Simon wins SMS Bi-election



In accordance with Section 30 (5) of the Representation of the People (Amendment) Act 2001, the following person was duly electedfor the By-election held on 24″‘ October, 2023:

St. Mary’s South Kelvin Craig Simon UPP Candidate

Chairman-Antiguaand Barbuda Electoral Commission

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  1. My leader gaston 🤡 crying 😢 t🤡 I can’t get to be on the board, I was really singing for my ramen noodles, now I have to eat crackers and water.

    I tried my best on this forum to campaign strong even my predictions was lies.

    From the sideline
    Ten man

    We have to meet up, I feel so heart 💔 right now need a shoulder to learn on. I don’t know what to say to our master

    • @ Eric the dead: Winning the bi-election does not indicate that Shugy is the better leader between the two individuals. Shugy’s personal assets were only his charm & charisma that attracted his supporters from the get go. The record clearly shows that Dwayne is a better leader. Time will tell for the cat to be exposed out of the bag. Let’s the people of SMS will not have any regrets

  2. Kelvin “Shugy” Simon’s win in this by-election, in St. Mary’s South is a #REFERENDUM, on Gaston Browne and his ABLP led Administration.
    Heads are rolling in the ABLP, and will continue to do so.
    The PM is now concerned with the Vote of No Confidence which he’ll face in Parliament soon!
    Robin Yearwood is the #canary in the coal mine.
    Maria Browne is getting her ducks all lined up. She’s the weak_link in the chain.
    Chet Greene is lurking in the shadows, as the Grim_Reaper!
    And, and, and the #WILD_CARD is 🥁🥁🥁ASOT MICHAEL with #VENGEANCE on his mind.

    ABLP has being shaken up by this #SLAM_DUNK by win by the UPP and Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards


      Chet Greene: “Prime Minister, I think you should now consider your position, and resign”

      Maria Browne: “NO, NO, NOOOO! leave my husband alone – he’s doing a great job”

      Daryl Matthew: “You would say dat Maria …”

      Gaston Browne 🥸: Hey Daryl, watch ya mout’, remember who made you Minister for Education & Sports …”

      Molwyn Joseph: “Let’s keep this meeting civil, however Prime Minister, I do think you need to step down now, for the sake of the country …”

      Charles ‘Max’ Fernández: “Here here, I totally agree
      with Molwyn, and you should leave the same time as me … 👏🏾

      Steadroy Benjamin: “Why don’t you go now Gaston, you are at a low ebb with Antiguans according to ERIC (THE RED’S) latest poll …” [Rapturous applause and laughter around the table]


      GB 🥸: “BTW, where’s Melford? Shouldn’t he be here in attendance?

      Chet Greene: “He tell me he looking how to lead this political party when you gone …

      [Cabinet members fall off dem chairs and roll around in hysterics – including Maria Browne]


  3. Tek dat Gaston and all you dutty labourites!! All dem wasted money. Go fix the country.
    P.S. Southside still need water!

  4. This is Huge!! U beat Gaston Browne .

    Congratulations Mr. Simon you are a decent young man with Integrity. We are proud of you.

    Much success in all your future endeavors.

  5. Legendary leader, king Kelvin Shugy Simon wins AGAIN! What is for a man, is for that man. Now I ask the ABLP followers if they will keep allowing the Punk Minister, sorry I meant the Prime monster or whatever his PM stands for to continue to make fools of them?
    I dare the real ALP to make its move and rid themselves of that disastrous embarrassment of a Toppled dog.

  6. No surprise here. Congratulations Mr Simon. The best person won. I have backed this man all the way because I see the good that he can bring to the people of SMS.

    Well done Sir.

