Senator: Rastas cannot go to the land of Selassie l without being vaccinated

Senator Aziza Lake

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  1. Gaston should mandate all of them go on a diet, including himself. Some Members of his government seem to be spending a lot on food. They should give some of the money to the pensioners. He started the body shaming.

  2. How dare that gay bitch disrespect Rastas like that.

    I hope she knows that she is dreading on thin ice with her haughty attitude.

    Washington Beamble have at least a little more sense than her to soeak such filth in Parliament.

    • Why are you attacking the messenger instead of examining the message?? Ethiopia nor Selassie recognized rastas as having any special connection to the country or the late emperor. He never accepted any religious or spiritual significance that rastas ascribed to him. Dude adhered to another religion and worshipped the Creator of heaven and earth. If you want to link up with rasta land, go to Jamaica, not Ethiopia!

      • There are NO Rastas Ethiopia. The man never recognized them or their cult-like belief system. His Majesty was actually a born-again Christian and was particularly close to Rev. Billy Graham. Do you research!!!

    • Where did she disrespected Rastas? Fact is that nuff don’t want to be in a society (Babylon) they call it but wants to travel. How will they be able to if they’re not vaccinated? A community with this mentality can easily be wiped out easily it the virus get in. questioning the mindset the ideology of the elders is not disrespectful. It is obvious that YOU don’t give a piddle about the Rastafarian community.

  3. (EDITOR: Please remove my first post, and keep this one, as I made some spelling corrections.)

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    How dare that gay bitch disrespect Rastas like that.

    I hope she knows that she is dreading on thin ice with her haughty attitude.

    Washington Bramble has at least a little more common sense than her to speak such filth in Parliament.

  4. PJ, you just made me laugh, as you took the very words from my mouth.

    Their bellies are too full, to the point where they are making some irrational decisions that sometimes make no sense.

    As the late Jamaican Reggae Artist Garnet Silk sang, “dem belly full but dem starving, have a lot and still wanting”, and as Bob Marley said “this is a rat race”.

  5. well if they want to go to ETHIOPIA then they must comply with the requirements – easy and simple as that. The late Emperor Haile Selassie already had his appointment with death in 1975 and has returned to the dust (Genesis 3:19). Let us who are still alive be careful to protect ourselves and community.

  6. I’m so a shame of these leaders, let’s play the game shame shame shame, oh you Pharaoh’s of this country, like you keep losing the screws in your brains, one minute you say this and the next is something else, this is where we will never ever put our faith in your words. Don’t be bribing these people, either the Most High Yah will and can still rescue his people, so you think that taking your death shots are the only way? Think again. I see a spirit of confusion fighting in the camps of the enemy and we the faithful ones will never stop praying. All I’m seeing is Division, Hatred, Lies, Bribery ECT … These make my stomach sick to see how they have become obsessed with this vaccine, just to get some money shame shame shame. You put people out of work, just for something that does not work for no one but to kill them. My fellow Antiguans some of your eyes are being open to truth, now the others who refused to believe truth, continue to write Gaston movie line for 2021. God bless now do the right thing for the Most High Yah but putting our Faith in him, not these demon rats.

  7. Nurses are being exposed daily with covid patients they said the nurses don’t need to be vaccinated, if a vaccinated person get in contact with someone that has covid while wearing their mask, that person must quarantine, should nurses and doctors that deal with the patients be quarantine also? I see alot of lies and corruption in this

    • You people in this section are DISGUSTING and NASTY every single one of you blasted idiots. Nurses that deal with the patients are exempt simply due to the shortage and possible side effects that may have them feeling a bit under the weather for a day. They can’t even take a day OFF! Because all of you idiots can’t seem to UNDERSTAND that this disease is DEADLY or you’re all SELFISH

      • O that’s the excuse? or is it they know they can’t find temporary nurses like how they (think) they can find temporary teachers?

      • I thought the “vaccine” “protected” you? What’s the problem? Wasn’t that the original definition and intention of a vaccine? If that has changed, someone please let us know.

      • You sound real retarded the vaccine doesn’t cure nor prevent nor it doesn’t keep you from death or keep you off the ventilators whens is your birthday all fool’s day some of you so dam naive and stupid and blind the government getting right off your souls if the jabs that good y do you need a booster why follow protocals why you still have to youse natural stuff. Does it make sense were you born with a functioning brain get it checked cause I don’t think you were I think the vaccine made you dumber than you already are . Everybody have a right to choose you nor Gaston none of you are God.

    • They know that if they mandate nurses to take the snake bite they will walk off of the job. They know what taking this will do to them….. But no quarantine for nurses even though they are exposed everyday….they go home to their families. And people still aren’t asking the right questions. Why is this being forced on people when not even those on the frontline are willing to take it? hmmmm

  8. Let me make this abundantly clear,I am not against vaccines. What I’m against is people not given the freedom of choice. Especially when it comes to their own bodies. YOU of all people senator should understand this. Imma leave this right here.

    • Very few people are against vaccines. If you want to take them go ahead, it’s your body. What a lot of people are against is someone wanting to force something in their…er…body…that they don’t want there and don’t want to have to deal with the result a few months/years later.

      • You have the choice!!! You can refuse the vaxx and kill yourself, but you don’t have a right to kill grandma or your children. Stop the nonsense talk.

