‘She is only 10 months old’ – PM reacts to graphic threats against his family


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to a series of death threats against him and members of his family made on social media.

Making a surprise appearance on Pointe FM this week, Browne listened to many of the threats read by the host as they were posted.

He says he is aware of the threats.

Listen to the Prime Minister’s full reaction here:

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  1. Those idiots who threaten the PM should be rounded up and charged, prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    • Do you really believe that? This was well orchestrated by them to solicit sympathy.
      The terrorists bawling foul .

      • Am finding it hard to believe as well PM don’t care nothing about our lives or our kids life so I don’t know what to say

      • Well said. Govt ministers as well as persons at the Port involved and gave the order to kill Nigel because he found out who was “forging” the signatures.

        Justice for Nigel Christian and his family.

    • You would be a fool to really believe that. Desperate times calls for desperate measures right now that man will say anything for sympathy.

  2. “Leave UPP people out your mouth”

    This has nothing to do with the opposition. The gutless punks making anonymous threats are lawless criminals with no particular party affiliation.

  3. This is utter foolishness. Why are persons making threats on the life of the Prime Minister and his family. Come on people don’t let the devil take your heart. If you are not for the vaccine you are not; if you are you are but please desist from making threats against people’s lives. Those who have made the threats remember I beg you that you have families too. DO NOT LET THAT WICKED DEVIL TAKE YOUR HEART. LET PEACE REIGN.

  4. Betty’s hope go and take a nap,this is antigua not Kuwait or middle east…….Who the hell is gaston crazy Azz?

  5. I am not a UPP supporter and I do not support the threats to the PM or family. I am disappointed that the host think that the only reason we can stand up for our right is if we are fueled by the oppositionparty. Really . I support ABLP but same way it wrong for people threaten the PM it was wrong when the people were savagely chased because they were standing up for their rights.

  6. She is only 10 months old. This is why I had to report those posts you made on facebook and have them taken down. It’s sad, but the fact that you posted your daughter’s picture with such awful words to accompany it? Who does that? Yourself and Mervyn Headly or whatever his name is. Next time, you can at least delete the baby’s picture!

  7. Ah shut the hell up at Bettys hope.How would you feel if your children was in the protest at the time of the tear gassing.What would you say oh they shouldnt have been there or you would eel sorry for them and merma.The Prime Minister had his plan was to send out the force and open tear gas and fire shots and leh go rubber bullets.But I say this to you massage revenge is followed by Karma.And Karma is just sipping her coffee and finishing up her nails.Your looking sympathy from people for what Mr.Browne.If you dont get that punishment God has for you it will fall on your children.

    • Na badda waste time with Hopeless Betty. Even if Gaston fling teargas pon she pikny she would till bak Gaston rass. A wonda if she not breedable and dat a wa mek she so frig up.

  8. These are just empty/silly treats by bored cowardly ppl who would never say these things to gaston’s face. Gaston brown i really despise you but those are empty talk. Ppl vex, blood hot want to vent…

  9. We have some wicked people in high places they don’t need threats they will self destruct , lot of blood is on their hands, although they pretend to be righteous

  10. Making threats on ANYONE’s life is an offence. No one should be aligning themselves with that. I am going to say this with no water in my mouth. Whether you are DNA, ABLP, UPP, INDEPENDANT, FREEDOM FIGHTER, CORNERSTONE or whatever names there are out there for groups, to threaten to maim, threaten to kill, is an offense. Those who post such on social media, those who use the airwaves, those who publish must be aware that words have consequences. Yes, we have ‘freedom of speech’, but we must also realize and accept that with that freedom comes much responsibility.
    I implore all to be vigilant with their speech. As I am usually wont to say, ‘make sure you engage brain, before putting mouth in gear’. The spoken word cannot be recalled, therefore, choose your words wisely.
    This goes to all partied, all sides. I know in the heat of a moment one can very well say something that they may live to regret, but if you take just thirty seconds to think of the measure of your words you might just respond more effectively without crossing the boundaries or propriety.
    Please people, every life is sacred, let us treat each other as we would wish to be treated.

    • All good until your child gets sprayed with teargas and hit with rubber bullets. Maybe that will change your mind. As they say fight fire with fire. What good for the goose, good for the gander.

