Senior Citizens Association Robbed Twice In A Month


The Antigua and Barbuda Association for Senior Citizens (ABASC) headquarters at the Emms Drive location was robbed on Sunday leaving the nothing this time around.

According to president of the ABASC, Vernie George, this is the second time this month that the facility has been robbed.

“Last night they came in again because yesterday afternoon I passed and took a look around and this morning now when we came in, the door was broken off, and they cleaned us out again. They took everything now,” she said.

George said the items stolen included a television, printer, DVD player and a blood pressure monitor.

The association, which is currently not operational, is now facing a major set back for when they decide to start back up.

“Well, because of the [Covid-19] right now, we are not working but when we are in, we come in here and have games, we go out, speakers come in and now we are at a disadvantage because if, for instance, the country reopens — let us say in September — we don’t have anything.” George explain.

George is now appealing to the public to assist the association in any way possible. An investigation into the break-ins is currently underway


  1. I know who thieving in Antigua. A homeless drug from Bethesda name who lives in an abandon house in gambles. Hope someone cripple that good

    • @sandra…Crime of the white collar kind, and the blue collar mind, walks hand in glove.
      One reason, why ‘blue collar crimes’ are allowed to go unabated, is, it supports “white collar crimes.”
      Crime and criminality have to be addressed from both angles, for any Crime Fighting Plan, to be effective. It’s that simple!


  2. how you know the thief? maybe because fisher man know fisher man. Stop blaming ppl, be careful its not one of your family. Its not good to judge.


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