  7. Gaston, take that in you nennen. We took your offerings and vote out Judas. You have to face him in Parliament.

  8. This is a victory for true democracy, not bribery and corruption. The use of government resources to retain power must stop- duty frees , infrastructure work without proper engineering must stop. Just take a drive down Belmont straight down from Fresh and Easy Supermarket located in Belmont and you see an unfinished concrete road with side walks and steel and BRC ended abruptly after the last general elections. That is in Cutie’s constituency. He should never get knighthood for things like this. So is the infrastructure work going to continue in SMS now ABLP lose?The play field, the Clinic and Police Station? Remember what this same PM told Barbudans when they voted against ABLP. He basically said openly that he was using them and since thay did not vote for him he didn’t care what happened to them. So after forcing them to evacuate Barbuda, they were now on their own.
    UPP is no innocent bystander either, when you were in power you did the same duty free thing at elections and same sidewalk thing. Tonight I heard Pringle say that we did not have the money or the resources to spend like ABLP – sounded like he was saying wish we had money to do the same giving away and continue that begging, begging mentally if our people.
    So this is a testimony of how true democracy can work. Firstly candidates should be chosen for the work or relationship they have with the constituency. They should have done their homework long before entering politics. Most good politicians have been involved with community Development without political ambitions. When this is done you will not need any bribery.
    I am calling on the leadership of both political parties to build strong branches within the constituencies. Develop and carry out programs that will draw people to you. Then we will be able to have a truly democracy election .
    Of course you will need some funds but this needs to be controlled and donations over a certain amount agreed upon should be declared.
    Finally we need financial/ electrical reforms and take a very serious look at the constitution where elections are concerned.

  9. Shugy- I implore you to stay humble. Heard you once or twice sounding a bit arrogant. You con be confident, assertive and humble. Take the time to develop your debating skills. That video with you reading and stumbling should not have happened and you are to ensure it will never happen again.
    Spend time in your library reading and researching. In other words, sharpen your tools , you have the likability of a leader.

    • @ not so frankly speaking now, wipe your tears and go back into hibernation with Eric (the dunce) and Fitzroy the (singing for supper) and stop trying to do reserve psychology with your statement. He doesn’t need advice from people who never gave him a chance simply because of his party affiliation. I implore you to take the time and focus on your own candidate George on how he should express himself better in interviews. ABS interview didnt do him any favors and u know it! Shuggy is a well spoken and fast learner young man.




    Shuggy you are who they want now prove it to them YOU WILL SEE & HEAR THEM

  11. This is with all the tricks like transferring people in to vote. This is absolutely huge. Mr PM. Go finish Cades Bay Bridge and put back out sweet Antigua black pineapple where all the bush is now. Make sure they have water too.

  12. Has anyone seen or heard from my cousin Cornell? He calls himself tenman and he was crying like ten virgins last night who just lost their virginity, after Shugy left his size 15 shoes up the ABLP behind. Cousin Cornell please don’t kill yourself. You can get help at Clareview Psychiatric Hospital. Please cousin don’t commit no suicide.

  13. Eric (THE RED) with your silly polls and poor Fitzroy, tek that and go back in hibernation where u belong. I said u guys will eat your words!! Lolol……



    I’m so proud of SMS all other constituencies TAKE NOTES they won’t be bought THEY HAVE INTEGRITY THEY HAVE MORALS PRINCIPLES


    • @tenman…”Democracy’s at work,” only, and only because the People demanded it to be so.
      They showed, the likes of propagandist like yourself, who use filth, smear tactics, denigration, fear tactics, insults to steer the People away from what you’re now claiming, “democracy’s at work.”
      You have being totally wrong from the outset, right after, the General Elections in January. You were confident, due to the close alignment with the Judiciary and several members, of the ABLP, that the case brought by a Constituent of SMS would prevail in the Courts.
      You we’re confident, that the resignation by Kelvin “Shugy” Simon from the Parliament was not in order, simply because, another #slave_overseer, the Speaker of the House, said so, thinking that, he’s the Crème de la crème, of legal minds.
      You were adamant or as many of Us already know, “singing for your supper,” as you and many of the ABLP stalwarts and supporters do, that only the ABLP had the right to set policies to move the Nation, in a direction to benefit ALL, and not just ABLP gangsters and their henchfolks.

      So, yes tenman, “democracy’s at work,” in our Nation of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA, but it’s not because of your ilk. IT’S BECAUSE, THE GRASSROOTS PEOPLE OF OUR NATION ARE DEMANDING IT.

      Now, grow some cohones/balls, as a man and put up your real name, so that the PEOPLE can identify the chameleon in your spirit, as a #Character_Assassin. However, be mindful that, it ain’t your finger alone can “lock_on_a_glock.”

