Simon to report police officer who made cut-throat gesture to him


REAL NEWS: A complaint is being levelled against a police officer who reportedly
made a threatening gesture to the United Progressive Party’s candidate, Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, during the by-election activities on
Tuesday, October 24.

Simon alleges that the officer – a bodyguard of Prime Minister Gaston Browne – was in Browne’s vehicle when he made the cut-
throat sign to him in full view of other persons.

Simon says he is appalled at the incident and will be reporting the matter formally to Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney, since police
officers’ conduct ought to be politically neutral.

However, he says, he blames Prime Minister Browne for the manner in which certain people in particular positions react.

According to him, Browne loves to sow discord, and he publicly displayed aggression when he threatened to punch MP Asot Michael
in the face while on the campaign trail in St. Peter, ahead of the January 18 poll.

Many persons say they do not expect Commissioner Rodney will take any action against the accused officer.

They allege that the Police are controlled by the Browne Administration and take
directives from its ministers.

During a whistle-stop on the evening before the by-election, Antigua Labour Party supporters reportedly sought to create trouble with members of the United Progressive Party as they engaged in a
motorcade, and sources claim the Police took too long to intervene
and get things under control.

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  1. Disgusting and disgraceful behaviour (if found to be true) by an officer of the law.

    But how can we be surprised when we have a PM that condones this type of aggressive deportment. I recall Gaston Browne’s threats on camera towards Asot Michael; and I’ve yet to hear an apology or any type of contrition.

    If guilty, the police commissioner should sack this individual forthwith.

    Officers of the law should be independent from political interference; and if Gaston Browne was a man of integrity he would come out and say so.


    • Oh please stop with the overacting. We all know by now in Antigua that a cut throat gesture is a joke indicating you getting blows. If he said the officer pointed his index finger in a gun gesture then that could be deemed serious. This nor reach none way . Cheer up Shuggy and tap tek every personal. Look you Asot was leaning on the PM chest during the by- election. Lighten up , political campaigns can be crude but after the campaign it’s back to business as usual. Stop reaching!

      • You actually sum up what’s going wrong in this country @ Antiguans. You think that this behaviour from those in authority is ok.

        Those in authority should conduct themselves in a professional manner in public at ALL times.

        I’ve attended many public conferences and meetings throughout my business career, and can put my hand on heart and say my conduct has been professional throughout, and not infantile.

        When I hear about the bad conduct like this from people who should know better, my FLABBER is GASTED!


  2. Come on Mr. Simon. Rise above this. If the Officer is the body guard if the PM. We can cry for neutrality all we want, fact the PM will be tight with his body guard. The body guard will want the Labour candidate to win. Him giving you the cutthroat sign simply means you will be looking the election. That’s it.

    You won. Please find a smart response for him/them. Rise above that

  3. Not surprised by this action. Yet Gaston and his bunch of clowns get on radio on Saturdays to insinuate they’re god fairing people! And the laborites fall for everything he says… smh! Glad shuggy is exposing these incidents.

  4. Brixtonian the evil of that demon gaston clown is present all over Antigua and he blind the majority with the jumby money so when they go to vote they can only the the red burning torch, I’m so sorry for this land , we have to get rid of the demon!

  5. No one should be surprised by this type of behavior from the police. Comrade Rodney may even promote the officer. The entire force needs purging.

  6. If the head slack,the middle and the tail can’t tight……..Time enough for this jokey government to go

  7. Oh please….did any body report sharpen yu cutlass….and chap dem up? We become so petty…any body reported either of the bull bud man..past and present? How childish we have become…!

    • You make the least sense every time you speak. You and those that you follow are accustomed to taking the way the government manage our business as a joke so a Police personnel making a cut throat gesture to a civilian is nothing to you. You are doing a horrible job as a sweeper.

    • @ Dexter Pelle

      So childish that the PM threatened to TUMP someone in his mouth and the police this NADA.

      Then you guys go talking about youth violence when the PM should be setting an example to the youths? That is why Antigua is in the state it is today, because of the minions like you.

  8. That’s reaching my boys play sports they always make the cut throat sign to the other team… y’all just wanna drag police straight, come Fu me cus me ready

  9. If you are a friend of a person.He/She could do that to you.However,a Uniformed Para Military person should not be doing that.For as an example.I do not think a member of the Police Force should be walking around town in Uniform without a hat on head.The Police in Antigua could do most anything and get away with it.The Laws of the Nation should be applied too all,no damn exceptions.It is said that Justice is blind.Not so in Antigua at all.Friends in the Courts are better than money in your pockets.Shuggy,write a formal letter to the Police Commissioner and deliver it yourself.IT IS NOT A FREAKING JOKE.

    • Absolutely correct @ TOMMY JOHN, you only need one DERANGED individual to act this out, and create mayhem and an atmosphere of fear and loathing in the country.

      The PM may not think this is serious, but it is – it shows the character and measure of the man.

      I hope the Honourable Kelvin Shuggy Simon makes a formal complaint to the police commissioner immediately.


  10. I have no faith in Atlee Rodeny at all he’s corrupt and always looking for doing nothing im so disappointed in him

  11. Some of the comments on here got to be some of the dumbest statements I’ve ever come across concerning the conduct of a officer that violate the conduct code as a officer of the people. You simply cannot conduct yourself in such a manner as a officer, you just simply can’t. This is not a regular member of John public, he or she swear to uphold the integrity of the law.
    I saw an officer in St John’s kicking on a man, just kicking up the man, and when I try to intervene everyone around said don’t get involved because the police will find something to arrest you for and take you to the station and beat you up.

    Let me say this load and clear on this forum..any police officer in Antigua,America or anywhere in the world put their hands on me without a just cause, you better kill me, trust me when I say that, because there will be no rest by me until they and all who are close to them are wiped off the face of this earth.

    Too much injustice I’ve seen in Antigua when I go back home, too much. You simply cannot threaten people and think it’s all cool, it’s not.

    This officer should be fired.

  12. Hahaha hahaha. Simon, you won the election but you are still unhappy. Oh, my cry cry baby moonshine darling.

  13. Those who find Kelvin Simon’s actions offensive are more than likely Gastonites or Labourites. Those who swore to uphold the law are often the biggest lawbreakers. Let’s admit it. Our country is a lawless one because those positioned to guard the law are dysfunctional.
    And we wonder about youth violence. When the adults and the politicians are lawbreakers, what do we expect?

  14. I have no faith in Atlee Rodney at all he’s corrupt and always looking credit for doing nothing im so disappointed in him!!

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