Sherfield Bowen and Sean Bird need to come to the electorate and state publicly if the Prime Minister lied or not


Dear Captain Lovell,

Prime Minister Gaston Browne, on 22nd October 2022, purported on his Saturday radio show, that there are four traitors in the UPP camp – See below 2 links of this Saturday radio show recording.

Out of the purported four, only two UPP candidates for the upcoming general elections were named. The names the Prime Minister called were brothers Sherfield Bowen and Sean Bird. Are you aware of whom the other two may be?

The Prime Minister has made it clear before on his Saturday radio show that he always speaks the truth.

This is a simple matter that both brothers Sherfield Bowen and Sean Bird need to come to the electorate and state publicly if the Prime Minister lied or not.

As the Captain of the UPP this action should have been down by both candidates within 24hrs. The electorate expect better from the UPP.

aka – 268KingLiar Detector

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    • Letter Writer: If the truth were to see Gaston Browne. It would run and hide from him. If lie were to see him. It would run its arse across the Caribbean Sea to Central America. Just to get away from him,for he is so lie.

  1. Why is anyone paying Gaston Browne any mind. Once the heat in the kitchen gets too hot, he sets a fire elsewhere to distract people. I have a few questions for Gaston:
    – Where is Mr Singh your tenant. That’s what I want to know!
    – Is it true that the Antigua Airways crew will be staying at your house in Jolly Harbour?
    – The African couple arrested for fraud a few months ago, they were found to have Antigua and Barbuda passports, what is their connection to Marvelous Mike and Antigua Airways?
    – Will Antigua Airways be a cargo plane or passenger plane? We can’t find any fares or packages published anywhere so it begs the question.
    Tell us Gaston!

    • Would not be surprised if they are living in his house. They have Antiguan passports to sell to pay the rent. He and his son have their properties at Dredge bay and Payners all rented to people from the American University Antigua. They are the only black people in Antigua Who should make money. All for us and none for you.

  2. @ Fred and aka- 268 KingLiar Detector

    Once PM Brown comes and acknowledge the EUR 3,000,000 he received from Odebrecht, release the Jolly Beach loan documents from Barrett, release the article 4 reports from IMF for the previous 8 years (not just the current one), when he admits to using tear gas on the population of Antigua, including children, then Sean and Bowen don’t have to justify frivolous words from him!

  3. Because Gaston Browne says that he always tells the truth does not mean that he always tells the truth. You are making it sound like Because Gaston say so, it is so. Nutten tall go so! The truth very rarely escapes Gaston teeth, tongue and mouth.

  4. This man is a pathological liar. There are recordings of him publicly stating that he will use social security money; he denied it. He said Lovell wanted to form a party with him; lie. The 200 million US is documented yet he says they never got the money. They had a potential giveaway with Barret that exploded publicly and he accused UPP of being a part of the deal; lie. He said it was his government that negotiated the WIOC deal; lie. Look, the list goes on to infinity. Just add another lie to the list and let’s move right along.

  5. So every time the dawg bark and vomit up his bile, people should be following him down the rabbit hole and become distracted by he and his inept administration lack of accountability and corruption?
    This is a man who would vomit up his nonsense, then sit back and laugh, as the minions lap it up.

  6. Sean Bird, Vere Bird III and any UPP gunman candidate might try to resurrect “TRUE LABOUR” right in time for nomination day!

    Go green is not interested 😒

  7. Somebody told me that a certain husband is worried that his wife will loose her seat and has resorted to telling lies. Even if Sean Bird were to leave the UPP, where he going? He done say he don’t want no Real Bird in his party. Sean, campaign heard to get rid of wifey and you will have a job. Me mad them two control all Antigua money and lands and then talk about rich them be.

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