      • What are children doing at a march, picket, protest that the police did not agree to?
        Where is the letter to the police saying it was changed from march to something else?
        You all want to be wrong and strong.
        A word to the wise and you. Be careful what you wish for. Ijs

        • Umbrage, do you need permission to picket or to protest? The answer is no.
          Rodney is lying when he said he didn’t know it was a picket or protest. He said that he was listening when the lady said it on the radio but he conveniently went deaf when she said it won’t be a march

          • So, I’m the Commissioner of police. You write me a letter saying you marching. I say no.
            So I don’t deserve formal notice that you now have decided to change it to a picket? Because you now vex you do as you like?
            What if I see you there gathering and still think you trying a thing? You going to march anyway. Regardless of wha i the commissioner say ie no. What if????
            Communication is key if one doesn’t want any misunderstanding whatsoever.
            Next time dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

          • You don’t need to write to anyone seeking permission to picket. The fact they did write to demonstrate and we’re denied. However, the absurdity of defending lawlessness shows the level of ignorance in support of political alignment. Only foolish and ignorant people will state that the PM is instigating harm against family and himself. You dumb UPPITES ass’s who are filled with hatred and envy are clearly sitting on your brains. Have some decency, morality and honesty. That why most sane people would never ever have these Charlatans and shameful Politrickians to govern Wadadli again. Please when you dig a hole dig one for yourself foolish self also. You idiots are so pathetic.

        • Umbrage you have proof they were part of the picketing? They could have just been in the area.

          Our constitutional right to picket.

  11. As I listened to the news at mid-day. I could not believed my ears. I heard a voice that sounded like that of Melford Nicholas. He was saying that he cried. Because someone threatened the lives of the Prime Minister and his family. I for one do not condone harming and or hurting anyone. Regardless if that person is a rich man,a beggar man,Government Minister. Melford Nicholas,when you cried. Did actual tears come from your eyes? Did you see stones or crocodiles in your tears?

  12. If this was the USA, the FBI and Homeland Security would be all over those who utter threats at the “Prime Minister” and his family. Everywhere but Antigua, they would be rounded up and charged and brought before the courts.

    • @Betty’s Hope…hey, what can I say, other than here in America, or anywhere the technology is available, next move is to pin point the source, and location of the post. What if the post was made from Russia, Argentina, Dubai, can Antigua law extract them forward in time to Antigua?

      Genuine or not, Antigua’s well paid agents from CID, and the #Kroft #Crew should have the ability to solve this one.

  13. Kmt..not my business but people only think bout them self…i guess d persons had their child n maybe there mad….but a fi them mouth

  14. It is sad what my country is coming to. All because of tribal politics. Threads of violence such as these only seen in some barbaric country should be condemned by each and every civic minded Antiguan and Barbudan regardless of political persuasion. Especially each and every Christian or those calling themselves Christians. As the UPP Chairwoman not too long ago said, we have turned to be so tribal, that were almost like the Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda, ready to kill each other. Over what? Politics. God help us. Cause up to this moment I have not heard one condemnation from any political party, NGO or Christian Group. What are they waiting on? For the worst to happen. And then hold prayer meetings for the nation. No. I believe we all should let our voices heard. And unequivocally condemn this cancer that is sticking its ugly head in our society. It needs to stop now. And when good people stay quiet, evil will prosper. I’m calling on the editor from this website to be more vigilant as t what comments they allow on their website. To whom much is given much is expected. And to condemn these actions outright so that person know where you stand.

    • Sidelines you won’t be chatting all the bulls..t if you state your real name. You support everything, right or wrong, that Gaston is about. The worst prime minister in the world.

    • Sidelines, the little boy I saw running from rubber bullets is about 5 years old, the child on her father’s shoulder is about 3 years old, the elderly lady who was sitting on a chair is about 80 years old. Tear gas and rubber bullets were fired at them. All you could say was who nah hear will feel. Well, you can tell your Top Dawg the same thing you hypocrite.

    • @ Sidelines: You of all people talking about tribal politics. Were you born yesterday? Antigua Politics has been that way for ages with the ALP. When Gaston Browne uttering his diet tripe. You have never said one word. Now you are here,talking out of your backsides.Go and suck an egg.

  15. Not Mr. Gaston and top dog fraid of a little threat. Be more scared of why people need to say these because you are coming against their right. Calling your own people thugs, thieves and demonic. Maybe if you learn to watch your OWN tongue and respect your PEOPLE you wouldn’t be in this position.

  16. Can’t sow corn and expect to reap mango. So desperate for dictatorial show of force against those who don’t want government ‘calling the shots on their immunization choices’, you gassed people pickney and didn’t feel you should apologize. Can’t feel sympathy for you, sorry. You created your own mess by trying to use an iron fist you don’t actually have.

  17. Oh gosh man! Are you nuh larn nuttn yet jack?? You must study how the system really works. What threats? Give me a break! This is just a red herring to distract from their culpability of gassing innocent children, women and men last Sunday. That man has to be a demon of some sort. Normal people don’t operate like that.

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