Search For Missing  Migrants  Suspended Following Boat Tragedy


Search For Missing  Migrants  Suspended Following Boat Tragedy

The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre based in Martinique has suspended its search for the missing migrants, following Tuesday morning’s boat tragedy.

The St Kitts and Nevis Defence Force Coast Guard is set to suspend its search by the end of Friday.

Over a dozen West Africans who were on the vessel are missing and feared dead after the small vessel capsized and sank.

State media has received a photograph of the boat as it was leaving the Jolly Harbour area, and before the passengers had boarded for what turned out to be the ill-fated journey.

It is still not clear where it set out from with the passengers and this is the subject of continuing investigations.

Two Antiguans and Barbudans and 30 West Africans were reportedly on the small vessel. (State Media)

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  1. If this doesn’t bring down the present regime of crooks in Antigua, nothing will. How much more do Antiguans need to see before they realise that their ABLP leaders are nothing but self-serving bandits.
    Now they have lives on their hands too. There is no way the ABLP high earners did not know that the flights organised by Nigerian businessman with a spotty (kind of me) past was anything but human trafficking!!!!!
    It is time Antiguans and Barbudans put a stop to this Kleptocracy that we call a ruling party.
    People are dead because of the greed of Browne and his cohorts. DEAD.
    Soon enough Antigua will be on the blacklist, again!!!!
    Enough with the lies from Politicians – we need accountability. This is murder people.

    • @innocents .. do u know what u are calling for … Stop following the silly crowd. Africans do this all the time that’s there game are u going to demand the government of countries in the east to resign. These guys leave and perish on boat loads everyday .. stop keeping your mind confined to 108 and venture out for a bit … No one is blaming the boat owner who took the job … These Africans knew exactly what they were up to … Only foolish people would see a small boat and crowed onto it … The government sent them nowhere they took the risk and dying is all in the game … If they made it to Usvi no one would be talking … One question Mr. Jacqui Quinn interviewed a Devine which she later said was in the USA from one of there illegal boat trip … Did she facilitate his getting out .. since she was so emotional on radio.. asking for a friend . Also do u realize an enquiry will have to get evidence from all the African that came … What a calamity.. just stop asking for foolishness… I am sure there will be other trips planed on the high seas

      • Curious what you disrespecting the Lady for because she asking a question..please take the Politics out of it and think like a Human with Feelings .We have love one too .

    • This could be the reason why their bodies haven’t been seen till date.even for the government to question the captain of the boat they didn’t which means it could have been what you just said.
      However if the government of Cameroon was one that cares about it citizens pressure could be mounted

  2. We have a number of survivors, so why is information so hard to come to light? As I posted before, lack of geographical knowledge and a high sense of emergency, my African brothers and sisters, I believe was expected to be in Antigua Guatemala, where they could have easily join one of those caravan heading to the USA. They were scammed and ended up in Antigua Wadadli, where getting to the USA is not as easy. Here comes another scam and again lack of geographical knowledge and sense of emergency fell for a very difficult journey on the seas of the Caribbean and if they were promised entry to St.Thomas USVI, this is what you can call taking advantage of the gullible. Sad, sad, all around such a long journey for a tragic ending.

    • @Carvaa … Best post ever … I have taken the route many times on large sailing vessels .. the waters between St.Kitts and Saba is not one to play with especially in running seas ..
      my good friend Eli summed it up perfectly … What exist in Antigua are fishermen who never went further than 32 miles offshore … But will call themselves captains … Even if u are running a scam at lease know your vessel and the sea conditions before putting naive persons at risk.. .. notice the captain did not die guess he was wearing life jacket … But I’m this case and forgive me for saying this … But the captain doesn’t need a firing squad .. but should be bugga to death f…k him all day all night then feed him to the sharks between st kitts and Nevis … Then again he might me gay and like it …

  3. This could not be the small open boat they went out on this time of the year. One big wave would wash right over this.

  4. I’m very sorry for the lost of lives. This is very troubling, this may be the first but not the last! How can a captain carry so many lives on that boat ? The swells are.hight at this time . Desperation! Sad,sad….

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