Show me the conflict, PM says as he defends rental of home to investor

Gaston Browne Jolly Harbour Home

Browne also says he does not know what the issue is:

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  1. If Gaston cannot see the issue or conflict then he is WILLFULLY BLIND. If he cannot understand that being PM of Antigua and negotiating with an investor for concessions and at the same time taking exorbitant rent money from the very same investor is a conflict of interest, then Gaston is as dumb as he looks. Of course, we know he is pretending not to see the conflict. He just chooses to pretend he cannot see the problem so he can continue to use his position as PM for creative self-enrichment.

  2. Gaston, there’s a thin line between arrogance and confidence, and therein lies ignorance. Health is better than wealth!
    Regardless of how you try to justify this, it’s not the kind of precedence which should be set and encourage by the PM.
    While there may not be a conflict of interest legally, morally this stinks.

    • Smood since this is not issue of the PM using his power to influence an outcome how is this a COI? If you listened to the PM you would have heard him state neither he nor his cabinet could have altererd or had any say in the concesssions given. The SEZ act passed some 7 years ago dictates the concessions. Once the man meet the criteria as a zone operator, he is entitled to the concessions.

      • @Tenman…your fluff to justify Gaston’s improprieties is nauseating, to say the least.
        You love to mention America and use it as your reference(s) from time to time, let me assure you, politicians have being arrested, charged and convicted for simple misuse of store gift cards, which is a misdemeanor. Yet, Dixon knows better now.
        Other’s write books, misappropriated the funds/proceeds because the grant money was spent incorrectly, and this led to other investigations, all the way to the Federal Gov’t and voila, Kathleen Pugh former Maryland State Rep and Baltimore City mayor.
        Cuomo in New York resigned for allegedly fondling women. Fuck Tenman, Cornell what HUE is your conscience? What is the criteria for impropriety, inappropriate behavior and or immoral acts by those thugs charged with managing the Nation’s affairs?
        Even you have stated, that the PM needs to answer to this agreement.

        Time is longer than rope. Asot’s a great example of “When Time Catches Up To You”
        Gaston could just be the Star of that sequel…
        Opening scene … Maria driving on a dessert Road, in Vegas on the run, listen to Carlos Santana
        …for, Maria! Maria!

        • Guy you are over the place. You can’t provide a proper exaple so you do scatter shots. What does Cuamo fundling women have to do with COI? Guy Senator Romney recenty sold his properly for 25 million usd, that’s a conflict? Congress men and senators continue to buy stocks, rent their homes (see When a lawmaker is your landlord: Capitol Hill is packed with senators, House members, and senior staff who rent out property
          Kimberly Leonard , Camila DeChalus , and Warren Rojas Dec 17, 2021, Yahoo news) Boss the only nation that practices the ethics your advocate verby (only) exists ony in your dope addled brain. Telling thing is not even you try to live by said ethics

      • @Tenman
        Did the SEZ act passed seven years ago state that Antiguan passports were part of the deal? Want to know.

        • You do know the CIP act was passed in 2013 (SEZ in 2015) ? BY the way help me understand since when allowing a developer to try to utilize CIP as a method to get additional investors / financing for their project became a tax concession? Take some time and familiarize yourself with the real estate option under CIP. Let me end by reminding you of the connection between CIP and a SEZ operator (current) started with YIDA under the UPP (to help you see why CIP is part of the sez package)
          ““Finance Minister Harold Lovell said Yida International Investment Antigua Limited, led by Yida Zhang, is seeking approval under the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) as well as incentives under the Business and Tourism (Special Incentives) Act for a mega resort and residential development on Guiana Island and surrounding areas. Government has approved the project and is willing to give the necessary concessions,” Lovell said…” see Gov’t keen to offer incentives for Guiana Island project
          Article Published: May 9, 2014, Daily Observer

          • I would think that the real estate option would be to encourage investments in hotels and real estate to generate taxes and jobs for the government and people of Antigua. This zone is going to sell our passports and use the money to develop their tax free haven. What is the deal here for Antigua? Ask Gaston the rationale for giving them our passports. Next thing you will hear is that they take our passports and leave town like the Chinese man.

          • @Want to know no its for the spin off from the economic activity created (eg construction jobs, employment created after construction). Sounds exactly like the purpose of a SEZ? Yep hence why they are twinned. You guys really need to stop attacking SEZ’s. Recall the similar said for things like gaming, offshore schools (they were also tax free). You may recall many Antiguans including myself benefited. Anyway your choice if you feel motivated to be negative

  3. Gaston you too damn lie! I listened to your rant this afternoon to get an understanding of what you were thinking and what made you think that your decision has no consequence. I am left dumbfounded as to someone of your educational and life experiences would have recognized the the error of your decision after reflection and public outcry over what is a Conflict of Interest. You never made any attempt to apologize for a lapse in judgement. You doubled down. Now from years of training about situations that could give the perception or the act itself is considered a “Conflict of Interest.” I’ll give you a short and concise definition. Now this is straight out of the manual.

    A conflict of interest arises when a situation in which a person(you) in a position to derive personal benefit from actions or discussions (cabinet decision) made in their official capacity.


    • You miss the in possition part. It require the PM to legally have the abiity to change an outcome. If you listened you would have heard the PM make clear he had no say in the concesssions given. The SEZ act dictates the concessions given, not the PM. The act was passed long before this applicant came to A&B. Is your real issue that GB should not be getting such a large Amount of $?

      • I have no issue with his cash injection. The more the better. The issue that is being discussed is one of a PUBLIC OFFICIAL, in his OFFICIAL CAPACITY derive a benefit from a CABINET DECISION and act that was debated and passed by the PARLIAMENTARY BODY of Antigua and Barbuda. Which he’s an elected member and leader of the MAJORITY!

