Serpent Reveals US$20K Tenancy Agreement between Gaston Browne and Victor Singh for rental of Jolly Harbour Home

Gaston Browne Jolly Harbour Home

United Progressive Party St. George candidate Algernon Serpent Watts last night revealed how much Gaston Browne is renting his Jolly Harbour home for and to whom.

He made the disclosure on Observer Radio.

Listen to him here also read tenancy agreement below:

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    • JEALOUSY. JEALOUSY JEALOUSY. Gaston Browne should rent Serpent
      This is news ????. Can Anyone tell Serpent know to manage His CESSPOOL STATION. Serpent is full of JEALOUSY.

      • Serpent need to find out what deal Monica and gaston have get the docuzement them seems like she is getting a hand out by the world ass let go the gal na.

      • @Monica:What is there to be Jealous of ? I am glad for that information,it should be made Public.We the People are paying a housing allowance of $10 grand per month plus.The property is owned by Browne and rented to a person involved with the WEIZ.Based on the documents I have in my possession.WEIZ would not be paying any taxes once it comes to fruition.To all of you who are the owners of properties near that proposed Zone Areas. Go and look around your properties,make sure all is well.

      • @BEAU:You say, sue Serpent,on what ground? Did he defamed anyone? Did he read something wrong? It is a contract and he did read it.Gaston Browne and all Politicians in Antigua and Barbuda are public figures.They all have very little PRIVACY.

  1. Okay and so what? I am not an ABLP supporter but this has nothing to do with the price of saltfish. You guys seem o be obsessed with Gaston and not on what you would do differently.

    GET A GRIP!!

    • SERPENT…Why don’t you build your.own House and stop renting…SERPENT is a JEALOZS FOOL. Leave Gadton alone. You should concentrate how you would like your deposit in St.George. Serpent you are STUPID.

    • It’s tax payers money what do you mean?It’s not out his pocket and he still profiting from his selfishness…Antigua people cya so chupit

    • Confused, you said it yourself. Lots of conflict of interest. Hand outs, corruption, greed, capitalism, monopolism, dictatorism, and all the ism shizim. Farmlands, special lands, his son’s fortune from God knows where and every other shadyism. The dictator cannot have his cake and eat it too. Tell him put down public life if he want to be private. The narcissist is bad news. So don’t be confused my friend, use the common sense God gave you.

  2. So……..what does private property rental have to do with the St. Georges candidate? Will he reveal how much Observer rented Stanford Building for or their current location at ABI building?

    Was any money borrowed from Wilmoth Daniel in this case?

  3. Why is this news? He can ask anything he wants for his property. Whoever wants to pay it will pay it or more on.

  4. Let me get this…. Person A owns a private property and person B decides that they have no problem paying the rent that is being charged, and that is a problem for people of the serpentine race?

    You know, we really have a problem in this country, and it has much to do with the embracing of a mindset of poverty. Instead of trying to elevate oneself by doing something constructive to make some money, people prefer to stand aside and cast aspersions at those who dare to invest their money and are successful at making more money.

    Badmind ah go kill aryou.

    • @Wash an’ Basin…for some reason I get this vibe, that you’re Gaston Browne.
      Anyway I’m sure you’re aware of the term ‘Inside Trading.’ The PM would’ve had first hand knowledge of the negotiations, and can used this to his advantage. Hey, it’s the business of the dirty political world which we live in.

      • @Ras Smood. Ras, I can assure you that I am NOT Gaston Browne. I comment on issues as I honestly view them.

        What you have explained does not meet the threshold for “insider trading”. For that to be the case, you would have to prove that there is some quid pro quo arrangement in this instance. Without that, there is no insider trading.

        Also, are you then suggesting to me that no politician should be permitted to be involved in private enterprise? Do remember it can’t be only for the government, but also for the opposition.

        • @Wash an’ Basin…due to the nature of how our government negotiate these deals, it would be very difficult to know or even prove there is “quid pro quo” involved.

