Senator Richard Lewis says vaccine mandate is ungodly and inhumane


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  1. @Richard Lewis…🍍🍍🍍 ☃️☃️☃️Snow will become the #Norm, in this #New #Norm, in Antigua every Summer, if any politician/politicians in the Nation have the power to divert these vaccines and the protocols which accompany them.

  2. Au contraire, Monsieur Senator, what is wicked, inhumane and ungodly is permitting people to die needlessly.

    This type of narrative being pushed by the UPP has been one of their greatest downfalls, and is probably the chief reason they lost so badly at the last polls. While a few loud and rambunctious populist voices may appear to be giving credence to such a dithering and irresponsible position, the party is being severely judged by the majority who know better.

    You asserted that you hope the government is prepared for the consequence of mandating vaccinations in the public service. Worthy of note is that private entities are also adopting the government’s stance, demonstrating that the decision is a sound and reasonable one. I daresay that it is the UPP that needs to be prepared for the consequences of its irresponsibility.


    • Unlike the vax, Ivermectin + zinc protocols work, are cheap and don’t kill you. They have no long term ill effects either. But corrupt politicians and their ignorant shills don’t want you to know, as there are no $$$ kickbacks to be made from cheap, out of patent, repurposed drugs.

      • Yes, Mr. Horse Medicine. Take the horse medication, even though the creators of it and scientific studies explicitly prove that it has absolutely no effect on treating COVID. But continue to wallow in your ignorance.

    • Reasonable? By forcing people to take an experimental drugs that isn’t EFFECTIVE? Really? You have some nerve coming on here to chat fuck. You took it you’re protected right? You had a choice right? So tell me what makes you better and MORE entitled to a choice than those who refuse to take it? Vaccinated people can still catch and transmit the virus and the vaccine destroys your immune system so you will no longer have the natural immunity to fight viruses. The more people get vaccinated the more the cases will rise because it is the vaccinated that is infecting the world. Things were dying down and they vaccinate people then look ya….going right back up. At the end of the day you had a choice and so should every human regardless if its the opposite of what you would do. Someone’s right to choose shouldn’t be dismissed just because it differs from your choice. None of this is reasonable you’re just selfish.

  3. Three Bishops the other day on ABS TV. The Catholic, The Methodist and the Pentecostal all supporting the mandatory vaccination, and this man standing in the parliament of Antigua and Barbuda calling it Ungodly. Something wrong with the UPP big time.

    • Not sure God would be allowed in some those “churches” cause last I checked he’s not vaccinated either

      • But he isn’t lying it is ungodly. You gonna tell me I can’t go to worship GOD unless I’m vaccinated? These people have to be sniffing koolaid. Catholic is the most corrupt church I have ever come across. That’s the devil’s church right there cause Idk what a vaccination status have to do with God. God would never force anyone, he gave each man free will to worship him right? This vaccine is no way, size, shape or form something good for humanity or anyone spirituality. The vaccine is the devil’s juice and I’m convinced now those churches and pastors are only looking to make their pockets deeper same as the government here and everywhere. They don’t care about any of you. Bill gates washing their hands well.

        • The first lesson about a free will can be found in Genesis. Is the story of Adam and Eve. They were not supposed to eat from the tree of Good and Evil. Free will they chose to eat from it. The consequence was if you do from it you will die. And that is the moral of the story. Yes, you have a free will. But you are expected to make the right choice. Cause if you don’t you will suffer the consequences. The wage of sin is death. Each time God gives us choices between good and bad. You can choose not to get vaccinated. But we know the outcome. If you catch Covid you have not much of a chance.

  4. If your party wasn’t so anti-‘foreigner’ you would be at its helm right now, but they want to punish you because of who you love/chose to marry. Sad, sad, sad

  5. I agree with you Richard.

    God gives EVERYONE a choice, so what the government has done is UNGODLY.

    It is also INHUMANE because EVERY ADULT should have the right to say what goes into his or her body.

    So, I agree with you Richard.

      • Only if the policy makes sense and the vaccine proves to be INEFFECTIVE. Look up gibraltar and israel. They have the most cases and most vaccinated so pick sense out of nonsense. How is this protesting people? Enlighten me please cause it stupid brainwashed people like you who don’t have facts that will bring this country down. And a vaccine is only required if there are no other treatments available and they are more effective drugs to battle covid far more than the vaccine could ever do like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine which are mysteriously not available for people and is only used in hospitals when just the other day we could get it At a local pharmacy. No one can say this wasn’t all planned out when all the Facts are there. Do some research please. Educate yourself.

  6. Romans 13:Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

    Seems RL missed Romans. Kudos to Anderson Cathy, who like Jimmy Cliff sang, could see clearly that covid is an issue of life and death. People like RL have no issue with taxes being mandatory but are blind to how a decision not to get vaccinated cannot not only bring death to your and your family members door, but can also impact others. Government has a foremast mandate to protect public health

    • TENMAN your logic is so flawed and ridiculous it is not funny. Following your logic and reasoning from Romans 13, God (whoever who conceive him to be) would have established all the governing authorities on earth. Am I to accept that all the dictators that have ruled countries were put there by God? If Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and any other dictator you can think of were established by God then the people were very wrong to oppose those governments. Moreover, South Africans should not have fought against the Apartheid system since it was established by God. You sound like the old racist Christian theologians who tried to justify slavery by relying on God and the Bible.

      • The people you used as an example were there democratic elections? Did they break the law? There is the difference. You yourself via comment here haave admitted that mandatory vaccinations do not breach the law. Your mind change again? I do get why when in opposition you would argue there should be no respect for those elected. Interestingly when in government, I recall BS, HL and Wilmoth siting the same scripture

        • TENMAN if you want it repeated Mandatory Vaccination is not unconstitutional. Whether Hitler (to use that example) was elected democratically or not, your argument was the government would be established by God thus the citizens should bear and take whatever the government does. For your information God does not establish any government anywhere.

  7. Wonder if his party was in power how would we be in this covid mess right now. We would properly have been worser than Greneda. All like now the refrigerator container would be park up outside Barnes and Straffie to hold all dead bodies chupes all u politicanas sick people tomock wid y’all bullshit

    • Not necessarily. At this point nobody can possibly sink Antigua more than gaston Browne. He knows what he is doing is only gonna make things worse yet doesn’t care cause he is getting his coins at the end of the day.

      • Chupes UPP facking worst than facking Gaston Brown. Y’all like y’all forget 2009-2014 when the leader of UPP was finance minister and did not know what the fack ton do but run to frigging IMF UPP nah ready yet I said what the fack I said

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