Several people arrested for stoning police bus


A police vehicle was damaged during an incident on Shirley Road Sunday night.

It is reported a police team went to the area to disperse a group of individuals who were in breach of the limit on social gatherings.

Some individuals at the scene took umbrage to the action of law enforcers and started hurling stones at a police bus.

It is not clear if anyone was injured in the fracas.

Several individuals were arrested.

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    • Freedom or anarchy? Which do you prefer? You can’t have it both ways it is either a free for all and allow the unruly to have their way or some kind of law and order.

  1. Please people, respect the authorities. There might be some bad police, but there aint no good criminals

  2. It took long enough, that must happen when ppl get fed up with the foolishness going on, far more than this is to come

  3. We’re a lawless country now? And for the person who commented that the action is ” lovely” I hope you don’t plan to call the police in times of need.

  4. This is how they behave in their own countries, so why would we expect them to act differently in Antigua? Deport all ah dem now, and where is the UPP?

    • You really a comment bout deport the Spanish people.?? Smh better pray none of your family gets deported.

  5. Chupz antigua polica amd them useless atleast some aa them,mostly a them a criminal ,dem love off tjem young school bgal bad bad ,me a talk from experience!

  6. seriously. move u granny back wife. FRIGG the police they are the biggest criminals in this country. Them alone can gather 500 police for 1 funeral, Them alone can kill people and brag bought it publicly, Them alone can lock you up for mask and they themselves dont even have on one. Them alone can ride out young pickney and get way. Them so evil all when your place a bun dung them nah even try save your property but instead look for the safe with all the cash. I can go on all day. When i went to school, I can remember the entire class get lash and all who innocent a cry them nah do nuttin and you know wah Mr.Greene say, Innocent must pay for the guilty. So all a them get dutty name cause a them companions and if me want call them bad and still call 911 a me pay them. It just start couple more go dead soon if this country dont stop with all this TYRANNY!

    • It´s tempting to broad brush all the police officers, but not every single one of them are corrupt and disrespectful. There will always be bad eggs – just the world we live in – but we should not let that stop us from obeying the law and respecting authority. Two wrongs dont make a right.

    • Well all ah dem bad according to you so they should leave you in your grief. If you genuinely believe what you’re saying you should not even want to call them. You are obviously uneducated and lack the ability to reason. You used a problematic scenario from your childhood… not to do better but to justify making a flawed generalized statement. You’re a sorry, bitter case.

    • Well said my brother . these People in Antigua right now . u see them . some a them have them links way them can get lockup n get way so th wouldn’t k what the police doing to us that no have no privilege . we want we dam freedom . wtf with this bullshit its getting annoying !! Tf does it even make sense . every way u look is a gathering so a nah must money them a look or some shit. Bored them police bored n haunted. Them only get up when them nah have nun for do n go cause problem Cause them name police so yeah do as me like . u know the amount a police nah want do this shit ! I even hear police saying this no make sense. Once in a while them come cause problem. Next time them pass the crowd straight so what’s the motto?

  7. We have been a lawless country starting from the top some of the citizens start to mirror the behaviour now because of frustration. We have a lot of work to do to change the mindset of the people but it must start from the top respecting each other so things can fall in line, don’t stone them when they come in peace executing their duties effectively and not abusing their power

  8. If the law officers went to disperse a crowd that was doing something that was illegal and the crowd responded like that then the police should ah shoot fuh kill. When police fuh use dem gun dem nah use um. Lick shat inna dem. Dem need fuh respect authority. The police is there to enforce the laws of countries and if people cannot respect that, then where are we as a society.

    • I do hope you do not end up on the wrong side of the fence with the police while you give them that authority – STUPID. It is very wrong for the crowd to have responded in that manner and the law should take its course.

      Even do I can understand the people’s frustration, there are ways we can express this. We cannot just take action against the innocent officers.

      However, the response of the officers, shows that our officers are trained and is capable of handling the situation.

  9. The police don’t break up the gathering and we complain……

    The police break up the gathering and we complain…….

    Need I say more?

    • Hope if somebody decides to lick out your 2 eye
      you will feel good about it. And don´t be a hypocrite and run to the same police to make a report either!

  10. police are corrupt and as old ppl say, by your companions you should be known. Question is why did the crowd react. Guess the same pigs handled the situation unprofessionally and when people retaliate, they lock them up and beat them cause police and politician alone got rights in this country. Screw the police and their dumb supporters.

  11. Really. A me pay dem so if me wah call dem tinking dutty pig and then call 911 for dem rass a fu me tax money pay dem. So tap chat scuntholery and since when people dont have rights to say what they want without it nah touch other people corn and Alex I hope your mother will be there next time when shot a lick. Sick bastard.

  12. Most of these comments just sicken me. What kind of people are we morphing into? The laws are not there for us to ‘like’ them. Laws are supposed to protect us. Whether some people believe it or not Covid-19 is real and the only real and proven measures are keeping our selves well sanitized, keeping our distance from others and wearing a face mask that covers our noses and our mouth when in public. The vaccine is not a cure but a means of giving our bodies the tools to fight any infection of that virus early enough to prevent our bodies going into respiratory failure. It is a very useful tool.
    When a curfew is issued or when protocols are put in place for limiting numbers at a public space, it is for the protection of the entire population.
    If people choose to ignore and break either curfew or protocols, then there is a consequence to their action.
    To compound that by then breaking another law has to have consequences.
    Suppose one of those stones thrown hit a police or another person in the temple area and that persons falls down dead. As old people used to say ‘stone don’t have eyes’. Stone don’t know swerve, duck nor divert. Not even the hand that throw the stone can determine where the stone will ultimately end up.
    We can be better than this.

  13. Why they did not wait until July. That is when all hell would be breaking loose with fetes. Where is Shirley Road. In less than one and a half weeks time. We would be able to go and wink up. The Curfew would be a thing of the past. Fete,fete,fete,till we drap.

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