          No, I’m not saying nor suggesting that politicians must not or should invest in “private enterprises.” This would be asinine of me.
          However, what I am saying is this, politicians should not benefit directly from deals which they negotiate on behalf of the Nation. We need to close this Pandora’s box, seal it, lock it up and leave it at Hades Gate.

    • No. What you miss is that Person A is in a position of power and authority over tax payers money, to grant concessions to Person B. Every dollar in tax money Investor B saves, is one less dollar for hospital, schools, roads etc, and if Person B got that as a result of renting from Person A, who should be working for the tax payers, then we have a problem.

      • I can understand paying USD 2000 – 5000 AND get concessions. I look like a r-hole to pay full price in return for concessions?

        Then again maybe the villa comes with a personal school bus for personal use hahahahaha woiiiiii.

        • “Personal school bus” equipped with STRIPPER POLE? Personally “gifted” to you by the South Korean president?

    • Besides the rent, which I would say appears to be somewhat on the exorbitant side, we, the tax paying public who for the most part have to pay grossly overpriced utility bills should be informed as to WHO exactly is paying all the utilities for this house?? For some, IMO, illogical reason, we, the public are forced to compensate APUA for the free utilities that politicians and hangers on seem to think they are entitled to just because they chose to get into politics. If Gaston Browne is not being billed and paying for all the utilities (including internet) then that most definitely comes over as ripping off we the people for personal gain!! That issue needs to be clarified and if he is paying same then show credible proof of that.

    • “Person B” must be totally “off the wall” to pay that kind of money. This is a near-third world country. What kind of nonsense is this???

  5. Is this the latest tactic Algernon Watts is using to overthrow Lovell and Pringle in order to become party leader? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He done say that no likkle boy a rule he.

  6. UPP Campaign: “Vote UPP coz Gaston rent his property”
    “Vote UPP coz Gaston rent his property”
    “Vote UPP coz Gaston rent his property”
    “Vote UPP coz Gaston rent his property”
    “Vote UPP coz Gaston rent his property”

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 big up ya self Lovell. Your party has a knockout strategy to get you in as Prime Minister 😉

  7. All Landlords/realtors who have properties on rent in Antigua, please take note that Algernon Watts will broadcast your private business on his radio station. Wonder how he would take it if someone were to reveal his private transactions to the public?

    This is unbecoming of the self-proclaimed ´ONLY INDEPENDENT media house in Antigua´

    Darren Matthew Ward take heed. . .

      • private business contracts? In that case somebody needs to leak the contract between Observer and the white girl. How much is she getting paid compared to pickeyhead people like Elesha George and Kadeem Joseph? She and Elesha jump from ZDK to Observer, but Elesha was ……..

    • @SAD BUT TRUE: You,Gaston kool aid drinkers have very short memories.Gaston Browne as Prime Minister revealed Gisele Isaac’s Personal Banking Details to the PUBLIC. Where the hell were you to say something then? Just a few weeks ago,he mentioned someone bounced a check.If I were the writer of such a check that Bank would be in DEEP SHIT.For any transactions between a Bank and a Customer are very private matters.The Banks I have been dealing with would never do such a thing.Because there are Laws governing Banking Institutions where I am living.Unlike in Antigua where there are Partisan Hacks working inside of those Banks giving information to Gaston Browne and others.

  8. I think sometimes we need to take a step back and understand/interpret the concept of the message rather than concluding. Far to often people are blinded by their support for a party rather than approaching it with an open mind. I don’t support either party, i support the integrity of the country and it wellbeing’s that will ultimately affect us ALL! The interpretation i gather from this message further reinforce the point of enrichment for those in positions that creates avenue for only themselves. Yet, a lot of people cannot get their pension on time, no water, no jobs, no stimulus for the less fortunate.

