Reggae Star Shaggy Arrives In Antigua


Orville Richard Burrell best known by music fans worldwide as “Shaggy” arrived on island today (Tues) to engage in days of filming for a new Virgin Holidays destination marketing piece focusing on Antigua and Barbuda.

Tourism minister the Hon. Charles Fernandez was on hand at the Sir VC Bird International to welcome the internationally acclaimed reggae singer and deejay and personally thank him for his upcoming role as a brand ambassador for the twin island tourist destination.

“I think that Shaggy is huge as an entertainer being able to cross all genres of music and that is so important because it means that he has mass appeal globally. We’re really honored and privileged to be able to host him here in Antigua and Barbuda and I believe this will definitely do great things for our product!” said the Hon. Minister.

The next few days for the super star will entail shooting at the island’s iconic tourist attractions pre-selected by a reconnaissance team that travelled to the island in advance of the artists’ arrival.

For Shaggy it’s a way for him to give back to a region where he established his bases by attracting visitors to enjoy the beauty of the islands.

Shaggy recently concluded a very successful tour with the world renowned UB40 who themselves did a major marketing promotion with Virgin Holidays letting the world know that “Antigua was opened for business” after the passage of Hurricane Irma a few years ago.

The Star will also be featured in “The Little Mermaid Live” as Sebastian the crab on ABC this month.



  1. So aren’t there any Antiguan artist that can promote Antigua ???? You would never see Jamaica sending for an Antiguan artist to promote jamaica

  2. Our own are not capable of promoting our island? Who knows this bit of paradise more than our own local entertainers? More monies that we keep borrowing departing our shores. Think our constitution should be changed/amended to include all politicians should pass an INTELLIGENT test before been illegible to seek public office.

    • Some of them don’t even know where Betty’s hope is tbh… When u want something to have an impact and be successful promotionally u do it with someone who is popular… 3/4 Of our artist never even leave Antigua you want someone who is known and someone who is popular and people watching will say “omg shaggy’s goes there” then they will want to go where shaggy vacations… The need for hating is not needed rn.. Anna everything local most do.. When we get a local International superstar then u can say that 💯

  3. What not SIR VIV RICHARDS?? The Master Blaster is well known in that Virgin market. He represented well at the recently concluded World Travel Market, so why not continue with him?

    • Don’t you agree the more the merrier. Sir Viv=, Sir Andy, Sir Ambrose, Richie Richardson are all Ambassadors already. They never seize to promote Antigua and Barbuda whenever they travel. They have a diplomatic passport for that reason. The other day the PM made Mary J Blight a ambassador as well. And so we have many more. These are not paid positions. Sir Viv will always remain our ambassador and our National Hero.

      • If Virgin wanted local talent / celebrities they would have asked for that. They wanted an international Superstar…they look to Jamaica….we have many. But these ppl bex because of that…smh. Bunch of haterz. I personally love and respect Sir Viv and all the other mentioned names but their services are not needed for this promotion. Just because they got help from “Jamaica” its a thorn in these ppl ass….
        Well well…..#sad

    • I knew it was you!..Did you read back on my post @Rudeboy4life? . .. anyway as the song goes..badmind stuck inna dem head like a tuma

  4. Antigua is on the move. Great job Mr. Fernandez.
    I have to mention the following..

    I come to the conclusion that Serpent , Knight and Mrs. Potter are a DISGRACE to Radio. These Guys do not know what to talk about. If I was the opposition I would not have anyone of these Guys represent my Party. Serpent is ROMBONGCIOUS and the others are Followers . They are the destruction of all the opposition parties and Observer Radio . I hope that They will be complaining for the next 30 years. These Guys just complain . They should find solutions.


  6. AWG

    Please be respectful. You do not have to be so excited. You KNOW I am speaking the TRUTH.Let Us learn to disagree and be RESPECTFUL. GOD BLESS HON.GASTON BROWNE.

  7. Why some of these POS that a comment, nah go jump off Devils Bridge.. Allyuh lub ugly.. when UB40 was hear, where was y’all salty self, now a fellow islander doing the same thing, y’all talking from y’all trash collector..

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