Senator Joseph calls out Sir Molwyn over Cashew Hill garbage


Senator Johnathan Joseph says he is prepared to pick up the duties of Sir Molwyn Joseph if the Health Minister fails to correct the situation in which some Cashew Hill residents find themselves.

The Senator and Minister are political opponents in the St. Mary’s North constituency, where Harmony Drive householders are complaining about the collection of garbage.

Senator Joseph, the United Progressive Party Candidate, shared photos with REAL News, showing the pile-up of garbage bags outside one home.  No pick-up has taken place for a month, the home-owner claims, and there is no set day for collection, either.

He notes that the situation is a health hazard and is calling on the National Solid Waste Authority, which falls under Sir Molwyn’s Ministry, to take action.

If the situation is not corrected by this Friday, April 1, the Senator tells the Health Minister that he will take the initiative and have the refuse collected, himself.

Other residents, after a fruitless wait for collection, have already resorted to hauling their garbage to another location where the trucks can pick up the bags.

The Candidate’s campaign manager confirms that the situation is dire in other parts of the constituency, as well, and he says it is an indictment of Sir Molwyn, given the position he holds.

Residents in the Loblolly Hill area of Greenbay, meanwhile, are echoing the same complaint: that their garbage is uncollected because of the treacherous state of their road. — REAL News



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