Serpent calls for lawsuit against the PM and hospital



The United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate for St George, popular media personality Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts, is blasting Prime Minister Gaston Browne for comments made on the weekend on the passing of a Covid-19 patient and calling for legal action to be taken against the PM and the hospital.

Speaking during his regular outing on the Browne and Browne show at the weekend, the PM spoke to the circumstances surrounding the passing of a 40-year-old woman who lost her unborn child hours before she passed away at the hospital herself on September 27.

“This lady was apparently on oxygen. Her oxygen saturation was 40 percent, I didn’t get into the details last week, but she is deceased now, so I can say so… She was told by the doctors that she can’t survive with a 40 percent oxygen saturation,” he said. “The only fighting chance she had of surviving was to be intubated and she refused, her husband also refused.”

The PM said that doctors at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC) also offered to “take her child at 26 weeks,” of gestation, a suggestion that Browne said was also refused.

The PM stated further that it seemed that plans were being made to intubate the woman, but her husband took her out of the hospital and to her home instead.

“It is evident that her oxygen saturation would have fallen even lower than the 40 percent, so the foetus aborted spontaneously, and that’s when the husband took her back to the hospital. They tried to intubate her, but it was too late,” he said.

The nation’s leader also asked for a less emotional approach to the issue of Covid-19, urging the public to listen to the scientists and doctors on such issues.

He also chided the leader of the UPP, Harold Lovell, for recent concerns he’d shared about the number of Covid-19-related deaths noting that he was “undermining the health system.”

Lovell has since rebutted the PM’s claim.

While the PM did not outright disclose how he obtained the information about the above-mentioned woman, his comments concerning her passing has stoked the ire of some on social media, who have questioned how he came upon what they consider to be personal medical details. Others have, however, defended him.

Watts raised similar concerns during the Voice of the People programme on Monday.

“Far too often now, we hear the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda publicly disclosing people’s personal medical records,” he said. “I am asking any lawyer out there who is willing to take up a case, and me willing to find money with people out there who think like me, who are willing to come up with the money to pay the lawyer so that we can sue him (Gaston Browne) and Mount St John’s Medical Centre, whomever, for disclosing people’s personal medical records.”

Serpent wants the PM to tell the courts where he got the information that he disclosed.

He also questioned why the prime minister released the information at a time when the family is still grieving the loss of the woman and the foetus.

“A young man passed Saturday morning… meh sure the family nuh even notified properly that the young man passed, before pan the prime minister’s page, yuh hab up the young man picture and all kinda sudden and berating the young man who just passed,” Watts claimed. “How low can he sink and get away with it?”

Observer has reached out to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre for comment on the matter.

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  1. PM really needs a dose of hush sometimes. I wonder if them boys he hang with on air on Saturdays are setting him up. Afterall remember they are turncoats.

    • I agree with you. Gaston does not realize that he is being set up. Some time ago, Serpent had said that Pointe FM is going to be Gaston’s downfall. Gaston is digging his own grave

  2. Serpent is such an ass i really dont know how people listen to him. Upp gone to the dogs when people like serpent is chosen as candidate for election, like is a popularity contest, serpent is a imps pretending to have head and he is dunce come on can these people in potters and pigots take him seriously a bag a shit.

  3. Boss the RECITATION is: Get registered to vote if you are not registered.

    Voting out the A.B.L.P. should be the only focus (in my humble opinion).

  4. Karen,tis your opinion,, Serpent is an ass,but as per your comment ,you look like ,the,, JackAss.
    The topic was very specific;
    The espousing of one’s personal medical info,,by a countries Prime Minister,,,to which Serpent calls for help in spanking the hospital and P.M. for that should not have happened
    THE END.

  5. So a irresponsible husband does a voice clip where he accuses the hospital of poisoning his wife and no one is to respond? The police should charge him with recklessness for how he handled his wife’s care. We all know the hospital will be wary of responding for confidentiality sake. However clearly a response was needed and kudos to the PM for as usual putting country first and being candid as usual, knowing full well as usual he will be criticized. His doing what he did reduces the possibility of some ill person(s) believing a lie and ending up dead due to misinformation they don’t call the hospital for help. As far as info like the patients oxy level, our rules make clear that once disclosure is in the public interest, its acceptable (says the A&B Medical counsel code of ethics)

    • It should have been a lawyer from the hospital with a careful constructed statement that did not release any unnecessary personal medical information.

      The prime minister of the country should not be discussing people’s personal medical information on the radio. Every one should be able to understand how inappropriate it is.