  9. I have no problem in anyone renting a property and or have properties to rent… if both person agree to pay and sign their name to that lease Gaston have fu his house, that between him and that person ..a fu them business that … beca me know fu me pocket na that rich… The only gripe i have is that i wish Gaston had something iron clad like this for both Yida and the imperial zone.(that lease for his house was well thought out and put absolutely no responsibility in his hands).. and on the other hand Antigua haffu give up everything and if both zones wishes and or feel sorry they might just throw us a bone…(wishing both zone deal was well thought out as well)… secondly is this a conflict of interest, i don’t know just asking a question.. .. PM ink Imperial Zone deal and then rent this dude his house … i just dont know anymore me give up … it is what it is .. i cant bother…

    • @ Fakers
      “i just dont know anymore me give up … it is what it is .. i cant bother…”

      But you do know, don’t you? You do know that your guy is as rotten as meat with maggots that was left in the sun for weeks. And to admit it would mean that you see how rotten he is. And you don’t want to see that. It would confuse you, and crush your illusions. Admission to what he is is a real thing for you and you don’t want to do that. Could it be that you were one of the originals who thought he was the greatest thing, and he was going to solve all your problems and those of the common man, and he was going to make Antigua great, then you found out the only person he has made great is himself?
      And listen to you copping out. You say “It is what it is…I can’t bother”. Oh yes, your conscience zinged you and your sense of decency that your mama taught you is worrying you. And you are bothered. God is watching you. He is lost, but you still have a chance. It’s not too late.

      • @Still Small Voice
        hahhaah i had to LOL at your response to me … first off i’m neither a fan and or supporter of Gaston Clown and the rest of the ABLP clown show… lets get that part clear… and i also do not carry blue blinders.. i’m for country and the best for my country first , second and last… the reason why i wrote i cant be bothered is because its the same thing over and over in antigua, no matter what a politician does he always get away with it, Antiguans have no backbone to hold them to the fire and as such they are allowed to get away with everything… they are not held responsible… of course its a conflict of interest with what Gaston does… he does allot of things that are conflict of interest but again he get away with it… so me copping out is not the issue i cannot fight this fight alone it has to be a country fight a people fight against these hooligans that are place in power for their own greed…

  10. The issue is not that he rented his property. The question is why someone would pay that amount. What kind of benefit did he promise this entity and who is behind this entity???

  11. A 4 bedroom waterfront Villa in jolly Beach is expensive. The price isnt suspiciously exceesive, especially with the pearns point development nearby. Plus remember the PM have ram goats to ward off.

    A major investor (who got major concessions from the government) is renting a property from the Prime Minister of the country at what some might say is an above market rate. Is this a conflict of interest? We don’t know if the concessions were a “quid pro quo” for the rental agreement, but government officials should avoid situations that even LOOK corrupt.

  13. Who would be so stupid to pay that kind of money for a house. Chuups. I never heard of such an agreement anywhere. This is NOT socialism.

    • When someone signs a contract, it means they are in FULL AGREEMENT with the terms laid out in the contract. The contract is binding.

    • 20k usd for a rental property in jolly harbour is cheap. Have you ever rented a villa out there? Check the prices and then make your statement.

  14. Is the Comptroller of Customs still living on Friar’s Hill Road. They all eat out of the same pot of pepperpot and share up the one ball a fungi.

    You see one party. You see the other! Need to wipe the slate clean. They have no ethics. Nunca! All a dem!

  15. OK the only way to see if this rent is fair or not since people are getting bent out of shape is to do a comparison of similar properties in the area. What are they all charging? Although I am sure if it was owned by someone else that it wouldn’t even be a bone of contention.

    • BADMIND a go kill dem tiff toarn ded. The average Joe has to deal with the BADMIND syndrome too. Some refuse to support your business because they don’t want you to “get them money”.

      Black on black undermining is more rampant than covid.

  16. Strange when Gaston was in opposition, he built a little Mall in Jennings and rented part of it to APUA and the Post Office, and I believe to the State Insurance.
    This private property is not doing business with the government. Yet they want to say he should exclude himself from doing anything at all. He should sit still and not make any business dealing at all. And if he had given it to his son to do they would say well his son is just fronting for him.
    Jealousy and envy are really sins.

