Serpent And Dave In Last Minute Ditch To Save What’s Left Of Observer

Old Logo for Observer Publications still being used (FILE PHOTO)

Controversial Radio Host Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts and Veteran Broadcaster Dave Lester Payne are trying to create a new entity out of the ashes of the Observer Media Group.

The “new management” is planning a meeting with staff who will also be severed by the end of this month.

It is not sure how the new entity will operate.

An outgoing staff member told ANR that positions have not been advertised.

The new company is expected to operate in the pricy Woods Area, another source said.

Observer Chief Operating Officer Darren Derrick said in a recent interview that he’s not aware that the programme will change.

“But I am not part of that team,” he added.

Watts told Radio listeners over the weekend that Observer Radio will be on the air come December 1, the day after the scheduled closure.

He gave no information on the management structure or the financial backers of the new entity.

More than 60 staff members have been written to informing that of their severance.

Derrick said he was saddened by the closure of Observer Media Group as we know it.

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    No need to harp over the announced ‘…Operational Cessation’ of the ‘OMG.’

    There may be no goodbyes as yet, for the sun may just shine brighter than most people might be hoping.

    Where there is a will, most certainly, there will be a way.’

    In spite of some programming, and the ‘…warped-minded; …naive; …simpleton; …gullible and dull-witted’ may argue with sheer bitterness, ‘…best of luck to, and survivability of an entity that has served the nation and people exceedingly well.’

    Even if the messenger is shot, the message will be eulogized.

  2. Serpy first order of the day:
    1 Seek volunteers to host all talk shows.
    2 Change the UPP b mouth piece image.
    3 Employ news readers that we can understand, and pronounce words properly
    4 Adjust the programming. Matthew Ward is more suited for the mid day program.
    5 Give the Phenix a mid night show- She comfortable talking about sex and promoting sorrel (herb) use. Not good for day time listenership.
    6 Swallow your pride and give Beef a call.
    7 Go back to what worked in the early years. The informative programs on HAVE YOUR SAY. TAP INTO SAM ROBERTS

    • #3 is a must! Shermaine Bique-Charles must be a lovely lady, but her PRONUNCIATION of certain words makes listeners CRINGE! She is not the only one, but her name came to mind. Living vs. Leaving, etc It’s embarassing to listen to

  3. What s thing. Winston and Sam fought hard to get the station up and running and look what has happened.

    Will there be light when this is done, and if so, for how long?

    • Could it be the stupid move to go into the fancy Stanford Building that was not affordable for this type operation, coupled with sudden high salaries for family member who not ran the show. Note they didn’t pay their electricity for many years and accrued a bill for over two million dollars. Who will pay that now. I wonder.

  4. Great because without them antigua doomed imagine having every news article in antigua singing praises to alp and not any work because they afraid of gaston… the true inspiration of this country

  5. Congratulations Serpent and Dave in saving the only radio station in Antigua & Barbuda that has given the people of this land a voice…freedom of speech.

  6. A lesson to be learnt for Point FM that wants to go into the print business. It is not feasible to run a newspaper in Antigua and Barbuda. That is the reality of our people. We are not a reading public. We like gossip news. Which we get from Social Media. So go there and do all the electronic printing you want to do. Senator please take note.

  7. The same Serpent who Darren allegedly said he could not control and wanted to get rid of, but didn’t have the balls to do so? And the person who is responsible for the company’s demise is not say that he is “…saddened by the closure …” wow!

  8. When you take over a company, you take over its assets and liability. Obviously that is not what is happening here. So why are people fooled in thinking that Serpent and Dave are taking over OMG. They are not. They are starting their own Radio Station. And perhaps they have bought the equipment from Observer Radio who now seems to be going totally online with the newspaper and other E-Commerce business. The Derricks are not stupid people. They know what they are doing. They are using the opportunity to get rid of staff they would normally have to answer to the union for. Why don’t we talk and discuss what really will happen to the staff. People that have worked all these years with them and are now told to go beg Serpent and Dave for a job. The reality will sink in it for them very shortly if it has not already. First they tried to sell shares to the public that was outside the legal norm. That would have been like a Trumpian scandal Antigua style. Now they say they are selling the shares to the staff, which is not possible as they will need the other shareholders to concur with them. And we all know there is a family feud going on. I have said it before this is an opportunity for them to get rid of the heavy load they had and re-structure the company in such a way to make it mean and lean. They still have a paper and less expenses and still advertising revenue and furthermore they have a website that have lots of traffic and that is where the money is from Google. Revenue IRD cannot audit because it never hits any bank account in Antigua. Their employees do not even have to be located in Antigua. Could be in India for that matter. And just like online gaming they can have their server all the way in India as well. So I do not see why I should feel sorry for the Derricks when I can see the game plan is to even get better off in the end. Let Serpent and Dave think they are taking over Observer. But in the end they are not. They are starting their own radio station and perhaps they will do that under the license of OMG . Just like when Derrick started Airtel started and sold the license agreement to Digicel and they got rich just by doing that. My black people they will always be caught holding the empty bag.

  9. Some one said behind every man there is a woman. I deliberately left out great. Who is the woman or are the women behind Serpent and Dave that will finance this new operation. Because it is clear their only mandate as a radio station will be to attack the ABLP as much as possible. Serpent will now have more time and prime time to do this in the afternoon. Yes you all can guess who these women are. They are the present heads of the UPP. I wish them deep pockets and long lasting airtime. Hope they can get advertisers to pay the bills. Because Crusader doesn’t have many advertisers either. And have to be funded by the party and their donors. And some of these donors are going out of business as well.

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