Senator Boasts Taxi Drivers’ $7,000 Daily Earnings


Senator Philip Shoul Emphasizes Tourism Success and Calls for Fair Tax Collection

Senator Philip Shoul has highlighted the thriving tourism industry in Antigua and Barbuda, particularly focusing on the remarkable earnings of taxi drivers as a testament to the economy’s success.

Senator Shoul, acknowledging the positive trajectory of tourism, underscored the need for the government to collect its fair share of taxes to sustain this growth.

During his address, Senator Shoul stated, “Taxi drivers are making $7,000 EC in one day,” showcasing the robust economic activity within the tourism sector.

He emphasized the importance of leveraging this success to ensure equitable tax collection, stating, “We must give away the taxes too,” referring to the tax concessions provided to businesses in the hospitality industry.

The senator’s debate contribution centered on the theme of balancing economic prosperity with responsible fiscal policies.

He praised the Prime Minister’s initiatives to strengthen the country’s financial management and urged a review of tax policies to align with the buoyant tourism sector’s contributions to the economy.

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  1. What?
    Kindly share which taxi drivers are making ec$7,000 a day?!?
    This is extraordinary income, clearly well above published fares, as achieving this in a 16-hour driving day, back to back journeys, no stopping time, seems highly improbable.

    Even if 1 person earned this for one day it is a far-fetched statement.(as senator is very careful not to say daily, but a day, however wishes people to assume daily)

    Public should demand honesty in all discourse in both houses, not obfuscation.

  2. About to change my profession. Children no need to go through the lengths of degrees and certification. Get yourself a diver’s license, drive for someone for a year, save your money and get a bus for yourself. End game.

  3. My God! Kudos to taxi men. Sounds like the famous statement by Robin.”Things so good in Antigua, pussy an all a yam salad.”

  4. Maybe the good senator, needs to give up his senator position and drive Taxi to prove what he is saying is true

  5. It seems more likely that a tour company made this kind of money, not a single taxi driver unless he offers some serious value added services. The senator needs to speak about what he knows about.

  6. Sorry Senator Shoul stop trying to fool the people. As a former taxi driver I would want to see a breakdown of how that kind of income is possible.
    Even the largest buses at the port when leaving the port filled to capacity (which they do not get that done often), can make that amount even if they make the maximum amount of trips possible which might be two. How many 48 seater buses operate there? Most of the buses are 15-seaters so how do they compare?
    It is high time a proper forensic financial study is done on the business to determine what are the average income/expense of this sector.
    To properly discover the cost of business and actual profit or loss.
    Let us not get lost in the rhetoric of politicians.
    Taxi Associations better sit up and take notice.

  7. The self driving cars that Gaston Browne talked about have arrived? Because the taxi man must be operating multiple vehicles!! Even if the taxi driver has a 30 seater bus it means that each passenger would have to pay $200 each and the driver get a $1000 tip. Or could it be the taxi man offering more than the traditional ride?
    That’s why the Shouls never let Phillip go behind the cash register. He can’t count. He is a total dunce.

  8. Senator should do you have proof in what you are saying and even tho taxi drivers make that kind of money
    they have six.months doing nothing and think.about all the loans they have to pay especially on vehicles that you guys fail to give duty free concession on..I hope you is paying tax

  9. You need to fix the roads in Antigua .especially the tour route from town up allsaints road going liberta and going tru sweets ,John Hughes and old road,also the road to one of our historical site.(devil bridge ) look into that!! That should be your number one priority and stop watching taxi men pocket ,watch your leader pocket!!!

  10. You need to fix the roads in Antigua .especially the tour route from town up allsaints road going liberta and going tru sweets ,John Hughes and old road,also the road to one of our historical site.(devil bridge ) look into that!! That should be your number one priority and stop watching taxi men pocket ,watch your leader pocket!!!

  11. I am quitting this attorney/law office thing and begin taxi driving in Antigua. I really would need to see this to believe it is possible to make $7000ec or usd in small Antigua as a driver in 1 day.

    That is impossible.

  12. This German nazi type ideology senator talking of black people making money in their land their ancestors shed their blood for under blows, and we are not allowed to 0.005% of the wealth because whites are given first preference to extract as much money from the economy and the leaving is ours but not without burdensome tax by a black elected government while they go parliament to exclude white business from tax. What we have is an ant- black government. This company global port is some how proxy with others at the port, having access to move anything on these ships into the American and European market, so go fast boats are not needed anymore, then all these tax free zones with there customs privatized is the entry from south American market to antigua’s shores. Something sinister is afoot while we believe it’s just incompetent management that cause them to give up the port, heritage cay is going to be buffer zone at nights and soon to be boobie alley from prying eyes, journalist need to investigate like the late tim hector from the outside, my brains are not harvested and can see clearly that something is awry.

  13. Smh .. maybe the taxi collects for the tour company but please .. which taxi driver is making $7000 a day?? More than one taxi driver ?? For how long has this been going on .. wasn’t it the taxi driver complaining just last year saying they need an increase ???? So senator do you want us to believe that taxi divers make 7000 day so in one month 7000x 30 days =210,000 so taxi drivers are making over 200,000 dollars a month ????

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