    • Sideline
      I have an issue and it is not envy or jealousy. You see, as part of the agreement with the Western imperial economic zone, Gaston gave them Antigua and Barbuda passports to sell. Do you think this gentleman is paying this exorbitant rent from their pockets or from the sale of our passports? Gaston is unethical and greedy, and thinks most Antiguans are fools. Based on a lot of the comments here, a lot of you are. There are ways of stealing the people’s money without getting a cheque from the treasury to leave a trail. The prime minister signed a deal with an investor and gave away everything with no benefits for Antiguans. He then turns around and give them our passports to sell. Now he and his son are reaping Hugh rents from these same investors. Don’t you see anything wrong with this? In a real country, Gaston would be asked to resign and charged. I really pity the lack of intellectual capability of some Antiguans. Gaston knows that the red koolaid drinkers are not smart enough to see right through him.

      • DC I agree the PM needs to provide some answers here, however your statement that Western Imperial got Antigua’s passport to sell is a lie. The license act allows them to utilize the CIP program in order to try to get investments. The persons they attract still need to apply though the CIP unit. Its no different than the other developers under CIP eg Taamarind Hills development, Hermitage Bay Hotel Limited, Moon Gate Development Limited…. They are approved development projects (over 30 listed ) and l on the CIP website. The country benefits from the jobs and economic activity created by the development, along with the fees that are paid by the applicants. As for the PM is it your notion that he nor his family should not be involved in any private sector biz? I see no problem with him doing such once it does not compromise him and or cause him to break our laws eg Prevention of Corruption Act.

        • Ever wonder how the likes of Hitler and Stalin and Eddie Amin became the monsters they became? It’s because supporters rushed to their defense or rationalized their improprieties constantly. It’s like raising a child and never disciplining him/her. Spoiled children often turn on their parents with terrible consequences. So did the aforementioned monsters on their most ardent supporters. Be warned. But then again even when Hitler ordered some of his die hard supporters before the firing squad they still shouted Heil Hitler as the bullets ripped into their chests. You think is only animals like donkeys and dodo birds stupid???

          • You misssed this part: “DC I agree the PM needs to provide some answers here”. I also find it interesting that persons like you have voiced no issue regarding MP’s getting school buses. These items came via government channels, yet are ready to make leaps for what on its face may be deemed a private transaction

        • The agreement with Western Imperial states that they were given Antigua passports to pay for infrastructure. Who receives the proceeds from the sales? Does the contract require employment for Antiguans?
          From what I see all of the PM’s dealings directly or indirectly involves the government. In countries, other than a Banana Republic, once you enter politics you are not allowed to be involved in private enterprise and in the USA, you have to put your assets in a trust.
          Gaston, is a most corrupt and greedy individual. Does he realize that we take nothing with us when we go in the ground?

          • DC your examples are false. In the US, UK etc elected offcials are allowed to directly invest. The blind trust is an option but not mandatory. Look back, Trump never used it. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, mosst of hi income comes from rental and commercial real estate, a stake in his software and technology company. Ted Cruz gets monies from his direct investments in stocks, mutual funds. The thing is they have to disclose said investments. We have similar rules here via yearly submissions to the integrity commision. Keep telling you stop trying to give the false impresssion that A&B is some place with no rules.

  17. So it’s ok for Gaston to enrich himself creatively meanwhile poor people remain poor and hungry.
    Antigua needs a change, give younger people a chance to govern,
    You have been in government too long. Stop raping the country…

    • “Poor people” need to stop complaining and throwing “pity parties” and do something to build wealth. Stop thinking a 9-5 is gonna cut it.

      • How poor people going to build wealth when they for the most part are paid minimum wages and living hand to mouth? I guess they can go to CUB bank and get a loan with no collateral.

    • So you are one of those people who believes that governing a country is some sort of game so you just “give other people a chance”. This is not dollyhouse we’re playing. People’s lives and livelihoods are at stake. Therefore, only the best suited are chosen by the people!

