Senior police officer charged for allegedly stealing from XPZ, having unlicensed firearm and ammunition


Editor’s note: Police did not release the name of the Senior Officer, his name is Glenroy Weekes.

PRESS RELEASE FROM STRATCOM: The Police investigated a report of Larceny made on Tuesday 1st June 2021 where a senior Police Officer within the Fire Department allegedly stole a large sum of money and personal items.


During the investigation, the Police recovered an unlicensed firearm with ammunition at the home of the Officer.


As a result, the Officer was arrested and charged with the following offences (1) Larceny, (2) Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, (3) Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.


The Officer is expected to make an appearance before a Magistrate on Thursday 3rd June 2021.


In addition, the Officer will be suspended pending the determination of the charges against him.


It must be noted that a person is innocent until proven guilty.


However, the Police Administration take these allegations seriously as they do not represent the core values of the Royal Police Force of Antigua Barbuda and reassures the public of its commitment to displaying professional and ethical behaviours as the Force serves the community.

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  1. When will the officer that stole from the credit union be charged?

    Stratcom, that larceny was not taken seriously?

    How many police force in Antigua really?

  2. What got into this man. To do such a hideous thing. After 40 years being in Law Enforcement. You seem to throw it all away. For what? Now you could end up without a Pension and in Prison. If found guilty and be discharged from the Force.

  3. They place bun dun nuttin left not even money or the safe so what is this blaming police for money this is all insurance this society just don’t know how to think well Gaston have the whole island like fools but it’s ok

    • What does “Gaston” have to with this matter. Clearly you already sound foolish so you don’t need “Gaston” help in that department. You greedy self take all the foolishness for your own self.

  4. How can someone steal money when the whole place is burned,If you all want him out of the force.There are other ways to get that done.The truth must prevail

    • If you owned property that burned flat and you have employees, wouldnt you want at least that US$3,000?

      Someone that came to do their job, for which they are being paid by the state, should directly and illegally benefit off your misfortune??

      Suppose that could pay the employees a week or two weeks so they have some sort of cushion.

  5. Where Gaston come in to this?

    You missed the news where the same police said he was keeping it safe?

    There was a safe found and turned in but only half the money was recovered.

    Y’all blame Gaston and the government for every thing.

  6. People if you all don’t know what to say or write stop you all nonsense saying what you do not know. you all sound like headless chicken without a brain.

  7. These kind of shenanigans are why we cant just dismiss Choksi alleging that police officers abducted him.

    We have all sorts in that force it seems. From newbies to 40 year veterans.


    Salt on the wound of already significant loss.

  8. See how quickly we get distracted so that the insurance company is thrown off the scent which the Police smelled on arrival – ARSON!
    Who lit the fire and where is the missing Chinese man who left the WhatsApp chat at 5.00 am
    Come on Police do the rest of the job quickly so you will not be as blind twice – Not knowing how the Indian left Antigua? Not knowing what happened to cause the fire and the missing Chinese man.

  9. “It must be noted that a person is innocent until proven guilty.” – How dem na put dat in de Choksi story?

  10. Blow Papi blow!
    Blow de shell…
    Dis fish Yah hot…
    So, kum clap de Fungee pan dat!

    ..ain’t no need to speculate!
    …A who say so?
    …since, the officer already got a Court date!
    .. . A Wendell a he lyar too?
    …but, I know many of Us won’t hesitate!
    …a wah mek dem tief so?
    …to find him guilty, and seal his faith.
    …a jail he rass fu go!
    …even before he faces, the Magistrate.
    …a lang, lang time r we a say so!

    …so Blow Papi Blow!
    …Blow de shell!
    …’cause dis fish Yah hot
    …and, it ain’t because of hell.

  11. Since the advent of covid19, everyone seems to have changed, one way or another. So, can we say,” covid made me do it?”

  12. He learned it from world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne. Just like he has been forced to resign, we the people need to force world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne et al. to also resign.

    • Just so you know he ah one big UPP supporter and ah he min be the officer who min dey ah teif da come when the truck turn over a few years ago and UPP was in power at the time so ah long time he ah teif.

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