‘Selling ice cream is not the skill that we looking for to run a country,’ Says Browne


‘Selling ice cream is not the skill that we looking for to run a country,’ Says PM Browne.

Listen to him here react to three UPP candidates:

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  1. Talk about what you are going to do to improve our economy, and livelihoods and stop PATRONISING THE ANTIGUAN ELECTORATE … TAL

  2. A comedian became the Pr3esident of Ukraine and is now a world leader. There is no requirement for public office. She is a citizen that makes her eligible. She is an honorable person with the balls to open and run a successful business in a place where it is most difficult for locals to do so. I wish her well!

  3. No lies detected….. but who do they turn too for guidance ….. is any politician offering them an enternship…. job training…public speaking………….GASTON WHO TRAINED /TEACH you …even better who trained MARIA…


    • PUBLIC SPEAKING you say?????? What’s up with Jamale Pringle and CA-CAPA-TI-TAH? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      “Diplomatic KORPSS”

      It is obvious that someone is intentionally trying (and succeeding) to trip him up. The UPP has enough experienced public speakers, so why is NO ONE COACHING Jamale Pringle? 🤔

  4. Selling Ice cream is a business. What is wrong with business skills. What skills did Fernandez have before entering politics?

  5. She didn’t even offer the young girl a scoop of icecream, but shoved the camera in the girl’s face half-dressed WITHOUT her parents consent.

  6. It is better to sell ice cream to your people than sell out your people for slavery to enrich yourself.

    To people a great leader one must have empathy , have the citizens interest at heart and not be self centered

    • “…one must have empathy , have the citizens interest at heart and not be self centered”


      NO Parliamentary approval for the WADADLI POWER CAN’T. If he truly had the interest of our people at heart, he would’ve followed the rules. Had he followed the rules and sought PARLIAMENTARY APPROVAL, our country would never have been stuck with OLD ENGINES that have since been DE-COMMISSIONED and that we are STILL PAYING FOR!

  7. Put your bio up for debate. Let’s see where you honed your skills first to deceit followed by enrichment. PMS let you graduate with how many certificates! Remind me again…

    • 100% @Freetownson ask Ms Kitsen! Something is radically wrong with Gaston. The sh!t that comes out of his mouth and the entitlement has far pass his days at PMS. Absolute power corrupts.
      But like i say ask Ms Kitsen and Mr Looby.

  8. This joker really need some hard work to do.
    The laborites need to understand the so called 39ers includind VC Bird, who were mainly blue collar workers and had no tertiary education would be chased out of today’s cult under this dawg.

    • “This joker really need some hard work to do.”

      Yes we still don’t know what ALEX BROWNE does for a living. What does Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn do during the daytime? Knit and crochet blankets and stuffed dolls on her living room couch? She wants to administer our affairs, so we need to know what she is capable of.

      BOTTOM LINE: Why did she leave the bank? Did she get 2 consecutive PISS POOR PERFORMANCE REVIEWS? Tell us emptyhead pearly white Quinn

      Peter Redz tap home in Parham a daytime and kick ⚽️ or he works? What da heck is Alister Thomas day job? BTW, you know Alister Thomas mad that Lovell Limpy Joe is “leader” – right?

      Sean Bird knock around his daddy radio station and BRO. ROY still can’t get his money from zdk.

      Some real LOAFTERS, LEECHES and DEADBEATS desperate for power and money.

  9. 20 years will past and you still blame the UPP even if they are not in office. The greed and arrogance of a man that has Hitler as his role model is ⛽ton labour Party down fall. Self enrichment schemes Robbing the citizens, right now only a few are endeavouring and achieving. ⛽ ton 🤡 is not for the people of Antigua and Barbuda. Look at this leader 🥸 we have try to keep down his own.

    • Of course. We are STILL PAYING for the DEFUNCT and DECOMMISSIONED WADADLI POWER CAN’T. Whose decision was it to buy this “NEW” engine WITHOUT PARLIAMENTARY APPROVAL???

