‘Serpent’ donates 12 ceiling fans to Pigotts Primary School


Antigua Observer: Many of the students had been struggling with the suffocating heat in their classrooms at the Pigotts Primary School, and yesterday some welcome relief was provided.

Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts, the United Progressive Party candidate for the constituency of St George, stepped up in a big way and donated 12 ceiling fans to the long-suffering students.

According to Shara Quinn, the elated principal at the school, “Today, we extend sincerest thanks to Mr Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts, for his generous donation of one dozen ceiling fans to the Pigotts Primary School. Since our return to school, classrooms have been unbearably hot, and we have been desperately seeking donations to ease the discomfort for teachers and students.

“Mr Watts paid a visit this morning, identified the need, and promised to assist us. By early afternoon, he returned with the fans. On behalf of the principal, staff and students, we say, ‘thank you, Mr Watts.’ We will certainly enjoy cooler classrooms as soon as they are installed.”

In a conversation with our newsroom, Watts declared, “I could not see our students trying to pay attention and absorb the material in that terrible heat. I place a premium on education, and I believe that we have to create an environment that is conducive to learning. These are the men and women of tomorrow; these are the future of Antigua and Barbuda and my constituency. It is the least that I can do. I am so happy that I was able to assist.”

This is not the first time that Watts is meeting a need. A few days ago, at the invitation of famed community activist, Mickey Josiah, he was able to assist the New Winthorpes Primary School with a generous donation of ceiling fans.

Antigua Observer

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  1. How and when will the culture of politics in this country change.

    Serpent has been around for a while and I have never seen a photo of him donating anything to anyone. Turn politician and all of a sudden he thinks this is what a politician should do.

    This is no different than the ABLP play book.

    Its time for the government to protect the school children and and keep the hidden motive politicians out of our schools. Then the same people talk about Chet and Gaston.

    Is this how a politician get elected?
    Distributing material things then when they get into office they find creative ways to recoup the money they spent leading up to the election? You see why we are not getting anywhere and why UPP and ABLP is the same. Exchanging one set of con men for another set whats the point?

    Remember what UPP was saying when Steadroy the cute one wanted to use his personal funds to make needed repairs at the police station, remember? Cleon Athill is this donation ok? please justify it, “the classrooms are hot so I do not see anything wrong with it, they are just fans” Yup as expected everybody else is wrong except UPP.

    • Well when you are not into politics you can criticize them as much as you want. But when you are in the game you do the same things you used to criticize them for. That is the hypocrisy of it all.

      • @Thanks Serpent
        No sah politician giving is the start of corruption.

        We need to stop it before it begins…..

  2. Serpent here are three ideas for you. Be the change……
    1 Bring all the schools in your constituency together under one umbrella help them to develop fund raising activities so they can become self sufficient. The more people in the pool working together the lighter the load.

    2 Lobby business persons and businesses in the different zones and encourage them to adopt the community school. This will further bring the community together.

    3 Encourage the school to create past student associations and ask each past student to donate $5.00 monthly which will go towards the up keep of the school.

  3. Infantile and gaudy behavior. Wonder if he crawled back to Daniel for another ten thousand dollars “gift” or maybe he just worked his ASS for this one.

  4. Good work Serpent.At least the children would become more comfortable with those fans in place.Do not listen to those Labor Party braying two legged donkeys.Keep your eyes on the prize.The Constituency of St.George.

    • As if the constituents are bought with a few fans. Give me a break.
      He will have to do much more work than that.
      And in that he cannot beat Dean.

      • Sidelines: Would you like to put some green backs on that Constituency.Let me say $10,000 that Serpent beat your weak boy Dean.

  5. Wahhhh, serpent you a werk. Member fu fix dem bad roads up a Berlin inna patta. It seens like you like to give and help. So help please. Jacqui nor Dean helped with these roads although they promised but maybe you different. Thanks in advance!

  6. @ from the sideline.
    Welcome back.
    Please comment on the alleged rapist minister in your Antigua Labor Party. Noticed you’re mute on that subject

  7. SERPENT is a HYPOCRITE. Serpent CRITICIZED ABLP for doing the same thing…Serpent just to let you know that what you are doing would never get you elected in St George. SERPENT the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE.

    • Serpent is not a genuine giver and that what will reveal he is not real and a hypocrite. He only gives for one reason only, because he is in the political race now. When you serve people you must be genuine. Caring for others and that has to start long before you enter politics

  8. I hope Serpent did not ask DANIEL for a donation towards these fans . Daniel described Serpent as a LIAR , MOST DISHONEST Person He has ever known. Serpent is looking for PHOTO OP.

  9. Nothing is free, and at some stage the ones who gave will seek their pay back to balance the equation. The beginning of corruption.

    To be an Asot michael is easy takes no work and it leaves the people dependent.

    Transformational politics calls for front runners (because they are certainly not leaders) to put self sustaining systems in place that will cause the people to attain their potential.

  10. Serpent let your photo ops be about launching new self sustaining initiatives that will develop and propel the people long after the fans burn out.

    Look at creating non partisan community groups that will be a quasi village council that can seek international and local funding to implement community projects. Ms Ruth Spencer has been talking about this for years.

  11. Make the people independent and level the playing field for elective politics.

    If you fall into the handout trap the deeper pocket will win and democracy will continue to be a puppet for the “haves”.

    Be the change…….Strive towards creativity……Stop looking at politics as a game and one man up ship and start seeing it as life.

  12. Knight in Shining Armour
    October 23, 2020 at 1:17 pm
    The dawg should be ashamed to be walking around St. Peter’s another ALP ghetto. Another failed experiment, just a photo Op! Remember I said so

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