      Also mocking a supposedly “300 pound woman” for getting a vaccine “late.” Better late than never, right? Certainly other people are not going to be encouraged to get vaccinated if they know there’s the chance their idiot PM will go on the radio and make fun of them afterward.

      Mocking a worker for getting a vaccine. Making fun of a young man who recently died. Blaming family members when their relative dies of COVID.

      All of it despicable. All of it reveals the malignant character and diminutive intellect of your Bozo the Clown PM

      • Clearly you are one of those who no matter what is done will find fault. These are not normal times, we are at war fighting a pandemic. PM was right to respond, especially since the hospital felt constrained to do so. The other examples you sited, once you examine the context eg obese persons are high risk for covid. Ladies name was never stated. The man who died was a known antivaxxers and light needed to be shined so others can see the dangers of following his example. The people of this country requested leadership with a heart, not one that can only orate sweet sounding nothings. GB speaks the hard truths are afraid of saying publicly

  6. SERPENT, you are the BIGGEST CLOWN/ FOOL in Antigua / Barbuda.Always chatting STUPIDNESS. When election is called We shall expose you in St.Lucia. SERPENT / SNAKE IGNORANT / IDIOT.

    • Gaston aint any better. Horrible man and prime minister…breaking the law time and time again right in front our face and he gets no consequences. Good he should be sued for all he got. Devil.

  7. SERPENT looking for NOTORIETY. He is an IGNORANT snake. We in St.George will kick His A****S to the curb.

  8. It’s clear that the people commenting on here berating Serpent are agents of Gaston Brown. How can you people coherently repel what Serpent said?? The prime minister is completely out of line and I wonder what you gonna say when he does the same thing to one of your family members



  10. Serpent is the last person on earth that should have anything to say about making people’s private business public. because that is how he has risen to fame by always having some kind of docusment that he found and reading it on the airwave.
    And then you have the recent times when he and Harold brought Donna’s Chia’s business on the radio even mentioning how late she left Harold’s hotel room. That was low and despicable from what you would call two grown negre. But they had fun doing that and their listeners had fun listening to that type of gutter politics.

    • that you repeatedly make. It only makes you look like an imbecile.

      Secondly, this Serpent fellow isn’t the prime minister for one. And for two, two wrongs don’t make a right.

      The issue at hand is the inappropriate behavior of Bozo the Clown PM. And make no mistake, it is inappropriate and he should be sanctioned for it.

  11. And the police should be investigating the husband for his reckless behavior but we are not going to have that conversation are we. We rather sit down and cuss Gaston Browne

    • Reckless how? If the mother herself made those choices why should he be investigated for supporting his wife? You make no sense whatsoever.

      • He tek she out a de hospital and say he can care for she more dan de doctors and nurse and only when she get worst go back to de same hospital lakka one dag wid ot tail between its left and now she beg dem fu save she so tell me if he nah blasted responsible fu she death but we just going to sit down and cuss Gaston Browne let’s see how far he lawsuit go reach. Damnass

  12. Thank you Mr. Prime Minister for being so straight-foward and honest in bringing this information to the people. You are a natural leader. I have never voted for you, but I recognize a true leader when I see one. Thank you. Much respect.

  13. Wadadli PM is the most visionary and forthright leader in the Caribbean hands down. You want politicians that tells you like it is and not those who tells what you want to hear. No serious lawyer will take up “De Serpent” with this case. He have no standing. Why you blind followers don’t condemn the behavior of the husband in this matter? You guys are all sanctimonious hypocrites. Before you’ll continue to spout ignorance I can’t vote.

  14. It make no sense to take this matter to court. No magistrate and no judge can compel you to say where you received your information from. Your source of information remain confidential. That person is your informant. As a Prime Minister of a country having heard that a pregnant woman died from covid at a hospital after her husband refuse to allow the doctors to put her on a ventilator. He removed her from the hospital and take her home. The PM need to know what went wrong . He have a right to know why she died. When matters became worse and she was on the point of death the husband brought her back to the hospital but that was to late. When the prime minister broke that news that was stale news because everybody knew about that matter. The husband work at the Airport Security . All the security officers took the vaccine except he. He is against the vaccine. Every body at the Airport is angry with the husband. If he had allow the doctors to do their job mabe she would be still alive so the public need to know what happen. The PM is not wrong for reporting in this matter. Her spirit will hunt the husband for the rest of his life. That is what usually happen when women married to certain men and afraid of their husband. Poor woman was living in fear. One day he will confess of all the wickedness he did to her. He said she is the bread winner he is working what is he doing with his money. ? . Take him to court instead.

    • Just wait until the shoe is on the other foot. Wrong is wrong. The Prime Minister was out of order

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