      Vere Cornwall Edwards

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘olé Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

  15. Congrats to Kelvin “Shugy” Simon on his victory last evening. The people have spoken. Similarly, Dwayne George must be commended for narrowing the gap in only 82 days of campaigning. The two young men of the South have a promising future in our politics. We should all be proud of them both. God bless Antigua and Barbuda. 🇦🇬

    • @DAVE LUB MAN RAY…… you lub man too much Dwayne na want you Gaston has NOTHING to give you …. You’re always looking for relevance eberyway wey man dey u dey …..

      How that Chinese Spa coming along weren’t you supposed to be the head nigga in charge ah wa happen ? your useless ornament rarse!!!!! See you in church Sunday trying to be all over the service.

  16. @Frankly Speaking,
    Thank you for laying out the case with the elements and characteristics of a robust democracy in Antigua and Barbuda. Individuals of integrity with knowledge and commitment to good governance; as well as being insightful, and informed with policy initiatives.
    Candidates who are selected and elected based on their long term commitment to the development of a community and the entire country.
    I wished that most of the country would share your state of mind, advocating that those who aspire to public office spend time in the library reading and researching.
    I hope others here can join you in advocating for a more democratic society.

    • Sir,democracy not exist…where a human get into politics,is two things is waiting for he/she:

      1) brand new brown paper bag with something on it.

      2) he/she will become narcissist,all the time BEGGERS calling you Mr,Mrs Minister???holly wackamole.

      And we almost remember,is easy to loose your dignity $$$$$ world change already and the NEW WAY or WORLD is based in thi$$$ principle. No MORAL,NO INTEGRITY,NO GOOD FAITH and the best one BRINGING DOWN YOUR OTHER FELLOWSHIP.

  17. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HONOURABLE DWAYNE GEORGE!! You have narrowed the gap in only 9 weeks.

    The best is yet to come 🇦🇬 Keep up the great work!!

  18. Spread the word and sweep out Browne! St. Phillip North is up next. Call de by-election now. All dem hungry belly people have to go. Antigua for Antiguans.

  19. I will say it again;this sends a clear to Gaston Browne and his cabal. You had 9 years to prove your worth and you have been found wanting. A great day in the history of Antiguan and Barbudan politics. The people of SMS point the way forward. Bribes, treating and last minute show of concern is no longer working. The ALP playbook has finally met its match.
    Now we must move forward, consigning ALP, Gaston Browne, his vultures sucking on taxpayers money and all the other traitors to the dustbin of history. Congratulations to Kelvin Shuggy Simon and the people of SMS.

  20. Congratulations to Shuggy. The people have told self-enrichment Gaston Browne where to go. All the bribery he tried with funds we don’t know where they came from. And don’t forget the constituency padding Gaston Browne did again. Both ended up in failed attempts and $25,000 lighter from whatever funds he had.

    Hopefully Shuggy will do a stellar job now Gaston Browne have no say about his legitimacy.

    Another thing Shuggy and the UPP party needs to do is investigate where Dwayne George acquired $25,000 to “donate” bribe the people of SMS. This illegal and blatant bribery must stop. This practice that’s been done ever since I can remember must stop.

    Good to see the people of SMS didn’t want another self-enrichment politician representing his personal bank account, I mean the constituents.

  21. Did anyone at all even noticed my prediction was so accurate, and precise, about my statement also about 35 votes reduction but the winner will remain?

    • @my way of helping it’s a reduction of 25 votes note 35. If you’re going to be precise be accurate. 199 -174 = 25. Sounds like your obeah man or woman owe you a refund!

  22. @ Eric the dead: Winning the bi-election does not indicate that Shugy is the better leader between the two individuals. Shugy’s personal assets were only his charm & charisma that attracted his supporters from the get go. The record clearly shows that Dwayne is a better leader. Time will tell for the cat to be exposed out of the bag. Let’s hope the people of SMS will not have any regrets of the decision they have made

    • @Buddy Bloke What record shows that Dwayne is the better candidate? Certainly not after his interview on ABS. He was a complete disaster and is now the new Lamin. And Dwayne is lucky he got Burford and not Veronica interviewing him.

  23. Bludy bloke if shugy was running on labour party ticket you will say Dwane is not a good candidate .

    Labourites-a set of dishonest hypocrites

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