      • Gaston said on his radio station that the opposition wants power because they are looking money. Is this why people run on the labour ticket. The labour government believes that governing a country is a self enrichment game and they need to be removed from office so that all the thieving transactions can be investigated. It is no coincidence that after giving an investor all the free benefits and our passports, they turn around and rent Gaston’s property for exorbitant amounts.

        • Guy the investor got the consessions provided by the SEZ act. If being a land lord is wrong for ALP elected politians then woulld you agree the same should apply to UPP elected offcials?

      • @Wash an’ Basin…great to know, that this is not “dollyhouse” we are playing and that, “peoples lives and livelihoods are at stake.” Hence, it’s imperative, that the Nations books from negotiated deals to turkey and ham giveaways be audited FORENSICALLY by Independent auditing firms(locally owned and operated), on a staggered basis every three to five years, to include ALL MINISTRIES regardless of #WHO’RE the ruling arm of the government.

        Yes, I know that we have an office of the Ombudsman or whatever, and other auditing agencies with the system of Governance, but something is wrong if not legally, then morally whereby politicians #WHO’RE in charge of the public finances not their private finances, can use the power and authority given to them by the People to enrich themselves in this way.

  18. Why is this news ? This is a private deal. Serpent want to be NOTICED. SERPENT and UPP jealous of Gaston Browne. Serpent is an ARSE.

  19. To be honest, this is not serpent’s business. It’s a private transaction between two parties and none of them no name serpent are knight.
    The man build he house and rent um out, wa rang wid dat? It’s his place, he can rent it whomever he wishes. He has the right to so do, wa de problem???

    • WILMOTH DANIEL said that Serpent is the most DISHONEST Person He has ever met. Serpent when will you pay your Staff AT OBSERVER???

    • It was paid for by the tax payers then he turning around, collecting money from us and someone else while living free. He smart but y’all antiguans real dumb. It is every ONE business cause he should be in that house living when he collects monthly payments for that house. He stacking up for him and his family and we will be left out to dry.

  20. I urge Serpent to open his books and let the people see hiw business. Open the books. The people are demanding full transperency from both of these guys.

    • If you can’t see the issue then it is a waste of time for anyone to try to explain it to you.

    • Lovell has NO CONTROL over Gisele Isaac-Arrindell much less Algernon Watts. Lovell is simply reaping what he sowed. Hence, the utter disrespect that he [and others] meted out to Baldwin Spencer has finally caught up with him now that’s he’s the party leader. He must first conquer the “elections” within the UPP before they attempt to conquer the general elections. He must address the ugly chasm and messy elitism that has stained the party. It appears to be too late for any semblance of a recovery, but maybe he will try. Richard Lewis, Damani and Pringle are waiting patiently for Lovell to get his final ass whooping at the polls. Why? Because when Lovell exits, so will the ELITIST ELEMENTS and their minions. Go forth now Harold of City East. Thine assing awaiteth thee.
      -So long Mr. IMF
      -So long Mr. ROMANTIC RHYTHMS
      -So long King Lyadd
      -So long Limpy Joe
      -So long ABST hotel giveaway spineless walkover
      -So long baptized ACLM card-carrying member
      -So long anti-UWI Five Islands campus
      -So long anti-Scotibank staying local
      -So long anti-Port development
      -So long incompetent
      -So long, so long, so long

  21. Folks, I would have thought that it was obvious that Mr Browne renting to an organization that his administration is regulating would be highly problematic for most persons. The Antigua and Barbuda Accreditation Board are the ones who would have accredited the institution to operate as a medical school. If there were a concern raised by the Accreditation Board that could jeopardize the status of the school, it could affect the ability of the school to remain open and consequently Mr Singh to continue renting. And if the matter were hurriedly addressed even if it were not , at least, questions would be asked if he got preferential treatment. Secondly, any revenues collected via taxes or otherwise from students that should be remitted to the treasury would be subject to an audit to ensure what is delivered to Antigua is in fact what we should in fact be receiving. If an audit uncovers any discrepancies in the numbers again this could affect the school’s status which could potentially affect the Prime Minister’s rental revenue. This is why International and Regional Best Practices would frown on Prime Minister’s renting to entities that they regulate… allows too many conflict of interest questions to be raised.

