She must first shoot herself: PM Responds To UPP Chairman


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to controversial “kill” statements by United Progressive Party Leader D. Gisele Isaac.

Browne told his radio programme on Saturday that “I will give her a licence first thing on Monday morning but she must first shot herself.”

The UPP chairman said “I have some people I’d like to kill just give me licence.” She made the statement while demonstrating how tribal politics in Antigua and Barbuda had become.

But Browne is questioning why Isaac, a former House Speaker is so angry “the extent that she feels she wants to kill.”

“It is a successful labour party that is provoking her ire? Is it the litigation against her?What she wants to do kill everybody in order to be exonerated,” he asked.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas also condemned Isaac’s statement and called on the UPP to ask her to resign.

“This is sad because this is an individual who is given to making outrageous statements and sound bites all the time,” he said.

“But to actually say that you want to kill some people…I mean what example” he added.

“To take that position I think they should call on her t resign.” Nicholas said.

PM Browne also suggested that Isaac should resign as chairman of the country’s main opposition “because she clearly cannot take the heat.”

He said he statements could also be considered an act of sedition.




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  1. She is Lovell’s political BFF and therefore “untouchable” in the UPP. More and more she is proving herself to be an ABW “Angry Bitter Woman” who has numerous gripes. She stopped short of saying who she would like to kill though. Has she already submitted her resignation letter as promised?

  2. Melford calling for someone to resign.Look inside of your Cabinet Melford.You should be the last person to tell and or ask someone to resign.Fat,Fatter,Fatest, bastard.Looking like Idi Amin Dada.Gaston Browne,an act of sedition.Really?Laughable.

  3. Antigua, you have been warned about Gisele Isaac for years. Now you see the true depth of her depravity.

    This bitter crone of a woman totally controls Lame Lovell and the entire leadership, as any UPP executive member can tell you. She is the highest and final authority on UPP matters and policy – a law completely unto herself.

    A vote for any UPP candidate is a vote to place Gisele’s dark shadow within the cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda. As the True Prime Minister she will be free to use Harold the Puppet to bring back the Personal Income Tax (PIT), as she has advocated on her Crusader radio show, wage her gender war against men and push her xenophobic and anti-Caribbean “Antigua ONLY for Antiguans” policy, likely with mass deportations.

    This hate filled person won resoundingly at the last UPP convention. The UPP has chosen elitism and hate as their guiding principles, with no attempts to change course or contain her poison!

    You have been warned!

  4. Childish bullsh** statements from both Giselle and Gaston. Are they both still 13 years old emotionally? Acting and speaking like immature idiots.

    • When it comes to that @No So Common, I think that both of them should resigned. Melford should ask a member within his party that made the statement “Blood will flow” to resigned also.

    • Thank you!!! @ Not So Common.
      For representatives of this nation, such verbiage is not what I expected. It is disgusting.
      This is the same PM who made it known of “Bombshell” threats, now here you are locally doing the same god almighty thing! A threat is a threat!!!
      Both of you need to grow the hell up and be better role models. All these threats!! Really!!!
      How about both of you threaten the dam safety of this nation?? We are getting rob in broad day light!!

  5. This is the straw that has broken the Camel’s back. If the UPP leadership is not brave enough to come out and condemn this statement and I would suggest demand that she retract this statement or be kicked out of the party than the party on the whole has lost their way.
    I also hope that the Catholic Church has taken note of this and would first give her council but also remove her from the board of the Christ The King High School. They really do not want to be associated with someone that make those type of statements in the public domain. Sorry but the church of all has to stand for something.
    This is un-acceptable.
    And even though she did not call any names, it should be the duty of the police to take her in for further questioning. You cannot just say in public that you have some people you would like to kill and no one question you as to who those people you have in mind are. This thing is far more serious than one think.

    • @Sidelines:
      Why you never asked the Moses,World Boss to apologized to anyone.You and Gaston spew your hatred without fear.Antigua does not belong to you people.We the people are free to say what the heck we felt like.As both you and Gaston do.So shout “fat ass” mouth.One day the trough would be dried and what would you do then.

  6. She have a right to say what she want…the pm said worst than that..are you left the woman alone…freedom. of speech

  7. Melford why you no ask your education minister to resign for wasting tax payers money on e-book that not up to today the children can use? Why not ask as it to resign from parliament since he have no portfolio, he’s just there like a robotic dummy every parliament session. Ask them to resign first then u can ask others to resign

  8. I have been wondering.Why all ABLP politicians and their political hacks are so afraid of Gisele Isaac.I do not know this lady.Gaston Browne is very scared of her.I wondered why.Perhaps she should run for the leadership of the UPP.She seems to have more spines and than most of those men in politics in Antigua.

  9. Does anyone really think someone in either party scared of the lady? She is trying hard to be relevant. Most of the politicians and cronies are too busy creating wealth from government institutions and each one turns a blind eye to the other. She misses the huge paychecks that once enjoyed from government institutions. If she is that capable and intelligent she can start her own business or go and seek employment in the private sector.

  10. Tired of Politicians. They steady making fooish statements, starting wars and setting no example for the people. None of them care about us. They will all dine together while their followers are at each others throats. Pliticians are not my God.

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