Serpent rubbishes Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s lies


Observer Media NewsCo’s director Algernon Serpent Watts has dismissed Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s claims that went to the hospital crying like a baby and begging to be admitted after being infected with COVID-19.


I saw today, something circulating on the social media (Antigua News Room) and I was really put out by it.

Because for the life of me I have no clue where the Prime Minister gets his false information from .

I cannot understand or just cannot fathom why the leader of the country would sink so low, to basically be kicking a man when he feels that man is down.

I heard in his own voice him saying that I was crying like a baby when I made it to the hospital. This is so far from the truth.

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  1. The Prime Minister knows how to keep His name in the news. UPP would not learn. They take the BAIT everyweek. He say something CRAZY on POINTE FM then it will news for two weeks. UPP wake up to the Prime Minister marketing strategy.

  2. Sometimes the truth hurts. The Prime Minister knows what he knows, and we the people know he speaks the truth. The main thing is that the serpent is on the road to recovery, hopefully.

    • Gaston Browne? Truth? That is not in his vocabulary much less knowing how to do such thing? You need serious help if that’s what you think

      • We are faced with Persons dying from COVID 19 and all These FOOLS are talking about is Serpent cried like a baby. Who the hell is SERPENT. Serpent is out of control…Campaigning while contracting COVID 19. Serpent should be arrested.

        • PETE lest you forget it was Gaston Browne who started the “cried like a baby” firestorm. That comment was absolutely unnecessary, particularly after his get well wish for Serpent. However, he allowed his malevolent political instincts to get the better of him and as a result he descended into the gutter with his disparaging remark. It is Gaston that needs to realize that people are dying like flies and apart from begging people to take the vaccine, he needs to exhibit more Statesmanlike behaviour which might be more effective in getting his request across. Cussing out people left right and center is counterproductive.

          • Hon.Gaston Browne is correct. CUSS out Serpent.Serpent is irresponsible. Campaigning with Covid 19. Lots of contact tracing needed.

          • @ CHARLES TABOR
            Do you approve of SERPENT walking out of the hospital without the approval of a Doctor ? SERPENT has COVID 19. SERPENT is IRRESPONSIBLE. Contact tracing should be done.

  3. In the mean time, as these #Sandbox #Politicians keep throwing mud at each other…

    … the suicide rate is climing!
    …while the rise in the COVID-19 numbers
    …keep on climbing! Climbing!
    …don’t talk about murders! Murders!
    …so! I’m wondering about the PM
    …’cause, he’s beginning to sound like a #Cackling #Hen!
    …so, this is the time for King Short Shirts #WHEN?
    …before, the whole rotten lot is tossed in a well;
    …until their judgement day, when some of them!!!
    …and them! Yes them! And them too!
    …could be begging, Please! Please! Please!
    …don’t send me to hell. No not hell.
    …just blame everything, on the COVID-19 DISEASE!

  4. U see they same thing I was saying this virus is not taken serious by the PM 4 more persons died. It is serious GASTON BROWN

    • Are you serious Jules… Serpent said he walk out of the hospital on his own then called a someone to pick him up to take him home … I want to know is that person under quarantine… and being contact traced … serpent lie so much that he now putting the entire nation under risk … was it Gisel Issac he called … they need to arrest serpent for leaving the hospital in a private vehicle after he came there crying like a baby in an ambulance…. boy u are a joke

  5. Someone once said that radio station is going to be the down fall of that PM. Seems like dem wud continues to remain afloat ie it nar drap ah grung.

    The man needs a bridle on his mouth.

  6. Did you go the hospital? If so, I wish you a speedy recovery. You should be encouraged others not to spread falsehoods about this deadly Virus and advice them to protect themselves and love one’s. FYI. We Wadadlians knows the term and what’s means: cry like a baby. We use to that slang, fu everything. Even, when you begging back to get a woman” This is not newsworthy. Enjoy the levity.

  7. Gaston wasting his time speaking on certain things. What if he do cry like a baby. What if Gaston contracts the disease and cries like a baby to. Things happen to any and everyone . meanwhile u chatting u mouth saying oh the man cry like a baby how many families out there crying like babies for the loss of their loved one in suicide and covid deaths . ? U know u so as well protected u and your family do u even give a shit bout anybody Hitler

  8. Who the HELL is SERPENT to deserve such notoriety? Who cares if He cried like a baby ? SERPENT is a BIG MOUTH good for nothing.

  9. We are faced with Persons dying from COVID 19 and all These FOOLS are talking about is Serpent cried like a baby. Who the hell is SERPENT. Serpent is out of control…Campaigning while contracting COVID 19. Serpent should be arrested.

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