Sexual Offences Act Being Updated


Discussions surrounding proposed amendments to the Antigua and Barbuda Sexual Offences Act of 1995 have commenced as key stakeholders met on Monday to review the current legislation.


The meeting which was chaired by the Attorney General the Hon. Steadroy Cutie Benjamin saw in attendance Professor Velma Newton, Regional Project Director of the IMPACT Justice and Charlene Walkes also of the Impact Justice Project, , Deniscia Thomas (Parliamentary Counsel), Susan Jarvis (Law Revision Commissioner), Adlai Smith (Director of Law Reform), Deputy Solicitor Carla Harris Brooks, Alicia Aksa Senior Grown Counsel and Jeniece St. Romain (Crown Counsel).


Benjamin welcomed Professor Newton and her assistant to Antigua and Barbuda and thanked her for accepting the invitation to assist with the recommendations and subsequent amendments to the Sexual Offences Act 1995.


The Attorney General mentioned that the time has come to update the laws of Antigua and Barbuda, consistent with what is currently taking place in society today.


The Group discussed in detail the proposed amendments, suggestions and identified areas that must be examined with urgency. Topics of rape, incest and other sexual offences were addressed. The establishment of a registry was also addressed.


IMPACT’s representatives will also assist Antigua and Barbuda with the training of personnel and public sensitization campaign with regards to legislative reform.


The necessary Amendments to the Sexual Offences Act 2019 are expected to be completed and tabled before parliament by September of 2019.

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  1. What is the point with updating, creating and debating all these laws, new and old if they ARE NOT BEING ENFORCED? I still see persons driving with their cell phones held up to their faces, one idiot nearly ran into me yesterday. Clearly, no enforcement of the speed limits, note all the accidents involving speeding, oh sorry, losing control of the vehicle, still occurs without hindrance. Red lights, hmm, pretty, I will drive through them at high speed, why? Because no-one will stop nor ticket me. More hot air, I challenge the Police to prove me WRONG!

    • It would be hard to enforced the cell-phones law since some police officers are also breaking it. I saw officers of the law (in there personal vehicles – no uniform) along with civilians are driving the talking on their cellular phones every day.

      People accused for sexual offenses, I think that their penis should be cut out and feed to the dogs.

  2. Castration in public straight away!! No anesthesia, no kind of pain killer, nutten!! Then life on parol. Plant dem own we tired ah feed dem!..Full time now!
    Disgusted with BOTH men and woman taking advantage of our children. Leave them alone!! Let them grow up. For the perverts check in to a rehab!! Seek the almighty.

  3. Are the laws concerning women who make false accusations against men also going to be updated? I say women should get at least 10 years prison sentence for making a false accusation of sexual assault against a man.

  4. So this was a meeting for only non-skinny people? Beg dem please don’t discriminate against the slim waistline folks.

    • What kind of comment is this? Do you not see slim people in that photo? Also, do you know of a slim lawyer who had something to add who was left out of the meeting? If so let us know who.

      Some people speak just because they can.

  5. Hmmmm🤔 wonder if they are going to raise the age of consent from 16 to 18 being that one is consider an adult at 18. One cannot vote until 18, one cann obtain a driver’s licence till 18 most work places won’t hire one full time time 18…. I’m just saying…..

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