Several police officers who were at Aug. 8 tear gassing test positive for COVID



The Cabinet was informed that several police officers who were present on Market Street on Sunday afternoon,  August 8, controlling an unlawful gathering of anti-vaxxers, have tested positive.

The investigation continues.

Those who took part in the gathering, even as spectators, are encouraged to have themselves tested for Covid-19, so that they may not spread the disease to their loved-ones, their co-workers, and the folks they might encounter on buses, in shops, and other public and private spaces.

Young children are among the vulnerable.

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  1. Bs .. what kind of contact did they make with people when they were tear gassing them and shooting them with rubber bullets

    • Precisely! They were chasing the people but got infected? How? I’d love to see the God’s honest evidence to support this.

  2. I knew this was going to come out of cabinet . Always willing to blame antiguan’s for covid cases. Not informing the not only staff at Royalton but Galley bay Hotel staff also test positive . All cases are imported ,then spreads locally .

  3. What is the point they are trying to convey?
    How many officers attended to the picket?
    How many officers was tested before the picket?
    How many officers tested positive after the picket?

    How many of the officers are fully vaccinated?

    Whats the point of the headline with no statistical information to substantiate the claim, the journalistic dishonesty…..

  4. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 based on our governments logic only vaccinated officers should have been there…why they didn’t check 😂

  5. This story is garbage. Those Police did not get their Civid-19 Virus at the picket. Are there anything else to be pinned on that picket? Give me a break, you lying,thiefing, Politicians.No one should believed anything coming from the mouths of Max Wurst and or Melford “Twisted Mouth” Nicholas.If the truth were to see you guys coming.It would run its backsides to Mexico.

  6. This story is also showing the importance in having a public inquiry in the events of Aug 8th. We heard from the Prime Minister and the Police Commissioner that the actions of the police was justified. Is it still justified that 8 of the hard working officers might have caught COVID at this event? Will the Commission still justify that the matter was handled in the correct way and would he do it the same way again?

    As silly as it looks, the officers were also seen in videos suffering from the effects of the tear gas. Again, the tear gas will cause people to cough and sneeze and it would be no surprise that the Commissioner of Police created a super spreader event (he did accept it was done correctly, so he must accept responsibility)!

    We need answers.

  7. WHERE IS MR. Charles Tabor. MR. Charles Tabor are you proud that you were a part of a SUPER SPREADER. Even police Officer got COVID Because Charles of you and your TRIBE MR. Charles Tabor. WHAT SAID YOU MR. Charles Tabor BLOOD WILL BE ON YOUR HANDS IF ANY ONE DIES FROM THIS SO SO HUNGRY FOR POWER YOU GUYS DONT CARE WHO GETS HURT ,ALL YOU NEED AND CARE ABOUT IS POWER.
    119 active cases in Antigua; 25 are fully vaccinated

    • ANTIGUAN TILL ME DEAD l believe you have it all wrong. Blood will be on the hands of the Police and the government to have police officers who are infected with covid monitoring a peaceful group of picketers. The police were at a distance firing tear gas and rubber bullets so they could not have been infected by the picketers. Moreover, the picket was on the 8 August and in less that 14 days after that all these police officers are infected with covid. The contact tracing that the government needs to undertake is at the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda. I hope for the picket on Saturday that instead of riot gear, the police will be in full covid protected clothing to safeguard the picketers from them.

  8. Good to hear. Nature serving justice. Police deserve it for trampling on our constitutional rights. Hope they spread it to many other members of the force right on up the chain of command to the very top.

    Best news I’ve heard in a long time.

  9. That was not covid they were tested for its tear gas in them nostrils , that test kit can’t differentiate ,them too lie. They never tested them before but looking for a reason to blame

  10. Those Police who tested positive for Covid -19.They were not at that picket on 8/8/21. My source told me so.

  11. This cabinet we have talk loads of bullshit to the people of Antigua Just like Max on observer. Cabinet y’all need the whip.

  12. So how they know that officers got covid from the picket when the incubation period of the virus is two weeks and it’s not two weeks since the picket took plac? Not all of us drink CULT-AID.

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