Seniors Protest


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  1. Clearly this is politically motivated…. I am a pensioner and we are up to date with our benefits / pension from Social Security. The number of persons who turn out to this picket was not impressive. These are the same faces that are seen at every picket and the numbers does not seem to be increasing. All I can say it is evident that Harold Lovell * UPP are clutch on straws….

    • Myself and my brother are 1 month behind on our pension payments, you must be blessed. What irks me is the money is ours. My employer and myself paid into this Ponzi scheme for 34 years. I know both parties have mismanaged SS.

    • Wow! Pensions are up to date, did I just read that statement from a useful idiot. If you are one of the lucky one’s with up to date pension give the others your link to the Board of Social Security. It was ok when ALP put them old supporters under Social Security at 4am, guess according to you that was good politricks. I am sick and tired off all these political prostitutes who come on this portal trying to play saints. Just give men one dam aspirin. BLUDDY BLOKE STAY YOUNG BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER GET OLD.

    • BLUDDY BLOKE when Max Hurst and Tanny Rose used to be under Social Security picketing with pensioners was it a non-political event then. The situation with the pensioners is far worse now than it ever was in the past. You ABLP blind followers are something else.

  2. How has Gaston Browne allowed this Social Security payment backlog to happen to our pensioners?

    And when I hear that some citizens cannot even find bus fare to come to town to protest, my heart bleeds for the elderly.

    What is happening to my beloved Antigua?

    If the ABLP is voted back in at the next General Election – WE DESERVE EVERYTHING THAT WILL RESULT FROM PUTTING THEM BACK INTO POWER.

    Antiguans are a very educated people, but our ACHILLES HEEL (and other Caribbean and Western countries have noticed this as well) is that we put up with so much foolishness from our duplicitous politicians, without so much of a protest.

    I don’t know any other country that would put up with no wages, no water, poor housing, poor infrastructure for so many years/decades.

    If we had the French mindset to industrial action, all the above issues mentioned, would have been resolved YESTERDAY!

    Excellent coverage again Mr George Wehner … 👏

    I always look out for your island wide coverage.

    • What back log? Pensions are paid up for April and May – we’re in June now – what backlog?

  3. This is not good for Antigua. A true sign of decline. These people MUST get their money FIRST. Reduce the Ambassadors pay and perks and change the model of the SS system.
    Turn the Social Security Pension fund model to look more like an investment bank with the fiduciary to pensioners. Last year I met a couple of pensioners at the same location 5 am in the morning waiting for a check that did not happen. I spoke to them, and this is real and very nerve racking for them. It should not happen to anyone at this stage of life. This must be a priority. This have to be fixed. Unfortunately, the change is difficult, and the management is lazy, uncaring and dunce.

  4. Where is the love now? 2 years they say protect lives and livelihoods get vaccinated!

    I say protect live and livelihoods Pay the people that is owed.

    Health and wealth goes together you can’t be concerned about someone health and not be concerned with their wealth

  5. It should be written in our constitution that Ministers of government should NOT receive their remunerations until ALL the public financial obligations are met.

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