Serpent went to the hospital crying like a baby and begging to be admitted after COVID infection, says PM


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is hoping that talk show host Algernon Serpent Watts will change his rhetoric after his experience with COVID-19.

Browne says Watts has been encouraging many anti-vaxxers by giving them a platform to spew misinformation about vaccinations.

Listen to Browne reveal that Serpent’s condition was serious.


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  1. PM these are the sort of things why you will not win over some people to take the vaccine. We all know that politics is in it but at this point and as leader you need to chill. Leave these sort of banter to people like me.

    • JUST SAYING you have said something that made sense. Yes, the Prime Minister needs to chill and stop dipping his mouth into a person’s personal business. Saying that Serpent cried like a baby at the hospital (which I understand is not true) and that Pearl’s sister who took the vaccine is over 300 pounds. Both statements were unnecessary and could even be considered infradig coming from a Prime Minister.

        Tabor you are full of CRAP. So what the hell if SERPENT cry like a BABY. Prime Minister is correct….Serpent is a BIG MOUTH. He would have done the same to the Prime Minister. When He spoke about the 300lbs Sister ….Tabor ,The Prime Minister did not call any name…You are the one who call name. Tabor you take it out of context. Hon.Gaston Browne was referring to obese Person should be the first to take the vaccine. Tabor stop trying to score political points. It would not help you.

  2. This is not the sort of gloating statement that any self respecting public figure should be making. Yes Serpent suffered because he was wrong, but the PM needs to be more self aware

    • You clearly need to go find an Oxford so you can realize our dear Mr PM is the OPPOSITE of all these things you just typed. Stop the party politics. Stop glorifying this fool of a prime minister.

  3. Gaston A Browne PM of Antigua and Barbuda, you are a low life , self centered, arrogant , sexist and most of all a swindler.

    • I hope the pm of Antigua/ Barbuda don’t ever ever get covid .it is not something to joke around with .u clowing around about serpent ,what about the others who have it and who have passed on .may they soul rest in peace. you are a joker pm a big joker get real pm .I don’t care what you say I know u like to run your mouth for about looking after the country.thats what you are getting paid for .get real pm

  4. Jus leff da DOG deh, see. Better was not expected. No wonder they can’t get people to take that vaccine. When you have KING idiot leading the way, no one will follow. They just don’t get it.

  5. The affliction is painful I pray the Lord will heal this man and all the others who are affected also. Mr PM you know the dig is protecting no one and I seriously doubt that you even took it.

  6. Alot of people was sceptical from the onset with the vax, poor leadership is what cause people to be more sceptical of taking the jab, when the PM claim he took something different and encourage the public to take something different, that was the move of a coward And saying his body is soverign

  7. Really Me PM dont you have more pressing matter like covid running over the country. Instead of studying Serpent whybdont ypundo the job that you were elected to do like pay Social Security pensioners. Stupes

  8. #No #Problem #Mon!

    When are Governments gonna condemn China publicly for this crisis, and stop blaming the People who are innocent bystanders!?

    As for this idea, that any info on YOUTUBE that question the narratives being pushed by the authorities as false or ANTI-VAX is ludicrous.

    Bear in mind, if it wasn’t for platforms like #YOUTUBE and professionals in China who were willing to risk their lives, and possibly those of their relatives, CHINA BATS would have released all of the variants simultaneously, before the rest of the HUEman population around the World were mads aware of this plague developing in China.
    What the phuck would these #VAXERS be saying!?

    Vaccinated or not, this #PLAGUE is gonna run it’s set course until 2024.

    #Gird your loins!
    #Buckle Up!
    The COVID-19 Rollercoaster is not up to full speed, as of yet.

  9. LMAO!! ANR is this what you chose to pick out from everything the PM said? LOL! Is someone at ANR beefing with Serpent or something? Anyway as old people say “once a man, twice a child” Cry on baby Serpent, cry on. If you lucky you might get breast milk and you diapers changed.

  10. I have no sympathy for Serpant but GB, this type of utterance is dishonorable. Also talking about the 300lb relative of your opponent is dishonorable. Grow up, the Prime Minister’s office is not Alleycat Ave.
    YOU turned people off by taking Moderna, YOU turn people off by broadcasting what others consider as sensitive details and since YOU were not at the hospital, it means we can not trust that our info is safe (or kept private) in the hands of staff at the vaccination center or at SLBMC. YOU, DISHONORABLE SIR, are a major part of the PROBLEM that you are trying to solve.

    • I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking that too. The details of his medical treatment aren’t anyone else’s business. Antiguans don’t know the first thing about confidentiality. I hate this country.

  11. This is not a matter the Prime Minister should be indulged in. If anyone goes to the Hospital that is a matter for that person,hospital and Doctors. They should not be sharing any information on their patients with anyone else. Gaston Browne as Prime Minister stepped over the boundary that no one should cross. Anyone at that Antigua Hospital that gave information to Gaston Browne should be sued.

  12. The PM doesn’t seem as if he wants to win the next general election. No one in the party can pull him aside and talk to him. He has some good policies but he overrun that with his rhetoric chats. His mouth will be the party’s downfall. Definitely NOT the voice of a leader.

  13. just remember the vaccine don’t work perfect as they thought at the start. And in statistics the vaccinated also can contract the virus

  14. What’s wrong with you people? You’re all disgusting. There are bad people on both sides. Grow up, there’s real shit going on in the world. That goes for you too PM. Be a leader. The old saying, “ action speaks louder than words.” Right now your words are making things worse. We deserve a strong leader who shows honor, dignity and integrity. Why is the leader of our country stooping so low?

  15. I guess he doesn’t know that Karma always laughs last. One day you’re smug and gloating over your opposition foe’s plight with Covid. The next day YOU catch Covid and your behind is on a ventilator because you got vaccinated first, and your antibodies faded away before everyone else’s. Karma will have you up at hospital crying like a baby and begging for a BOOSTER shot…

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