Businessman detained after searches of northside restaurant and owner’s home turn up marijuana edibles, other items


REAL NEWS: The owner of a popular northside restaurant, along with a number of his employees, was taken into police custody after search warrants were executed at the business and at his home.

Reports say that a team of officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), the Proceeds of Crime Unit, and the Immigration Department went to the business place on Friday, July 1, at about 11:30 a.m. to execute the warrant.

A search of the premises was conducted, and five Jamaican nationals, along with a number of cell phones and other documents, were seized and taken to Langfords Police Station.

Some three hours later, at about 2:30 p.m., the officers went to the owner’s Yorks Village home and executed another search warrant. There, a number of documents and a DVR hard drive were seized and taken to the station.

The owner was also detained and taken into police custody.

Again, half an hour later, at 3 p.m., the team returned to Yorks, where another search warrant was executed at the man’s home.   Reportedly, three and a quarter pounds of marijuana edibles, including cakes and lollies valued at $6,500, were seized.

Additionally, a small sum of money, $15, was also confiscated and taken to the station.

A person who was at the house at the time of the operation was also detained and taken into custody pending further investigations.

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  1. If so is the case then the Rastafarians need to arrested as well. Double sided society one set of people to use it and other cannot use it.

    • It might not be the using my friend… Might be the selling of it… Also, it was in edibles as they say… Remember a few weeks back we had some young ladies getting sick from cookies allegedly laced with the said marijuana…

    • #Disgruntled…lakkah Grannie say, “who bex dead to rass!”

      The ironic thing, about your comment, “the Rastafarians need to be arrested as well,” shows the true nature of folks like you! Dutty & Badmind to rass clash!

      Where were you decades ago, when the same “Rastafarians” were not only harassed, besten, abused, killed for the same #marijuana?
      Where was your voice, opinion then?
      Let me guess, yes being an #ass at times is an ASSet, I just don’t add Jack before my #ass. Therefore, this shitty asshole will surmise, that bitches and bad_minded mother fuckers like you were hidding, huffing and puffing under the #Skirt & #Blouse of the same SHITstem which knew what they were putting the Rastafari through.

      As you have borne witness, the Rastafari is not a Weak_Heart pussyhole, but as they labeled our fore parents in the earlier days of the #MOVEMENT, de #BlackHEART MAN.
      I n I don’t run away everyday.

      BTW – This is Vere C. Edwards!
      Ras Tafar I is not a fallacy!

      You can find me in J’Sqyare – Bsltimore dung to Point & Villa.
      Tek a seat🌵

      • Blessed day that was Well Said… but lolo I think she was being sarcastic an more attacking the so called higher heads in saying that.. cause only when they can benefit it becomes legal for some. Weed has always been the cure the for alot of medical issues but only back in the days the REAL PEOPLE KNEW LIKE THE RASTAFARIAN. AN THATS WHAT THE SO CALLED HIGHER HEADS NEVER LIKED. FULLJOY UR DAY BLESSINGS…… Luv an only Luv

  2. So it’s the “businessmen” harboring the Jamaican criminals? I hope the police take note.

  3. Those Jamaicans may not be criminals,but if they found guilty of any criminals activities, just deport them back to Jamaica, because things like this are affecting the good Jamaicans citizenships, who are living here….

  4. Me notice them find all this at the business man home and business premises but they failed to name him. Why?

  5. How come they can’t name the business man and found all them things at his place but let it be somebody else

    • Dem Fraid. Police only disclose poor people problems.

      U realise dem say notrhside restaurant ? Most likely they are being cautious because people “up north” have money and influence. Police know who they messing with.

      But tomorow if they find out who shot the man U go see his face all over the news media.

      Or mek them catch someone from Grays Farm with 2oz a weed. A pure problem.

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