Serpent worries about more loans from China in light of Uganda Airport situation


REAL NEWS- Algernon “Serpent” Watts, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. George, is concerned that a fate similar to Uganda’s might befall Antigua and Barbuda with respect to its airport loan.

China reportedly has refused to renegotiate the conditions of a loan that financed Uganda’s only international airport, according to media reports. Among those conditions, reportedly, is the possibility of a take-over of the airport’s operations if the Uganda government defaults on the loan.

But China denies that it has plans for a take-over of the Airport.  However, any arbitration over the loan must be settled in a Chinese court, the agreement says.

Among other projects, Antigua and Barbuda owes China millions of dollars for the construction of the current airport terminal and for the expansion of the seaport, now underway.

Yet, Watts says he understands the Gaston Browne Administration is seeking to borrow more money from the Chinese Government.

The St. George Candidate says the people of Antigua and Barbuda will be saddled with debt for generations to come based on the  Administration’s track record of borrowing.

Since the pandemic, Finance Minister Browne has admitted that the Government has been struggling to service the seaport loan.

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  1. It just means my Brother when we get to the stage when we cannot repay the Chinese loans the same fate will befall us. Perhaps on the next 100 years Antigua and Barbuda will be a territory of China

  2. Serpent please remember, that allegedly, the last major airport project under your UPP Administration had 💯 percentage cost overrun. We still need to look into those reports.

    As for other Chinese loans, their MO – Modus Operandi are as ‘white as snow in salmon.’ They, the Chinese are vying be the next DOMINANT Nation in the World.

    It’s a bit late now, to try and halt these Chinese with their relentless drive, to capture an control new territory’s utilizing The Art Of War.

    The Nation should be more concerned with the Forts, factories and towns which they’re building and setting up unabated. They already control your processed food industry through imports and of course even the Tourism trinkets are mass produced by these same
    Chinese. They will be controlling most major supermarkets soon!

    Serpent, do something!
    Boycott their businesses!

    • RAS SMOOD yes the Chinese modus operandi is trying to achieve world domination, however, that does not mean that we have to knowingly become a part of their grand world view. The Gaston Browne administration, more than any other in our short history, is helping the Chinese to achieve their objective. We need to wake up and stop giving away our country to the Chinese and others for a few trinkets.

      • @Charles Tabor…as these saying go!
        A…the horse already bolted from the barn!”
        B…wah done gone bad a marning, cyan cum gud a night!

        I really don’t wanna laugh, but the jokes on us not just Antiguans/Barbudans, but as we all know most of the undeveloped or underdeveloped Nations which were left to fend for themselves after the Europeans had screwed them over royally for Centuries are in and have being in 🇨🇳 China’s crosshairs for decades.

        Unless there is a Mental Revolution with physical actions such as boycotting their businesses, better management/accountability of the loans which we receive, better negotiated deals regarding major construction projects etc.

        Again the 💯percent cost overrun on the Airport extension could be the first to be thoroughly reviewed investigated. My great grandchildren will be paying on this loan.

  3. The man Gaston Browne did say.He was going to borrow Antigua and Barbuda out of DEBT. When you people figured that out let me know.

      • Top Dawg ask the Senator flip flop pancake that interview you every Saturday, what he is in court for. Ask your minister’s how much of them have children out of wedlock. When you finish ask your MP DJ what happen at Amerillas Hotel where he had his baby momma living. Question to you what about your spanish pickney you feeling it? While you at it ask the others in your nasty cabinet if them closet clean.

        • Are you feeding Erica pickney?? Did you get him help for his mental challenges the other day when he was in the hospital?? The young man needs his father. Why are you neglecting him as word on the street is alleging? You have you bottom turn up like a proud peacock since your days of leaving Mill Reef storeroom.

          And you publicly declared that a Antigua and Barbuda passport is of NO VALUE TO YOU because you done pledge allegiance to ameriKKKa. So why are you pretending to k bout the affairs of our country??? You are no patriot! You have a vendetta.

          Go look fu Erica pickney and tap ignore you flesh and blood.

        • Perhaps you should ask those questions of Ian “Magic” Hughes, who convicted of and served time in jail for a sexual crime against a girl of THIRTEEN years. He is now a mouthpiece of the party you support and are working to put in power. You and the UPP are nasty little people.

          • @washie an’ Basin
            Who are You calling little people? What makes you think you are so big? Michael Browne is charged with some crime which a lot of people think was a set up. But then he is a potential rival for the Labour Party’s leadership and has to sidelined. I heard him being told in parliament that he may be educated but he knows nothing about government.
            Asot was just questioned by the police about some woman making accusations. Everyone knows the plan is to remove him from the party by any means necessary. Does this mean that if he is charged he won’t be able to run in the next election? We wii see what the DPP does with his file.
            I remember when the country was nearing a previous election, it was alleged that some foreign women were crying every week. After the election and labour won the stopped.
            I will say there are many small people in the labour government who have delusions of grandeur. Antiguans have to vote them out of office and see their faces the morning after the elections.

      • Gaston, live within your means and stop borrowing the country out of debt. You see when you max out your credits, you start borrowing from one creditor to pay the other. Your children and grand children will probably not be around after the country is bankrupted, to suffer the consequences, as they are likely to have fled the country with the proceeds from the creative enrichment schemes.

