Seized vehicle insurance


Seized vehicle insurance is a policy that allows the owner to claim back the car that is seized. It is also known as impound insurance. A standard policy from an insurer is not enough to claim the vehicle.  Seized vehicle insurance with specific policies is only allowed. The policies from seized vehicle insurance will have a period of about 30 days. At the end of this period, the vehicle can have a policy for ordinary car insurance.

The policies offered by different insurers may range between £250 to £350. Factors checked for a vehicle while ensuring the vehicle value will have lesser importance in case of impound insurance. ‘Total insurance’ is an online website that helps its customers to find brokers that give off insurance at a lower down payment.

How to reclaim the impounded vehicle?

Within seven days from the date of issue of the notice, the owner has to reclaim the vehicle. The owner has to go to the correct pound to reclaim the car. Proper documents are to be submitted to reclaim the vehicle. The following are the documents to be produced while claiming the car.

  • Passport
  • A valid drivinglicense
  • EU national identity card
  • Immigration document
  • Insurance certificate
  • Proof of ownership
  • MOT certificate

The driving license-produced must be the UKphotocard license. If it is in old paper form, the owner has to bring any of the IDs mentioned above for verification. EU/EEA with the passport or non-EU/EEA with an international driving license and another ID has to be submitted. If the license is already produced, then the documents showing the same have to be provided.

A valid motor insurance certificate is required to reclaim the vehicle from the government authorities even if the owner does not have any intentions of driving the car on a public road again. Electronic copies of the documents are accepted by the police. All information passed on to the insurer must be correct and up to date.

If the insurance is taken after the vehicle got seized, then relevant documents showing the same have to be produced. It is considered a serious criminal offense if no proper documents are submitted or false information is provided while taking the insurance. It may lead to invalid insurance.

Seized vehicle insurance with temporary insurances or short-term insurances can’t be used for reclaiming the vehicle. If the bureau is not satisfied with the documents provided, they can ask for a written document showing the confirmation from the insurer.

Proof showing the ownership of the vehicle is an important document that has to be produced in front of the bureau while reclaiming the car. The V5C document (full vehicle registration documents) along with the address for proof to match the address that is registered with the vehicle has to be produced. Or the V5C/2 where the bill that verifies the sale and name and address of the new keeper has to be submitted.

If the vehicle that comes under the trade category is driven without a valid trade license (without being displayed), then it must be immediately registered in the name of the owner.  The staff will send the necessary documents to the DVLA on behalf of the owner.

MOT certificate is another document to be brought during the reclaiming procedure. If the owner does not have an MOT certificate and if the vehicle is more than three years old, then

  • Recovery should be arranged by the owner itself
  • Evidence showing the pre-booking of the MOT appointment has to be produced

The owner who currently owns the vehicle is responsible for paying the vehicle tax. Tax for the road will not get transferred even when the car is sold to a new owner. Make sure that the excise duty of the vehicle is correctly maintained. If it is expired or is not renewed, the vehicle will get seized.

How to claim the vehicle on behalf of the owner?

  1. When the owner cannot go in person

It is the responsibility of the owner to attend to the pound in person as the owner old the vehicle. The owner has to prove the ownership and pay for the charges. Exceptions are only given when

  • The owner is out of the country. Copy showing the flight ticket can be used as proof for the same.
  • The owner is hospitalized or is in police custody
  • The owner cannot travel because of age, injury, or disability
  • Medical records showing circumstances that the owner cannot attend the pound

If any of the above-listed situations applies to the owner, then the person in charge of attending the pound to reclaim the vehicle must carry the following for Seized vehicle insurance:

  • The reason why the owner cannot attend the pound
  • A letter from a higher authority showing that a third party is collecting the vehicle on behalf of the owner
  • ID card and driving license as a proof for identifying the person who comes for the reclamation with that person’s signature
  1. Is not in a situation to drive the vehicle

This is the situation where the owner can attend the pound but is unable to drive the vehicle. In such situations, the owner can come up with a third party to claim the car. The third party will be responsible for paying the charges. Also, the following are to be produced by a third party.

  • A letter fromhigher authorities showing that the third part is collecting the vehicle on behalf of the owner
  • ID card and driving license as a proof for identifying the person who comes for the reclamation with that person’s signature
  1. A valid motor insurance (when the third party is reclaiming the vehicle)

On the insurance policy, the name of the third party must be registered/mentioned as an additional driver. Clarify any doubts, if any, as soon as possible. The insurance policy will not be valid if the owner does not have a valid ID or is fit to drive. The policy will be invalid if the third party who came to claim the vehicle hasn’t informed the insurer about this.

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