        • Guy (@Freetownson) the act was passed by parilament and passed long before this investor came to the fore. You can’t be crazy enough to be arguing that the reason why GB voted for the act in 2015 was because he knew in 2021 the investor would award him by renting his house. Even if you convince yourself he had that foresight, the act itself forces the PM to sign once the investor meets the criteria. If he did not sign, he would be subjected to a lawsuit. The agent involved made clear the client had been looking for a place for a few years and long got the license before he pushed (NOt the PM) to rent the house. Are you saying she is a liar and the PM has the abillty to travel in time?

          • Leave the stupid Freetown punk alone. He knocked his head on Elvis shop step 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
            Or maybe the saltwater from Half Moon Bay a itch he baxide.

  4. Gaston, you purport yourself to be smart, so you know what conflict of interest is. Please don’t try to feed us koolaid for red wine. You too darn greedy and think only you and family should get all the opportunities. If you made so much money, why are you so greedy for more?
    Please stop threatening Antiguans with violence for calling you out. When a government turns guns on it’s people, the guns are invariably turned back on them. It is called revolution. It is said that the word is more powerful than the sword. Why are you fearful of the truth?

  5. There is a lawsuit by Yida against the man involved with Western Imperial for unpaid rent. Does Western Imperial have any money? Our leader certainly knows how to sniff out these people. Hope you get your rent before he files for bankruptcy or disappears.

  6. There is none so blind,as he who would not see.If you do not see that CONFLICT.Then you are blinder that I thought you were,Gaston Browne.

  7. This saga reminds me of.the boy who cries wolf too often. One time Lovell claims government sold them the land. We quickly leaned that was false. Now he falsely claims Gaston negotiated concessions with the investor. Anyway knowing Harold why be surprised that truth is far from him?

    • @Tenman…cut the phuckery! What the rassclath does this have to do with Harold “Mr. Stoic” Lovell?

        • @Truthseeker, probem is your attention span. Lovell falsely claims the PM negotated the concesssions with the investor. The SEZ act provides him no such power. Once the investor meets its criteria, the concessions are automatic.

    • Was this same Gaston who along with molwin Joseph who saw nothing wrong with taking money from Stanford, while negotiating with him on behalf of the government; for the sale of the lands east of the post office?

  8. The Prime Minister as a Leader is certainly a man “set” by God in the position he now holds. He may not be perfect, which he is the first to admit, but he carries an anointing that spiritual people can quickly discern and relate to, whether they be Red or Blue or Independent. Badmindness and wickedness are no match for this man. We are blessed to have him at the helm in times like these. He deserves our prayers. May God continue to lay his hand upon him as he leads this nation ever forward. His greatest weapon is the Truth, and he speaks the Truth. May he ever be faithful. We are a blessed people. The New Antigua is arising. In the words of the great Maurice Bishop: “Forward Ever! Backward Never!”

    • @Tenman…cut the phuckery! What the rassclath does this have to do with Harold “Mr. Stoic” Lovell?

      • Boss I blame myself for trying to reason with you, when I should know that’ impossible. You simply can’t be logical

    • Yes even with covid, 4% growth in 2021. CNN voted one of the best places to be in 2022. Truly a blessed, inteligent, hard working PM and his team at the wheel. 2022 is projected ( IMF) to be better than 2021

      • Temman ask your PM to advise the IMF to release the article 4 reports, they are hiding from the public.
        What are they hiding? I guess you will also find a way to defend that.

    • @CErmle…stop eating the nuclear ☣☢waste💩💩being excreted by the PM. Annah #rice #pudding u a nyam.

    • @CErmie
      The Germans also thought Adolf Hitler was the greatest leader on earth. A man sent by god to lead the world and cleanse it of non Arian people. He spoke their truth. Nothing was done to curb his powers. The people chanted and waived and he began to think he was god. What was the outcome, he destroyed Germany and a lot of Europe. They say he committed suicide in his bunker. Lesson to be learnt, don’t encourage dictatorship.

      • Reading you reminds of BS and his dictatorial tendencies. The amount of times the courts had to overrule him are innumerable (Watt Matter 1, Boundary matter, LB matter, GB matter, AM matter, Benjamin matter *well COP dropped it after government changed, APC matter 1armed police to stop generators and 2- the privy counsel ruling re there being a contract, Immigrant matter-illegally denying citizenship, Lennox Linton matter-iegally deporting a journalist , ABEC member age matter aka Watt 2…. ), Yet to hear you still tell it the UPP did no wrong.

  9. Need to know which property the government is paying utilities for. From what we know his house is rented and people say he lives with his mother in law.

  10. CErmle Gaston Browne is not only not perfect but he is also a big liar. On Pointe FM radio station yesterday in his long rationalization and justification for his unethical behaviour in the rental of his home saga, which by the way is inconsistent with provisions of the Integrity in Public Life Act, he said that the home is owned by his wife and himself. If that is a fact and they are joint proprietors, then why did his wife not sign the lease agreement as well. The lease agreement was only signed by Gaston Browne the lessor and Singh the lesser. Gaston Browne your lies will catch up with you, so please stop telling so many lies. I hope like YIDA you will not have to sue Western Imperial Economic Zone for non-payment of rent.

    • Charles, which seat are you running for in the next electon? Or are you waiting for Harry to be kickd to the curb again, and hou can then seriously seek the leadership? Just askin’. I frequently (not always) disagree with you, but yours is a voice that needs to be heard. Best wishes for 2022. I mean that.

  11. Who made the Concessions Laws? Are you P M still getting housing allowance when you are not living in your hous

  12. Don’t know why he didn’t rent it to Gates for all the wonderful work he’s been doing in the Caribbean

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