Season’s Greetings from the DNA!


This has been quite a year but we have shown that we are a resilient people. The DNA wishes you joy and love and happiness for this Christmas Season and beyond! Season’s Greetings from the DNA!

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  1. She came out of hiding. Joanne when will you present your Candidates. ? wants to run on DNA ticket because it automatic losing Their deposits. Merry Christmas Joane and DNA.

  2. Season’s Greetings to the DNA family. Quietly construct your team, searching for solutions to existing problems and when the time is right articulate what your team can and will do, elected or not.
    It is not only about winning an election, it is about helping the less fortunate, being a voice for the oppressed, giving guidance to the youth, finding the pathways to alternative solutions.
    May 2022 see us all aspiring to our islands motto: EACH ENDEAVOURING – ALL ACHIEVING.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if DNA is serious. There are signs all over that elections is around the corner and up to now not a word from Ms. Messiah as to who will be running and where. I am still waiting. The latest sign is the 2 million offered to the former LIAT employees. Notice this is promised only to Antiguans and no other former LIAT worker. Why? Because only Antiguans can vote.

    • Has the DNA gotten rid of the ´gunman´who ran against Chester Hughes last time? The guy basically admitted that he was a sort of fill-in prop for the DNA so that they could sy they have 17 candidates.

    • Careful Harold Lovell nah hear you. He aready called Joanne a TRAITOR after badplaying her for party leadership. If the DNA takes your suggestion, Lovell will die from cardiac arrest or high blood pressure.

  4. Best wishes to the DNA. With all the frustration with the two main parties right now, if they can publicize some good ideas they might do better than some people expect. They seem to be the only party seriously interested in diversifying the economy a bit more and talking about plans to uplift the next generation via varied educational offerings, small business startup opportunities etc. They have also long talked about the importance of improving the water infrastructure. If they come with some solid ideas there is absolutely no reason not to give them some serious consideration instead of going for the same old same old and expecting different results.

  5. Strong financial support will put DNA ahead of the UPP in a jiffy.
    DNA seems to be struggling financially.

    DNA must find a way to launch a successful campaign on a low budget.

    Shock and vigor campaign, the surprise element….underestimate the ability……excite the media…..

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