Simon: Thousands spent on candidate launch amid crumbling infrastructure

UPP by-election candidate, Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon (Source: Observer)

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  1. That’s right your Honourable Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon. This Gaston Browne led administration does continually wastes our tax dollars on worthless campaigns that isn’t beneficial to the constituents.

    You are correct in highlighting the terrible infrastructure, mess and living conditions surrounding the people of St Mary’s South.

    If Dwayne George wins after you have shown the lack of investment and care by the ABLP, then WELFARE politics in Antigua is finished. Finito! Done!

    Antiguans with the money and wherewithal may just decide to pack up and leave … if they can do so!

    St Mary’s South could be a SEMINAL moment for all of our futures … 🔮

    • @Brixtonian September 19, 2023 At 4:52 pm
      Each time Brix opens his mouth he removes all doubt from people and shows how dunce he really is.
      “This Gaston Browne led administration does continually wastes our tax dollars on worthless campaigns that isn’t beneficial to the constituents.”

      Every fifth grader would know that a party cannot spend government funds on any election campaign. But not Brix. He believes the government can just spend money willy nilly. Brix, you can only spend money according to the budget. Once there is no ‘head’ from which to spend it, your payment cannot be allocated. Non- budgeted items need to be accompanied by a Special Warrant, which needs to be tabled in Parliament. Like how Shuggy caused us to incur this un-budgeted bi-election expense. Over $100K. It will need to get a Special Warrant and be laid into Parliament for approval. When will you stop showing your dunceness so openly?


      Latest Poll in St. Mary’s South….DWAYNE GEORGE leads Shugy by 12 points.

      Landslide victory for ABLP ( DWAYNE GEORGE )

      UPP , BRIXTONIAN and members complain complain and complain.

      Winter pollings are the worst in the world. Winter predicted UPP win in the past five elections and UPP lost all the elections. Winter stop fooling UPP.

        • @ROVI

          You are an AR****SE. ABLP still won the election. My polling shows winners not losers like Winter poll. Winter continue to FOOL UPP and MEMBERS. UPP wake up. Winter is a FAKE pollster. Shame on Winter , UPP and Members to continue employing Winter as a POLLSTER.

  2. It’s a shame how West Palm Beach look. We have been neglected. Gaston Browne say those constituency that didn’t vote Labour will be at the back of the line. So the question is not if Shugy can do anything for us. But a government with the capacity to do more in St. Mary’s South, why have they done so little? We voting Shigy again.

  3. DISCO DUMPLING nar WASTE HE MONEY WID UPP dis time around!!! De government DONE WIN!!

    $10 haircut voucher a wan joke 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 poor BATHROOM BREAK Shugy………de writing is on de wall. You beg u wife pardon yet???

    Remember you MARRIED TIL DEATH so honor ya MARRIAGE VOWS even if she put arn “BABY WEIGHT” jack!! U tannup in front a God and mek a VOW!! Be a man and HONOUR U WEDDING VOWS!!!!

    Bank of DRY HILL nah hab no $$ fu help he 🤣 😂 😆

    • LMAO🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 guess we ain’t going to see Party at Dry Hill part 2🤣🤣🤣. Ah wha happen Mr Cashapp nah beg the Slot for funds fa Shuggy🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • This guy is driving you crazy. If Shuggy said ‘yes’ at this very minute, you would be out of your skin. Something really didn’t go down correctly. Looks like you could easily be a stalker.

    • You sound bitter nf…. Marriage ah go how many men have told wives they want divorce and she so bitter won’t sign….
      Your a bitter bitch you n he wife go excersise class jak…..

      Never let a man tell you 2x he DNT want you BUT ANTIGUA WIMEN THINK TOO HIGHLY OF THEMSELVES
      It’s WATCH ACTIONS not words ….

      SMS seem to can’t see beyond their BUYOUTS that’s y NOTHING changes get the RED VOTE AND NOTHING AFTERWARDS


      So many young useless young men in the community Why SEASONED CARPENTER MASONS PLUMBER dnt teach them and they build up their community instead of looking for ANY politicians to do IT

      STOP TAKING HANDOUTS AND BE SELF SERVIANT to yourself and community

  4. Looking like a clown
    Jamming up and dung in town
    In a tight sweaty pants
    Now a beg another chance

    De people won’t be fooled
    Ur a greedy selfish tool
    Always a tek BATHROOM BREAK
    Debate fu goodness sake

    Refuse fu properly resign
    Gah get blow in he behind
    De pompous arrogant clown
    Chemist gah chase he outta town

    Shugy only k bout FETE
    He jus nah ready yet
    De chicken feet fool will learn
    He go have De shortest term

  5. UPP know that their political capital are the voters in St. Marys South, who understands that the Antigua Labor Party under Gaston Browne has failed them miserably. They know that.
    You coming at this 9th hour and flashing fan , flag. red shut and fancy talk to score cheap political points it nar work.
    Tap a you yard. NO CUM BACK

    Boy George is putting on a spin on Gaston, bring you goodies and come. Laugh in you face and know full well he is not a Labourite. We know Jesus turn water into wine, no blood transfusion from blue to red strong enough for you to beat Kelvin Shugy Simon.
    Young man George the joke is going to be on you, Labourites will be running from you, once you lose. They wanted a scape goat and you fell for it,
    to save Samantha skin.
    Kelvin Shugy Simon!! WINNER



    Arl he want fu do a use de MP salary fu whine up in insane. Run go all over to party.

    No time
    No love
    No heart
    No commitment to the people

    The people of SMS Goin teach de BACKSLIDING HYPOCRITE a lesson in HUMILITY

  7. What the latest on YIDA? That is the biggest and longest gas that Gaston ever passed. After the neglect in St. Mary’s South for 10 years anybody studying Gaston? All he good for is gas up the place with lie.
    All the same Dwayne George will have the record for the most short lived Senator in the Caribbean. We know Gaston don’t run losers. Georgie Porjee will have to run away! Next Labour candidate please!

  8. You’ll still talking about this George Guy? 😂 😆.

    So everyone that voted for Shuggy in January is just gonna suddenly change there minds over a $10 voucher for food?

    You’ll need to be damn shame of you’ll selves disrespecting the people of SMS intelligence like this.

    If you are a real politician,win with the ideas you put forth, not by buying a few trinkets here and there..fools.

    We are way more intelligent than that my people of SMS, way more, so don’t fall for this foolishness by Gatson Browne and his cronies.

    Remember like @brix said.
    This bi-election is a prelude for the next general election, to get rid of this corrupt and inept Government out of office. They are feeling the heat, the get-fat on the hog days are over, and they know it, so let’s get the ball rolling right now my people of SMS, right now and get Shuggy back in office which he rightfully win in January.

    Set the lead for the rest of the island and show the other constituents how to stand up against corruption. They try to get rid of Shuggy by any means necessary, and he beat them in the face of everything they throw at him, do not give up on him now.


  9. Stop taking handouts and get off your dandruff asses and help upgrade your community…. This has been the tactic for years but dem then fuk dem attitude YET THE SMART PPL OF SMS are still been USED

    Ask not what I can get from politicians but what can I do to uplift my community

    Gaston soon pan ALL OF ANTIGUA he is living for wealth and generational wealth while you white chalk mouth beggybeggy ppl get penny on thedollar
    How many years ALP representatives promise you all upgrades and much needed community benefits ALL NOW NOTHING AFTER ELECTION YOU ALL ARE AN EYE SOAR TO THEM…


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