerns came as a result of the number of vehicle traffic and pedestrians that are seen on the streets during the day. Residents are reminded that during the 24hrs lockdown, only essential workers and persons with valid curfew passes are allowed to be on the streets.

Essential services that are open within the five hours period from 7am to midday, is only for persons who require essential items or have emergency needs. Anyone who fails to adhere to the curfew restrictions is committing an offence and is likely to be arrested.

Since the inception of the 24hrs lockdown to date, a total of 76 Persons were arrested by police for failing to comply with curfew restrictions. Among them are 55 males and 21 females.

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  1. Does the number (76) include the persons who were picnicking on Prickly Pear? If not, why not Mr. Commissioner of Police?

    • The curfew does not apply to the North of the island. Cars lined up outside each other houses all weekend.

      • If this happens again ALL of these houses need to be raided and violaters arrested. 1735 takes black, brown, and white people.

  2. How you all say Antigua aint got money and people can give away money free so to Government?

  3. People need to realize it’s the law enforcement business that brings revenue back to a broke country. If you can’t respect the curfew, respect the families and loved ones who will be footing the bills, inconsiderate imbeciles.

    • LOL, you totally right. Since we don’t get much tax revenue right now, the fines these people pay will help the treasury. The offenders must pay or they will have to spend time at 1735. There room there for Antiguans and non-Antiguans, black, white, and brown. Lock the idiots up if they don’t pay. Make the fines as high as possible.

  4. See me tell you slavery is still going on its just modern, no physical Chains only mental ones now so white people who seem to have some money from most likely the slave trade of their forefathers can get away from the law of a slave made country during the times of a serious pandemic doing things they knew they were not supposed to do!? But hey they say this is Antigua you can get away with some money and high skin complexion… I hope they get treated like all who broke the curfew laws and pay that 5 grand like all the poor black descendants of slaves had to pay its totally unfair!!! But guess what even the heads of this country are still slaves hahahahaha

    • Dis ah news to you or wha ? You forget dem arrest a ton of them in Paradise view abusing young local girls and all of them get way cuz they are all business owners with their little local uncle tom errand boys.

      • If this is true, and they “all business owners”, then they need to be stripped down and flogged in public.

  5. 76 black Antiguans have been arrested for breaking curfew. Whites get off with warning.

    There you go ANR – headline fixed.

  6. It should have been more.However,based on what I have heard.Some persons known to the Police are given breaks.Even though they did break said Curfew.A na wha you know inna Antigua.A who you know.There in lies the problems.Friends inna Courts woth more than money inna you pocket.Hope you understood me dialect.

  7. I hope the law deal with them severely….. My mama always warn me that who can’t hear will feel and disobedient child is worthy of death…… It is sad say that it only dunce & stupid behave that way….

  8. Some of you all need to face the fact that some people have to go out to get wat they may need in order to survive the lockdown as it is not everyone may have the money to get the things that they may need and if the government had closed their port’s of entry to the persons who are coming from abroad this pandemic would not have reached our doorstep we all most take into mind what another person may be going through and not think so dam negative for one we have a lot of natural remedies that will work to improve the immune system plus with sunlight and the beach will help alot so you all need to think hard and good before talking we are the government not them who we put in place to run the country for us

  9. Slavery is a hell of a thing eh?

    Now the same constitution that gives you rights can take it back and the people goes along with this as if that is freedom…..

    Slavery and freedom fundamentally has to do with your ability to think and act according to established pre -existing norms. Anything that comes after slavery must be more slavery for example colonialism, statehood, independence, and republic, these things can only be achieved if they suites the the now slave masters.

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