Several Pounds of Trash Removed from Pensioners Beach


Sandals Foundation volunteers were among the scores of participants in the Environmental Awareness Group’s (EAG’s) coastal cleanup on Saturday, International Coastal Cleanup Day. The group joined the other participants in the cleaning of Pensioners Beach, one of the three beaches in the initiative.

Plastic bottles were the most commonly found items by the Sandals Foundation volunteers. Food wrappers, plastic bottle caps, beverage cans and glass bottles were also frequently found. Below are before and after pictures of the Pensioners Beach.

The Sandals Foundation is one of the sponsors of the beach cleanup. The initiative forms part of the non-profit’s push for a cleaner environment here in Antigua & Barbuda. Shell Beach and Pigeon Point (underwater cleanup) were also included in the overall initiative.



  1. Where in Antigua is Pensioners Beach?I am an Antigua born and bread man.I grew there and never heard of such a named Beach.I think I could call most of the Beaches in Antigua by their names.However this one I do not know.

  2. The people who has the business on the right side of the bay usually has large fetes etc there,they seem not to clean up after,it’s like they dump everything in the Sea.Also the shack on the left side needs to be removed,it is already a sore eye and not even well kept they must be some nasty people..Remove them please,i suspect they are squatting..

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