Senior Cop Fined For Escape Of Alleged Serial Killer

Delano Forbes
Senior Sergeant Rohan Gittens of the Serious Crime Unit was reportedly fined $400.00 on two serious disciplinary charges of ‘Neglect of Duty.’
Appearing before the 7-member Police Service Commission (PSC), chaired by attorney Kelvin John, he pleaded not guilty to the charges that he was negligent in causing Delano Forbes 23, called the ‘…Vampire Killer,’ to escape from his custody.
He was given the name as it was alleged that he consumed the blood of the victims.
The prosecution led evidence that the Senior Sergeant, led the five-man bushy operation on February 12, 2018.
He had been charged with the brutal killing of fellow-Swetes villager Shawn Henry and Lisue Williams and subsequently charged with brutally killing a former postal worker Maurison Thomas at his All Saints home.
It was reported that receptacles were found with bloodstain near to the body of Thomas that was found lying in a pool of blood by a family member in March 2018.
Their throat was observed slashed with some sharp instrument in February 2018.
Forbes had been removed from Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) where he was safely remanded and reportedly escaped from the officers on the same day.
Mere days after the Police had offered a $50, 000 reward to members of the public, this was alleged to have been distributed among police officers who reportedly picked him up in the Follies, midway between the communities of Swetes and John Hughes on March 10, 2018.
The apparent ‘questionable distribution’ was said to have been the subject of a probe by regional officers appointed to act as Special Constables.
Ironically, it was the Magistrate that had initially placed him on remand, issued a Warrant for his release for him to further assist the police with their investigations into several murders allegedly committed by him.
Giving evidence on his behalf,the Senior Sergeant positioned a Corporal and an acting Sergeant immediately behind the accused, while he positioned himself at the rear of his subordinates, suggestive that he was leading from behind.
What appeared to have surprised the body, was that those on the bush-operation were reportedly well attired in office clothing with the male officers smartly dressed in shirts and tie, while the lone female was wearing a pair of semi-high heeled shoes.
The body concluded that even from the mode of dress and the position of the Senior Sergeant, reasonable inferences of negligence may have been drawn.
The Commission was said to have contemplated removing the Crown to revert him to the rank of Sergeant
He has the option of appealing the fine.

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  1. Wow that is a hefty fine for two charges, for a serious criminal escapee that was worth 50k.

    This is sure to send a strong message not only to the Snr Sgt but all other ranks.

    And it only took seven professionals to take the time out of their hectic schedule to come up with the $400.00 fine.

    Mr. Pompey if it was a small charge and the person escaped what would the fine be 30 cents?


      Would reserve comment until my ‘…buddy Duncy Bat’ come on the scene.

      But to guide your thoughts, here are the possible punishments an offending officer faces.

      See if the Senior Sergeant found favor with ‘…Grandpa Commissioners or Grandma Commissioners.’

      There are various disciplinary offences; some extremely serious and some not so serious.

      Dependent upon the considered seriousness such as ‘…Discreditable Conduct; …Insubordination; or ….Neglect of Duty;’ one of these punishments is likely [Section 11: Police Discipline: Chapter 330];

      (i) …Dismissal from the Police Service

      (ii) …Requirement to resign from the Police Service.

      This one is the most dangerous punishment.

      Why? An officer would be,

      (a) …Ordered to do so forthwith;

      (b) …Given a date to submit resignation.

      This is the dangerous part.

      If he refuses to do so, then he is dismissed by the Police Service Commission (PSC).

      (iii) …Reduction in rank

      (iv) …Reduction in rate of pay for a period not exceeding one year;

      (v) …Fine not exceeding $200.00 (one offence);

      (vi) …Reprimand; and

      (vii) …Caution.’

      Waiting for buddy Duncy Bat’s comment.

      He cannot come with anything ‘…Duncy or Battish.’

      He should never be seen as having the ‘…mentality of a Grandpa or Granny Police Service Commissioner.’ Nah!

      • Mr Pompey Duncy Bat ain’t got anythingng to say. $400 is above my pay grade so I will be guided by you!

        • FAIR COMMENT

          Took the wind out of my sail.

          No further comment either.

          Still holding ‘…Good Grades.’

          Why would anyone still believe, ‘ …you are as Dunce as a Bat?

  2. An officer of the law was fined $400.00 for Neglect of Duty in causing Delano Forbes 23, called the ‘…Vampire Killer,’ to escape from his custody…is this for real…just $400.00. They all should be fired.

    • Maybe that’s the maximum the relevant act of parliament allows.

      I am an ex police officer and normally defend them, but this is a DISMISSAL charge. It’s more so for me, considering what the prisoner /suspect was charged and on remand for.