  22. WILMOTH DANIEL said that Serpent is the most DISHONEST Person He has ever met. Serpent when will you pay your Staff AT OBSERVER???

    • Yup “I have never met a more dishonest person…”.
      And if STRIPPER POLE BUS Wilmoth Daniel can say that, then you must know it’s really bad.

  23. All of you people posting in agreement with this arrangement need your heads examined. Look at the big picture and don’t let the rest of the world see how stupid we are. When an investor gets in bed with the prime minister, the country will have its resources stolen. Could we have some intelligent discussions and not labour cult members posting nonsense?

  24. You people are not looking at the message. However,you would find the time to blast the messenger. If you people who received your bellies filled with turkey and hams are still in an over eating stage,good for you.When you do awake from your slumbers.You would still be very,very,poor.While Gaston Browne and his immediate family members would remain very rich. How did he and his son accumulate all of that financial wealth in such a short time? Go down to Dredge Bay in Villa Area and see for yourselves. You people would remain poor and down trodden and penniless at the hands of Gaston Browne. Your damn mouths corners would remain dry and white from hunger. While they eat the best and drink the same. However,you people would still vote for them. As I heard a late well known National of Antigua and Barbuda say.”It appears that Antiguans like to be SODOMISED. Yes,many like to be abused and say not one damn thing it,because of Party. That Kool Aid trang.I am awaiting your responses. I have never taken anything from a Politician and or Political Party.

  25. This is a man that like to take people business on rumshop radio,, every Saturday down point nothing wrong if his is revealed.

    Let me get this straight. The nation is paying him a housing allowance for living in his own house as PM, he pocket said sum go and live in his mother-in-law house and rent the house we are paying him to live in to Mr Singh an investor of the westernern imperial fame for 20K use.

    Not only that, the same Mr. Singh will also be renting apartments claimed to be owned by his son down at dredge Bay for an unbelievable sum.

    It would seem that while it may not be illegal, it certainly looks very unethical.
    Mr. Singh may not mind paying any amount to live in Gaston house, because from the look of the westernern imperial agreement, he will be getting back way more from Antigua, than what rent he will be paying Gaston and son.

    • I agree with your sentiments 100% … its unethical … i just cant see how people cant just look and see what’s going on and still say nothing tall wrong with what gaston doing.. chuupppsss

  26. I hope somebody done serpant. Chat like a woman n always a run he stinking jealous mouth. Hurry up dead motherfucker

    • Wish that on Gaston. He the evil snake walking aeoumd opressioning people and a criminal that not in jail yet. I don’t see how that is jealousy when it’s not Gaston money in the first place. Damnass. All Gaston puppets came out on this post. Bumchnof SHEEP. Wishing death on serpent not knowing your master already lead you to slaughter.

    How would you feel if you learned that after Lovell gave Sandals all those ABST concessions, Butch Stewart had turn around and rented a property from Lovell for $54K a month (648k a year)? Would you be saying, “its a private arrangement. Y’all too badmind and dobt like to see black people make money.” Be honest.

  28. TENMAN you are getting close to admit that what Gaston, your idol, did in renting his house to an investor he is conducting State business with was wrong when you opined that he GASTON needs to provide answers. Yes, it is his property as the apologists and propagandists like Senators Shoul, Frederick and Colin O’Neal say. However, he is not like me or John Doe. He is a public official, namely, the Prime Minister, and the Integrity in Public Life Act applies to him. Under the Act his action was not only unethical but unlawful. Just an example from the USA for you, can you recall the outrage in that country when Donald Trump the President simply entertained the idea of using his property in Florida (Mar-a-Largo) to hold the G7 Summit. Gaston renting his property in the circumstances in which it was done is a classic example of his CREATIVE ENRICHMENT policy. Had Antigua been a normal country where ethics and good governance is expected of members of government, the country would be outraged.

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