Send us pretty Vincentian women, says PM


ASSOCIATED PRESS: Prime Minister Gaston Browne has sought to downplay opposition concerns over remarks he made regarding the persons being evacuated from St Vincent and the Grenadines, where the erupting La Soufriére volcano has resulted in several people being evacuated to neighbouring Caribbean islands.

Browne said that the statement he made in which he urged his St Vincent and the Grenadines counterpart, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, to send pretty ‘Vincie’ women, was merely a light banter.

“As usual, the UPP (United Progressive Party) opportunists and propagandists who are seeking relevance clearly are accentuating an exchange of levity on social media; something that is of absolutely no consequence.

“At the end of the day, we’ll be accommodating hundreds of Vincentians, young, old, male, female, but these UPP people are uncontrollably embittered, and they evidently need to get a life,” Browne said.

The Women’s Forum of the UPP (UPP-WF) issued a statement on Sunday, saying that it “strongly condemns the Facebook remarks made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne regarding the women of St Vincent & The Grenadines”.

The UPP Women’s Forum said it considers the statements to be “vulgar, demeaning, sexist, and inappropriate”.

The opposition group said that but more importantly, “at a time like this, when the people of that nation are vulnerable, anxious, in peril, and are likely to be displaced, the prime minister’s comments are inexcusable.

“Mr Browne’s words were neither funny nor light-hearted, and we are disgusted that the head of government would behave in this manner,” the release said, noting that “the Women’s Forum views his statements as predatory and an encouragement of the men of our nation to see women as ‘prey’ and as sex objects.”

“Were the situation reversed, with Antiguans and Barbudans invited to accept refuge elsewhere, would we not want to be assured of a haven that is safe and honourably intended?”

The UPP-WF said it was therefore urging residents, including religious and civil society leaders, “to condemn the prime minister’s remarks and actions that might result from them, since they set an un-Christian and dangerous example”.

Browne reiterated that the opposition remains “uncontrollably embittered by the failures and, frankly speaking, need to get a life,” he said, adding that “this press release is just inconsequential and totally irrelevant”.

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  1. The PM was out of order and should apologize. Nothing “light banter” in this. I am a Labour supporter, but right is right and wrong is wrong.

  2. Not surprised AP picked up this story & are running it globally – unnecessarily ‘juicy’ from leader of a perceived 2×4 black nation (whose people are trying hard to restart incoming tourism from all market niches).

    We expect better of our nation’s Prime Minister, red, blue, green, whatever color; the PM represents us and people from elsewhere judge Antiguans & Barbudans on the incumbent PM’s presence, rhetoric and actions.

    PM may benefit from guidance in civil leadership & civilly communicating governance within a democracy, for example:
    National pronouncements from the Prime Minister should first be made officially by media release from the Office of the Prime Minister and on state media i.e. ABS.
    Thoughts, comments and musings from private citizen G Browne can be made through personally owned media platforms and personal social media pages.
    One caveat – as a public servant and public figure, please understand your communication should be circumspect as befits any leader of a bona fide country, business or organization, be it expressing personal opinions or professional. Note today’s AP pick-up was because of the demeaning words of the PM about women.

    Language maketh the speaker: kindly learn to be respectful to all, cease being tone-deaf and understand it is NOT necessary to respond to each criticism (as a street fighter lashing back or as a professional)

    Know the era we live in and please adjust your expressions… Women are not ‘objects’ – the majority are valuable, smart, organized, hard-working members of our society and should be respected as such not referred to as ‘morons’ ‘pretty women’ etc.

    It takes a strong and humble person to apologise and take actions moving forwards that show the apology was genuine.

  3. Ah you cook yah. The mud never stuck locally so they trying to give it regional and international traction.

    I again ask the women of UPP…how can you embrace a political candidate who would have committed one of the most heinous crimes against a woman. Don’t these women of UPP know that taking the life of a woman would have devoid humanity of it natural progression. Is it that because many of these women of UPP may be queer in their thinking that they cannot associate with what one of their party hopefuls would have done. Let me say as queer as your thinking is real men don’t condone criminals. Deal with that fussssssss.

    • Would he have committed one of the most heinous crimes or DID he commit one of the most heinous crimes?

      Antiguans, please learn grammar. Even the clown PM constantly misuses the phrase “would have.”

  4. What is wrong with what Prime Minister said….It was just a Joke. I cannot believe ANR is running this story

    • @SUNSHINE: It is a story. Because of the person who said it. He is not some Joe Blow. He is the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda. He should not have said it in my opinion. That is not a joke to be made publicly. In a time when those Vincentians are going through a National Disaster.

    • It was out of order coming from head of a country, he should not have made a comment like that. Jokeinly or not, he raised a red flag.

  5. TENMEN,SIDELINES,GASTON: Could you three tell me.When would the Pensioners of Social Security be paid.Today is the 13 April,2021.I do have relatives in Antigua.They have not been paid to this date.I guarantee,you three were paid at your scheduled times.Help those poor Pensioners,now.

  6. Prime Minister is correct. All who is complaining must be ANTI-MAN like KNIGHT or POMPOUS UPP WOMEN.. Send the beautiful Vincentians Women to Antigua. Antigua UPP women are too POMPOUS.

  7. Gaston say his opponents don’t respect women , don’t care for their children and beat women.
    Ask Colin Browne on famous show how many children he has outside his marriage during his marriage .
    Ask him how many times he physically put his his on his ex-wife which factual . Ask him how many children during his marriage and outside that he hasn’t given one penny , one phone call to any of these children .who has never spoken to their father

  8. This man is a misogynistic pig. If he had any semblance of decorum, he’d apologise for these reprehensible remarks and try to move on. Instead, his own stubborn ignorance causes him to dig in his feet and double down. Stupidity on an amazing scale. Wake up, Antigua! Tragically, there’s little else to choose from in terms of leadership. A failing nation with no natural or economic resources that is entirely reliant on tourism. I guess there’s always the new colonial masters in the form of the Chinese comrades. 万岁,中国!

  9. It’s ridiculous to read some of the comments here supporting ‘Hitler mustached’ Browne. No self respecting PM would make such stupid remarks- making it sound like Antigua does not have good looking women….or maybe that was his intention…

  10. What is wrong with that picture above of Gaston Browne.He has a misshapen head There is no wonder. He is all screwed up.

  11. Everything that comes out of traitor dictator Gaston is pure trash. Even scum is better than him.

    Vote this nincompoop out of office before it’s too late for our nation.

  12. Maybe all the women should get together and take care of business. Never let dictator traitor Gaston ever talk shit about any woman again.

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