      Years later and the East bus station CAN’T PARK deprives the youth of their sporting field. You can thank the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌 guy for that wise decision. A giant concrete slab blocking the breeze from blowing throughout the city.

      Let’s not even talk about the $320 IMF debt that the Worst Finance Minister in the universe plunged this country into.

      Water woes (in part) because upp mash up Tango

      Owing monies to Semcorp and 90 workers axed from the Port!!!

      You act like it was a bed of roses under the BLISTERING HEAT of the “sunshine government”

      NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

  10. You are obsessed with stripper poles on wilmoth bus. Probably you didn’t get a vip ticket on the bus so you are so sulky. I won’t be surprised you are being paid to turn a blind eye from the truth or you are on the G.L.P ticket running, so we can’t expect better

  11. What is wrong in selling of Ice Cream? I am from Antigua and many persons did sell Ice Cream years ago to increase their incomes. I did not know back then it was a Crime,selling of Ice Cream. This lady Potter,I do not know her. However,she is helping herself by venturing into her own business. Speaking about her selling Ice Cream in a derogatory way is unbecoming Gaston Browne. Where did you begin? You have accumulated your wealth from sleazy Political ventures. When you worked at Swiss American Bank,no one knew you. You became known because of Politics and the Antigua Labor Party. Now you have the gall to be looking down your nostrils at others. You have forgotten from whence you came. The days when you had nothing to eat and others had to feed and cloth you. Just be careful what you wished for and what you sow. For what a man soweth,he reaps. Unless there is a GOAT in that garden eating what you have sowed. So keep your eyes on that and leave Miss Potter and her Ice Cream,Lentils Soup,Business a lone.She is not getting monies by ill gotten gains.


  13. Miss IceCreamScooper, you are just a prop. The real candidate who was BADPLAYED is Kyron.

    “Kyron Simon was elected on Monday night during the St John’s Rural South primary, beating his opponent Gladys Potter 31 – 19”

  14. Some people sometimes accuse others of talking chit and making foolish statements. But when you read what these very people sometimes write, you wonder if they were really talking about themself.
    Take for example a statement such as this:
    “A comedian became the Pr3esident of Ukraine and is now a world leader. There is no requirement for public office.”
    Like any dummy can be the leader of the country? No wonder when we chose people that in no way shape or form have no qualification nor have the capacity of any knowledge thereof, they mess up royally. And they plunge this country into a great mess. No wonder the UPP thinks that they can present this slate of candidates to us voters. Well, I really hope the good and well-thinking people of this country do not make that mistake, if they truly love this country. You do not place your country in uncapable hands. No it does not matter where someone was before he/she ran for office, but it certainly matters what they are when they do apply for the job. You need to be qualified. Or else how are you going to represent the country in international forums? How are you going to negotiate with slick persons from the IMF and the WorldBank. They will all give you a six for a nine and you’ll be none the wiser. You know why we say”Harold Can’t Count”? Because history has shown us that he was taken for a ride on many occasions. Who was so stupid to sign a loan agreement with Credit Swiss at 13% with no out clause for such a lengthy period, when the going rate at the time was 8%? Who signed a deal with investors and gave them title to our land before they even paid ONE DOLLAR. He did that with the lands at Frys, the land at Independent Ave, The land at Crabs for Bau Panel. And there are many more that I can mention. When you want the job as a representative of your country, you’d better get qualified and be ready. This is not like in the days of PAPA when many didn’t have the opportunity to go and get educated. That is why Papa made sure we the people had the opportunity to get educated and he also made sure his children got educated. Now they could come and make their contribution to their country. Schoolchildren when you read a statement that says, “There is no requirement for public office”, just ignore the writer and put that aside. It’s rubbish. Total rubbish.
    Listen to the song of the Mighty Sparrow about education.

  15. African Writer: Octavia Butler
    “Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought. To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that a coward fears. To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool. To be led by a thief is to offer up your most precious treasure to be stolen. To be led by a liar is to ask to be told lies. To be led by a tyrant is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery”

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