‘Serpent’ walks free of 4 charges brought against him in ‘Michael Browne incident’

Watts now heads Newsco Observer

Algernon “Serpent” Watts scored a victory in the St. John’s Magistrate’s Court today, January 27, when four charges brought against him were dismissed.

After an earlier submission by his attorney, Kendrickson Kentish, Magistrate Conliffe Clarke agreed that there was no case for Watts to answer.

The charges – which included the use of threatening language and assault – came out of a report made by Michael Browne, the former Minister of Education.

In an outing on Eye on the Issues this morning, Watts explained that he and Browne had exchanged words at his business place, NEWSCo. Ltd., in mid 2019, following what he described as provocation by the then Minister.

Browne retaliated with a complaint to the Police, and this began a series of events that culminated with charges being laid against Watts in October of that year. Numerous court appearances followed, as the case dragged on for 15 months.

As Watts reminded the audience, this was the second attempt by Browne to have him prosecuted. The first was the Board of Education matter that began in June 2015 and tied up Watts in court until September of the following year, when the charges against him were thrown out.

Last year, Browne, himself, was charged with a serious crime and was removed from his position in the Cabinet. — REAL News

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  1. When this matter of Serpent and the former Cabinet Member happened. I did say it was a waste of the Courts time. Many of you tried to behead me and failed. I looked at the matter based on what I did read in this medium. Now the Court agreed with my assessment of the matter. There should be laws on the books. For persons who uses their positions in the Nation to pursue non-sensical made up lies. If the Police never questioned the accused. How could they file charges. Did they just take the words of the accuser as the Gospel. The good thing is Justice Prevailed in this matter. I would bet anyone of you. If he was still in the Cabinet. It could have been different verdict. That is my opinion and stands by it. TAP ‘FAT’ DAWG,what say you now.

    • @ KarineJames: Lost in jail you say.Are you so blinded by politics.That you cannot think for yourself.What exactly did he do to be lost in jail.Was he charge with a criminal matter.If you are looking for a loser.Take a look into the mirror.That reflection you would see of yourself is the LOSER.

  2. J.P why should he have been convicted? Don’t you realize that this was a baseless, meritless, political prosecution (perhaps a better word is persecution). Stop allowing you political partisanship to blind your objectivity. For example, what peace could have been disturbed in a private matter in a private building. That was one of the ridiculous charges.

  3. Serpent believes that He can BULLY People. We in St.Georges will NEVER vote for Serpent. We DO NOT vote for BULLIES .

  4. Some people need to arm their brain before they write and expose their ignorance of the law. Hatred only makes you more unhappy.

  5. The Buffoonery on here is stifling typical West Indian unintelligent ignorant partisan statements such a waste to read most of these you learn nothing .

  6. Serpent please pursue legal action against the police for malicious prosecution..

    It is time that the police and other government agencies be held responsible for their actions.

    Serpent they will come after you again, they will not stop and chatting on the radio will not improve the malicious acts against the public at the hands of the police.

    I therefore urge Serpent to aggressively pursue a case for malicious prosecution and sue the arresting officers in their personal capacity for what they did.

    The campaign need financing, you can access funds through that means and lots of it too.

    You’re chatting RUBBISH. Keep continue to encourage SERPENT with His BULLYING attitude. Bullying attitude gets Him NOWHERE.Shame on you Melchesidec.

  8. As I read these narratives I came to the conclusion that in Antigua You can Bully People and get away with it. I know this Person in question and I have seen Him displayed this type of BULLYING and MACHO display because of His Popularity. I hope someday that Serpent will come to His senses and realize how close He came to be convicted !!!!!

    • PETE:How close did he come to be convicted.What do you know? Please do not come on here and say things to sound bright/smart.

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