Search Commences for Missing Teen Kemba Marshall in Five Islands


A group organized by ‘Concerned Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda,’ gathered in Five Islands this morning to search for 13-year-old Kemba Marshall, missing since February.

An education officer filed a report last month, citing difficulties in obtaining clear information from Kemba’s mother, Natasha Nedd. Questions have also been raised about the efforts of Kemba’s father, Ashiel Marshall, with whom Kemba had been living.

The search involved civilians, defence force soldiers, and police officers. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, Kemba remains missing.

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  1. The kid tried to find love from both mom and dad, but it just wasn’t there. No way you can love this kid and let all this time laps before making some movements.
    The dad said he tried calling the mom several times without any answer, now unless there’s an injunction on you by the court to stay away from this woman, Bolans to Five islands is no time and vice-versa, so this lackadaisical pattern to me show no love, care or interest.
    The kid may have been trying to look towards his school for this same love and acceptance, but his school and mates was never there for him also and could’ve care less if he was in class or not. His existence was unnoticed by everyone so he did what he had to do.
    February, we in July and this is now coming to light! Community, if he attended church, entire family circle where is the love?

  2. This has to be a joke, miscarriage of justice, negligence, lack of concern on [civil] servants and [community/village] servants, and to some degree, the parent’s too.
    I do get the fact, that the father came to the media, in order to clarify his positions and actions regarding the disappearance of his son; however, did he do the same at least 24hours after, the child went missing.

    Four months! Four months after he went missing, “the search COMMENCES!”

    This kid could be on Mars by now!

  3. The mother needs to be questioned extensively. The airline and boat companies need to be checked to see if the mother sent him to her relatives outside of Antigua and Barbuda. According to the father one of the siblings said the child said his mother asked that he come to her and since then he has not been seen. Somebody needs to answer some hard questions and pressure needs to be applied to get those answers

  4. I will like to know if the mother is from another country does the child have a visa is the father from Antigua or another country please

  5. And we wonder why as a society why children behave the way they do ….do the things they do…..

    The father can come to news media trying to clear his name BUT why he ddnt do that after he placed several calls to his mother to no avail and when KEMBA hasn’t returned home…… it tells me the child was being abused and we should see if anymore children is in his care

    Why he ddnt go to the nearest police station to report his son HASNT been home in weeks……. WHY NOW 4 mnths !!!!!!after the fact .

    Cutie the CID need as to arrest the PARENTS

  6. This shit don’t make no sense .. so he missing since February and the dad waited 2 weeks to tell the mom so the mom didn’t want to see or speak to her child in those 2 weeks ??? And the father never reported him missing .. and no one in their village or community seen the kid .. both parents should be arrested .. they are sickening.. the police should arrest them for delinquency of a minor for not reporting him Missing … may god put his arms around this kid .. wherever he may be .. I’m so mad and sickened by this

  7. Police making joke. Lock up the parents. Commissioner Rodney step up. Interogate the parents
    If you all cannot do the job get scotland yard.


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