  3. Because of the high public interest, should this case go before the court?

    Something seems odd about this.

    In other jurisdiction this case would go before the court and attract the media’s attention so the public can follow….

  4. So if he had not escaped from them,he would possibly have not killed?…sounds like a law suit from the victims families against those/That officer?.

    • That’s exactly what the family needs to do….plus Forbes keep repeating that he did not escape….this was planned and had he not been “released, there would not have been that final victim! Sue them as they enjoyed the reward money. $400.00??? Might as well realease all the other prisoners, collect thousands in reward money n get a mere slap on the wrist!

      • Thats a pay for a job well done for letting him loose . because i have never hear such stupidity like this nonsense in my life.400 what is that ? Baby food go back to the pack and come again just say its an oversight . NONSENSE

    • Well tell JT and Ava-Maria to talk to lawyers about filing wrongful death claims against said officer for the death of their father who was a cool postal worker.

  5. Seriously??? $400 for serious neglect of duty. As mentioned above the cost of the tribunal that he had to face must have cost more to put together!!! While Forbes was fleeing jurisdiction he could have murdered more people. I feel this is sending out the wrong message to other officers in the execution of their duties and their responsibility to be accountable for their actions.
    Relieved from duties (permanently)
    Suspension (without pay)
    Substantial fine
    Is there a chance for the public to appeal his penalty?
    Asking for a friend!

  6. Is the PSC aware that countless people lived in fear when this guy and Burgah were on the loose? This is akin to a pat on the back aka “good job”

    The PSC came down hard and swift on Wendell, but I guess they are just following the “rules”

    • U are so right!! Guess in the eyes Wendell asking some male junior officers for sex is more serious then several officers letting an alleged killer allowing him to alleglly kill again. What a set of jokers🤣🤣🤣

  7. This ya foolishness. It can be said he was found to have been negligent in allowing Mr Forbes escaping. During this time, Mr Forbes killed another man, and all he get is a fine of $400.00 EASTERN CARIBBEAN DOLLARS?

    This is pure BS.

    There’s something wrong with the justice system here! Something wrong with our courts! Something wrong with the politicians! Something wrong with the people of this land to stand by with this ignorance

  8. People with 50 to 60 grams of cannabis are being charged more than that or go to prison. For example, my son was charged $2,400.00 for the possession of 57.3 grams of cannabis or 6 months in prison four years ago. It was his first offense. He decided to stop by some friends the Friday after work to smoke and drink. The house they were at got raid by law officers. My son decided to take the rap for possession (yes I could box his head off his body). I am saying all this to compared the fined between my son and the law officer.
    I am sure if a good research into the law book of Antigua and Barbuda, the public would find a law that will give the rights to appeal the officer penalty? There are always laws on the books that have never been use or heard of publicly.

  9. I usually come here and read the comments when I am having a bad day…. Ladies and Gents, boys and girls…. Why are we sitting down behind our keyboards and complaining to the choir…. What you need to do is begin writing to the attorney general, flood his office with emails and letters until we have all our laws revised and brought into the 21st century….. That is how it is done…. Or would we rather have the laws remain the same until it affects you??? Like Duncy Bat this too is above my pay grade….

    • This is a good suggestion but that is waste of time. The attorney general don’t see most of letters leaved at his office. The letters are either thrown in the garbage or put through the paper shredder machine.

  10. Sometimes you read things and you have to pinch yourself to see if you are living in a parallel universe!

    EC$400.00 for such a serious neglect of duty? Really? There should have been at least a demotion in rank for some period of time! Not just for the senior sergeant, but for who ever authorised the operation to go ahead without the subject being handcuffed to another officer from start to finish of teh operation.

    The fact that another person was allegedly killed by this perp while on the run, only adds to the seriousness of this NEGLECT of duty by all involved.

    Now am I really reading correctly that the $50,000 reward was distributed among police officers who picked him up? Wah stupidness you a talk bout!!! Firstly, members of law enforcement should not be able to collect a reward for doing their jobs! Secondly, it was the forces neglect that started this situation!

    What are we now to think, other than this was an internal set up to distribute the reward money between colleagues in the force?!?!? Because that’s what I’m thinking.

    This does not instill any confidence what so ever in the RPFAB.

  11. My thoughts exactly @ My Island

    Word is that it’s a set up to fleece the taxpayers of the reward money. All those cops involved should have been suspended and or demoted.
    The police should not have been rewarded for doing their jobs, rewards should be limited to the general public.

    But you know how this justice run under this so called government.

  12. Pure bullshit jus $400 jus $400, jus $400 brard dallar note , eastern caribbean currency, I tell you this is a mockery to our country and the standars we should be keeping. Hmph

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