Shopkeeper in Coma After Armed Robbery


A shopkeeper is reportedly in an induced coma at the hospital following an armed robbery at her business place over the weekend.

State media reported, 56-year-old Anita Singh was breathing from a ventilator and 75 percent of the bones in the right side of her face was broken.

Police reported masked men entered Anita’s supermarket minutes before 10:00 Saturday night.

The robbers reportedly struck the woman across her face with the gun and robbed shoppers at the supermarket of money, cellphones and other valuables.

The attackers then escaped on foot, police said.

If you have any information relating to this incident you should call the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913 or 462-3914.

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  1. Really sorry to hear about this incidence and it begs the question ‘what are we coming to in this island nation of ours.” I am saddened because I often brag to friend that Antigua is a safe place where we can still leave our cars and houses open and never feel threatened. Well, that was once the situation. Whilst I so not want to point fingers at any specific set in the community, I wish to call on the authorizes to be more vigilant these days because of the changing landscape where our country is concerned. We are now playing host to people from everywhere many of whom come to our country with no background checks or knowledge of exactly who they are. This to me is a grave matter of concern.

    Couple of years ago, cameras was erected at strategic points in and around the city. What has become of that initiative? Are they functional and in operation? Was this another waste of tax payers money?

    I wish the lady in question a speedy recovery and I hope that the police will soon be able to catch the perpetrators of this crime.

    • Sad to say most of the criminals are police they are not our friends and when we see them we shouldn’t feel safe. Sit and think about the question you asked about the cameras and what I said and you will get the answer you are looking for.

  2. Then when they are caught and imprisoned they want a dam hotel room plus eating tax payer’s money daily.Dont care what anyone thinks about me,but for me,people like these deserve nothing less than Inhumane treatment-they actions are those of a savage beast,and therefore should be treated as such..Sorry.

  3. God bless you Anita. My family and I are
    praying for your full recovery.
    Take care, your friend and neighbor.


    • Sorry to hear of my friend incident, i pray your quick recovery, and that the police finds your attackers

  4. What goes around comes around.They that did this wicked action shall suffer in Jesus name.Get well to this mother, grandmother.Wicked people.

    • May this dear woman recover and be well and whole again, in Jesus Name. My prayer is that these inhuman beasts who terrorize our people will be brought to justice. Yes, we have to pay closer attention to who is allowed to live in this country. Background checks are important, but then again some are illegals. They must be dealt with to the full extent of the law in order to keep our people safe.

  5. Wish her a speedy recovery.

    Where is Anita’s Supermarket ANR. Please do better with your reporting. Remember you have an overseas readership not to mention those of us who never heard of this place.

    • The supermarket is in Sutherlands. This lady came from Guyana with her suitcases and a bunch of children. She started her business in a one room place and worked hard to be where she is today. These tugs should go and find a job or start a small business to help themselves. Don’t understand why they would resort to violence if she cooperated with them.
      I would suggest that these business establishment close early as there are wicked people out their who will kill you for what you worked hard for.

  6. What we are coming to is that when a retired HERO police officer sees suspicious activities and he(they) investigate they are unlawfully charged with crimes, and these people that was acting suspiciously, located on a property that they do not belong, the property of a friend of the retired Hero Officer, pushing up windows trying to get in, untrained people charge these retired officer from stopping a crime and defending himself when being attacked. The pressure from the public because they do not like a man, you are going to charge him without evidence? You can not even set a Prima facie case, you do not even know what 48 hours includes but you are tasking with investigating a crime, taking one’s liberty(detention/arrest).

    I would be arguing like this for anybody, just like I argued Cutie Benjamin was not suppose to be arrested base on the facts. if there is no probable cause, you can not arrest, it does not matter how much you hate the person, you just can not. You put the facts you know on paper, and you dissect it like you are taking a Bar exam, you could not conclude probable cause, a reasonable and prudent person could not conclude such a thing and now this is what the public is getting.

    Some angry people will say these people deserve it because of the ignorant policing but I will not. I am sorry this lady went through this and I wish and pray there were more officers like retired Hero officer Francis, who would have put fear in criminals’ mind and who would have investigated anything suspicious.

    The idiots will come and say oh we know he is related to you or he shot someone before, and they will complete ignore the current facts, did he acted reasonably in this current situation. But they are idiots, so you can not debate with ignorant fools, with no knowledge in law. Even some mentioned why would evidence be relevant at this time because evidence is used to justify probable cause and it is used to prove bad-faith (misuse of legal proceedings).

    I am sorry for the public, I am sorry.

  7. Pray this lady recovers well…as a mom, her family needs her (sigh)

    On another note, this article is incomplete. The ‘where?” is missing.

  8. My prayers 🙏🙏🙏 for this Aunt of my dear friend Ravi Singh in Savannah,GA. I pray these vicious men are caught and punished for their bad deeds.

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