Shaveesa Gasper Goes To Edna Manley On Full Scholarship


Cabinet Notes: The Cabinet took a decision to fund completely a scholarship request made by a talented student who received severe burns three years ago, in 2017, when her mother poured a hot substance over her while she was laying in bed.


That student was flown first to Guadeloupe then to Paris, France, where she underwent special treatment for her severe burns and has since recovered.


She has since graduated from the Antigua Girls High School and will proceed to Jamaica where she will pursue a degree at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.


The Cabinet is pleased with the progress the student has made since she was nearly killed by the actions of her relative, and has shown a determination to succeed. All of Antigua and Barbuda wishes her well.

Gasper with Health Minister and Dad after returning from treatment



    • It’s called background or context you nincompoops’ so people reading the article who are non familiar with her story can know the context of why her being awarded a scholarship is being celebrated

  1. I wish her well in her studies and every success when she embarks on her career. However, I really don’t see the relevance of the article and the reference of what happened to her 3 years ago. The government/prime minister offers scholarships every year and there are no stories in the news about their circumstances. Why this one? Was this necessary?

    • You Idiot. The only reason it is news is because what happened to her three years ago. CONTEXT CONTEXT CONTEXT.

  2. This young lady is very strong,both mentally and physically.What she had to endured in itself was a miracle.Good luck to you.God speed.

    • This young lady & her father deserves nothing else but high commendations… Of course the govt cannot be left out of the equation. Clearly, from this young lady’s story, there is a lesson to learn and that is, one’s past should not be a setback for one’s presence or future… Additionally, determination always produces success… Best wishes to her throughout her endeavour.. Continue to make us all proud including your mum, regardless what…. To her father, I say continue to be the good father that you are giving her that support that she needs…

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