      • EDITORS @ ANTIGUA NEWS ROOM: YOU PEOPLE ARE SPINELESS.I responded to Gaston Browne and for some reasons unbeknown to me.You gutless people in Gaston Browne’s side pockets did not publish my comments. The truth about those IHI TAPES HIT THE BULL’S EYE? You people need to grow a pair.

  4. SERPENT and TABOR are both ASSES. Serpent just came out of hiding. We in St.George will kick Serpent to the CURB. Serpent BIG DUNCE.

    • @JAMIESON P. I always thought it took one ass to know another. So what does that make you? A bigger or biggest ass? Just ass-king,as in asking.

    • You have stated that Serpent and Charles Tabor are both asses, but you have not stated what it is exactly that they have said or done that makes them asses…perhaps you could enlighten as to your reasoning for this. Serpent and Charles Tabor are right about China and their debt trap practices to enable them to take over as much of the outside world as they possibly can so that they, the communist Chinese, can control the world and its’ resources for themselves. I am probably an “ass” also because I happen to be of the belief that similar to Nigeria et al the world needs to sue China for in the region of at least $10 trillion for what they have cost us with releasing the corona virus out of the Wuhan lab and then knowingly sending the five million Chinese new year celebrators out into the world to spread the infection, thereby killing over FIVE MILLION people and causing havoc with economies. If you think that was an “accident” maybe you need to do some more homework on that issue.
      At the risk of being called repetitive it needs to be remembered that China/Chinese is/are the most racist country in the world and particularly so against black people. It would appear that there are some who do not cherish freedom and democracy until they lose it…..WAKE UP ANTIGUA!

      • It’s unlikely but IF UPP is ever returned to power, people like Serpent and Charles will be licking the feet of the Chinese, begging for more and more.

  5. Facts becomes fiction to alot who support corruption, a man who married to his God daughter only care about his own interest.

      • SMH: Why was ASOT call into the Police to give a statement about something that happened in Parham? Gaston would do just about anything in my opinion,to get rid of Asot,politically. Even if it meant using his “authority” on the weak Police Heads without any spines.

  6. Charles Tabor was it OK for the UPP to borrow China’s money to build the airport how about the Waladli Power Plant where value for money was never achieved?
    By the way Dr Spencer promised a reduction in electrical bill, fuel variation removal when the WPP became operational never happened.

    UPP borrowed plenty from the Chinese too, so let’s talk about those borrowings then work our way up to GB…

    • Well, Mr. Taylor and Serpent, what is your response to Melchesidec’s posting? Mel seems to be correct again.

  7. Why make it a Chinese issue unless there is some Chinese bias, especially using a story that’s fake news? Reading Bloomberg (Uganda Can Meet China Loan Terms, Keep Airport, Legal Head Says By Fred Ojambo ,December 2, 2021) article its clear that the airport takeover story is fake news. Fact is most of the moneys we (Antigua & Barbida) owe China were borrowed under the UPP admin. One need only look at the recent budget estimates to see the loans and the dates. Fact is China more than any other nation has been wiling to work with us when it come to debt reorganizing on term favorable to us. Countries for eg the US would have long demanded full payment or some asset. The truth is those loans were not given by China for commercial purpose but to buy influence. The anti Chinese stance of many UPP candidates are they prepared to promise if elected they would never borrow from China? How do they plan to pay the existing Chinese debts? They need to put up or shut up

    • TENMAN what is the anti-Chinese stance of the many UPP candidates of which you speak? The UPP candidates like most patriotic and right thinking Antiguans and Barbudans are against the giving away of our country to anyone whether Chinese, Americans, Europeans or Africans for a few trinkets. The Western Imperial Special Economic Zone is a case in point and if Gaston Browne and his Administration is not stopped, the reckless giveaway of our lands will continue unabated. If this is not stopped today through the ballot box, the day will come when a revolution (perhaps not in our lifetime) will set things right.

      • Gaston didn’t sell the lands at western imperial SEZ and you know this, neither are the owners Chinese- UPP was the ones that waived the taxes on the sale of the land a western imperial SEZ ….. Tabor you’re sickening

        • SLOW TAKER does what you have said negate the larger and fundamental point that we need to stop giving away our lands for trinkets, sometimes to fake fly by night investors.

  8. During election time when UPP was in power, every week some woman was claiming rape. It is alleged that these were paid foreign women. Is there going to be a whole bunch of rape charges against opponents during this election season?

  9. A CHINA MAN by the name YIDA, interfered into our last election in 2018.He surely gave an awful lot of money to the ABLP. Remember that crocus bag of green backs that went over to Barbuda,sent back to Antigua and disappeared. A wanda wah happen to all that money?

    • Yea, the free economic zones give what appears to be bribes through contributions to the Labour Party. What do they get in return? Every thing they want. Free infrastructure and maintenance, No taxes or duty, passports to sell, bring in as many foreign workers as they like, no guaranteed jobs for Antiguans and Antiguans may be lucky to be taxi drivers. Who knows, these zones may even have the honour of having some of our politicians as partners.

  10. So JESUS gonna just relax and watch black people get advantage all time,he really must be white if he exists @ all 😂😂

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