BREAKING: Man dies after Shooting in St. John’s



A man died in hospital after being shot multiple times on Bishopgate Street Friday night.

It is alleged he had been engaged in an argument with another man who opened fire hitting him several times.

The incident happened about 9pm.


A man has been rushed to hospital after being shot on Bishopgate Street in St John’s.

The circumstances which culminated in the shooting are not clear at this time.

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    • @ . What the heck Covid has to do with gun toting renegades. Are you inferring if those criminals had gotten the Vaccines. They would not commit crimes to include murder. There seems to be too many illegal guns in Antigua. Why people cannot have an argument without fights and killings. Back in my Antigua days we did have fights. We fought with more fists than weapons. Are alcohol and drugs a social problem in Antigua.

  1. We should be very worried. Our streets are filled with angry, hungry, armed men! We need a national policy to control the guns. There’s no need for average people to own guns if we have police to protect us. As is, our police are increasingly being forced to carry weapons, many of which are old and outdated revolvers. If our police must be armed, arm them with modern weapons and better training.

      • Yea me too but my intruders were they themselves. Coming on to my property looking thru my living room window with gun in hand! Looking for what??

    • @Gun crisis…
      …dis gun ting is about to get hotter!
      Hotter! Hotter!
      …now that, the factories are located in Our borders!
      Inside Our borders! Borders!
      …and, they won’t be used just to commit robbery!
      Not just robbery! Robberies!
      …you can add home invasions!
      …all the way to assassinations!
      …and, to be honest with you
      …looks like ain’t a damn thing we can do
      …as, to what is coming down the pipeline
      …invading Our sweet, sweet Nation!

    • @Sensible

      You check your ministers for everything else so check your smooth, cool ministers…..

  2. @Gun Crisis
    Please explain what is an average person?

    Who created these hungry angry men?

    Now you are worried really?

    Why did you elect a governess?

  3. The real problem here is CARICOM immigration. Antigua is accepting unsavory characters from Haitai, Jamaica, and DR. This is translating into massive crime increases.

    Look at the source of the problem: PM Browne continuing to let people into Antigua from CARICOM countries….a lot of people with criminal backgrounds.

    • Oh so only CARICOM brothers and sisters are the problem huh? What about all the Deportees that have been sent back who are Criminals? Everything that happens here, we blame the usual Caribbean islands, you’ll need to stop! Criminals come in many shape, form anf nationality!!! LOOK AT ALL THE MISSING AND UNSOLVED CRIMES FEOM THE 60’S TO NOW THAT REMAINS UNSOLVED – ARE THE NON-NATIONAL CARIBBEAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE? FIND A NEW NARRATIVE

  4. It’s time to round up every foreigner with a criminal record and ship them home. Out they go. They seem to be the perpretators of all this crime. No escuses. They must be thrown out. All who are murders, and found guilty by the court, must hang.

  5. I remember police only using their baton. No guns. Gee me back me 1960, buddy. How de saying go…Old men have or dream dreams, young men have nightmares.

  6. Bettys Hope:. I agree with you.I caught a nonnational stealing my building blocks.Its so sad what some people does when they come into your country and what about them stealing my coconuts.I am not asking i am telling., they were not Antiguans.They live in a rented house in my neighborhood..Me na k dem commit crime sen dem home out a de place..

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