“Sh*t Man! God Dam*t” Speaker Frustrated Over A/C Issues in Parliament

Speaker Watts

In this clip, Speaker of the House Sir Gerald Watt addresses a practical issue in parliament – the air conditioning settings.

Frustrated with the inefficient use of the system when the chamber is not full, he advocates for a sensible adjustment.

Watch as he emphasizes that managing the air conditioning should not be rocket science and calls for immediate action.

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  1. These hot mic moments happens to the best of us. Unfortunate but nothing to be embarrassed about.

  2. Oh my!!
    Granny having a fit!
    Typical old age behavior!
    Sad, to watch!
    Granny having a tantrum!
    Fix the AC please😅

  3. How airport workers feel? Since 2016 airport workers have had this same complaint and shit man God dam it after 8 years the problem remain…

  4. Watt…you turn it down any further you are going to need a winter coat. You want the temperature to be turned up. Then again no climate control environment in government buildings are regulated. Piss poor preventive maintenance of the equipment and control systems.

  5. Watt…forgot to remind you that air conditioning skills are just as complex as rocket science. Plenty math, physics and chemistry. It takes a lot of brain power and analytical skills to work on air conditioning systems and its auxiliary equipment.

    Don’t down the vocational man/woman. Dem a do better than all a dem two piece suit and tie wearers.

  6. If you don’t repent you’ll be begging for the same air conditioning in hell

  7. If it was someone else they would be known as disrespectful….he need to control his mouth he is represent our parliament

  8. He is only there to protect Gaston Browne from the hard-hitting questions and to deflect the opposition’s pin-pointed quizzing of the Fuehrer. Like when he can’t answer a simple question like who owns the restaurant by his wife’s office that the people of Antigua are paying for.
    Life is a bitch.

    The more he deflects, the more the cold will get into his old and evil bones and shrink him to the depths he is operating from.

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