Shark found on Darkwood Beach


Residents early this morning discovered what they say is a Mako Shark on Darkwood Beach this morning.

The animal was already dead when residents discovered it.

It is not known how the shark ended up there.

The main theory at his time is that it was washed ashore.

The discovery has already lead to social media comments of people who are fearful to swim there.

According to shark world, the shortfin mako shark also is known as the blue pointer and bonito shark.

It is a fast speed-swimming shark that has been called “the peregrine falcon of the sharks” in allusion to the fastest bird in the world.

It is considered an animal dangerous to humans because of the speed which can attack and its ability to jump into the fishing boats.

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    • Please don’t be scared. The same SHARKS-WORLD quoted in the article goes on to say:
      “It does not represent a grave danger to humans since it lives far from the coast.”

  1. speculations are that some one planted it there because they’are trying to get rid of the water park…real badmind and jealous if that’s the case.

  2. A lot of ignorance in this article. They are not dangerous to humans. We are to them.
    Anyway darkwood is a shame right now. It was a pearl in Antigua, now it is like a souk and we are not in hight season😡😵

    • Some big white conglomerate now want to hog up de area,,and want to frighten you away from de beach,,,people stan wunnuh ground,,,,,Dah beach belong tuh we

  3. I remember a day I went there and my back was turn to the water and I’m talking to a friend on shore n something just tell me to look back and I saw a black fin go under the water, this could be the shark from that day, I never passed back, I will never go that beach again…. I was terrified…

  4. There are more dangerous sharks walking around ,,,,,rubbing shoulders with us on a daily basis,,,these human predators ,,DRIVING AROUND IN THEIR FANCY CARS .all bedecked in their fancy suits,,grace the house of parliament ,and we still run to where they are at,,,, without fear,,,,so why keep out of the sea,, only because of one little fish

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