    • You all have had a choice for almost a year. When are y’all going to finally decide? When it affects someone close to you? People are DYING! How can you see the hospital at capacity, the funeral homes at capacity, the CEMETERY at capacity and still talk about “choice”? Y’all are SELFISH. Just be honest and say you don’t want it and done, but quit preaching the my body my choice bs.

      • Listen to yourself you sound hopeless and dumb vax doesn’t cure you doesn’t prevent you nor save you from being dead wake up wise up. I have people who recover naturally and I have people died from the vaccine the Government will lie toget their wealth off your souls 3 to 5 years see what happens to the vaccinated that freezer bought that’s all I will say

        • @Annoyed 💯💯💯💯 just leave it there cause some people will never learn. They hear what they want to hear and cut out everything that isn’t in line or anything opposed to their opinions. Its either this way or no way at all. That’s the mentality of most vax people and the government.

    • When there is a state of emergency do you think that you have the right to endanger the rest of society? In some countries you will be a arrested.

      • We have been under a state of emergency when there were no cases. Where was the emergency then? Arwe haffu lock up in arwe house by 8 o’clock yet the airport wide open for all and sundry. This is about conditioning and controlling people, but I will NEVER be controlled by such idiots! I have a right to work, eat and provide for my family. I have a right to say what goes in my body. That will NEVER change. So come and arrest me for my rights and see how this will end.

    • Why are u so bothered by what the Senator said?? Did u not research the entry requirements for Ethiopia??? She really struck a nerve with you 🤣
      Look up the requirements for entry into Ethiopia and see for yourself. Easy and simple as that!

      • Then that ain’t the land of no Selassie I….cause REAL Rasta dont BELIEVE in the jab so no place for REAL Rasta would either so it is what it is.

  9. So this abomination can decide to be he, she or an it, women can decide which pickie they want to bring in this world or not, but you can’t make a decision for yourself if you want the jab or not? I do not believe in Salassie but the rastas were never quiet on the topic of vaccines. They knew something we did not.When God ready fe dis nation and fe dem that sell it to an deceive God creation. WOE!

    • You sound like u a see likkle man in u porridge 🤣😂
      Do a scan to make sure there are no tumors inside ya head please 🤣😂😆😅

  10. Their (politically correct pronoun) oratorical skills are normally sharp like their haircut, perhaps it’s the company they’re keeping that’s affecting their speech. Facts, one requires a host of vaccines to travel to certain countries in Africa, and Ethiopia is one of those countries, then again some will not know where to find Ethiopia on a silhouette of the African continent.

  11. @concerned vaccinated
    It is hypocritical to be talking about Protecting lives and protecting livelihood and they are at risk, I am not for mandatory vax i am only drawing an example, the truth will come out keep believing in these nefarious leaders, alot of things not adding up , think for your self

  12. The Prime minister already acknowledged that Rastas’ diet is superior to others and because of this they are not likely to be a serious source of spread. I think he inadvertently admitted that there are other ways to tackle this disease but that’s another matter. I heard someone say to the Rastas on the radio “Come join us, cause they’ll be coming after you next”. It hasn’t been 2 months since he said that.
    Esther 4:13 – …Think not with thyself that thou shalt escape in the king’s house…

    • The PM has advised them that their best choice is to take the vaccine because doing otherwise puts this life at risk. Seems you are unware but we do have some rasta who suffer from NCD’s.

  13. Shame them when they don’t take it, shame them when they do. Even the angels of heaven rejoice when one wicked sinner repents, but I guess these people never heard of repentance and forgiveness. Now just take the jab and go sit down in the corner

  14. This is like watching wrestling, very entertaining, almost believable. I don’t understand why educated people can only speak in generalities and superlatives. Children mostly speak like that. It’s well and good to say somebody said that somebody important said but where are the names, credentials, facts, figures and studies? Do they think that it is above our heads or that we are beneath their level of comprehension.
    Biden and his cohorts have ben peddling this lie about “pandemic of the unvaccinated” since they started giving the shot. Who else was there for the disease to infect? It takes 8 weeks for a person to be considered vaccinated anyway and I just heard of one hospital in the states that considers a person a COVID death once they die within 60 days of testing positive. This obviously stacks the numbers in their favour.
    If vaccination prevents infection, then why does Israel have high numbers of both? Delta variant you say, then where is the delta vaccine? In the meantime just give me some good old Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine or just plain old VITAMINS and MINERALS.
    Very convincing they are, but then again, she’s not my favourite wrestler anyway…

    • Majority unvax’d Antigua has a death rate of about 2.4%, Israel has a death rate of 0.6%. At that rate, over 50 lives could have been saved.

  15. Senator Aziza Lake I am very disappointed in portions of your contribution to the senate yesterday. Your administration mandated vaccines for public sector workers in order to secure employment, much to their displeasure they did it after being chastised and threatened by your leader. Now they have succumbed to the pressure you still go on a public platform and still verbally lash them there by prolonging and increasing the division in this country. Please use your platform more responsibly

  16. My St Vincent Rasta Brethren just got back from Addis Ababa… Allll it took was the Negative test..Leaving and Returning Out of JFK International.. Pure Rubbish… They are forcing vaccines because they’ve already Collected Monies From Bill Gates.. Uneasy Head’s Who have conspired to part of the Genocide of ANTIGUANS …

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