Sean Bird denies Browne’s claims about him jumping ship; says they are ‘mind games’ designed to create confusion in UPP


REAL NEWS: Sean Bird, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St John’s Rural East, is vehemently denying allegations made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne that he is planning to leave the opposition party.

Browne made the claim on Saturday, October 22, on his affiliated radio station.

However, Bird – who is challenging the Prime Minister’s wife in that constituency – says he, personally, is in no way a “mad man,” and he describes Browne’s accusations as mind games.
Having laid the groundwork in Rural East over the past two years, and having gotten to this stage, the UPP Candidate says it would be absurd of him to leave it behind and disappoint his hard-working team members.

According to Bird, if he were to even consider something of this nature, he would need to have his head examined.

Bird says the Prime Minister’s ramblings prove that the UPP is ahead. Accordingly, he adds, the ALP is pulling out all the stops in an effort to create confusion and cause the Party to lose focus.
Therefore, he says the UPP should not allow these comments to take it off its course to victory.

The UPP Candidate says there has not been a single issue with which he has not dealt – because, if one is in a race and is ahead, then it is clear that one has to safeguard his seat. This should be the focus of all his colleagues, Bird states.

Once a Candidate understands the environment and the mindset of people who are clamoring for change, Bird continues, there is no need to answer every untruth uttered by the ALP leadership and its supporters.

This would show insecurity, Bird believes, and the UPP, at this moment, is on the right course and is the right choice to govern Antigua and Barbuda.

Browne has alleged that four members of the UPP are set to “jump ship,” but identified only Bird and Sherfield Bowen, the Candidate for St. Phillip’s South.

Some persons say the Prime Minister called these two names because he saw them as “the lowest-hanging fruits,” given that they were former members of Antigua Labour Party.

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  1. Browne nasty nasty so till, he’s reverting to diversionary tactics instead of dealing with the economic issues troubling my beloved country.

    He really is taking Antiguans for gullible fools who cannot see through what he is currently up to.

    You not fooling anyone with a modicum of sense. Damn Idiot man 🥸


  2. Sean, continue to work hard to win this seat and break up the Browne land syndicate.
    One of his lap dogs on his radio station called Serpent a shim because he repeated something somebody told him. I would ask if Gaston is also a shim as he said on his radio show on Saturday that somebody told him that three UPP candidates wanted to leave. His side kick was the one who mentioned Bowen and the lord said in that case there would be four.

  3. Gaston is acting like he is on vacation. This man has not done anything constructive in the past 3 months. All de does is name call and fantasize. He is trying his best to distract the people from his failures. Where is this increased supply of water that he promised by the end of Sept? The prison needs attention, Clarevue and Fiennes are riddled with problems. Where does this crazy man find the time to be spinning stories about the Opposition?
    Gaston’s behavior is like an agitated toddler. Mr PM, please pull up your pampers, get out of the play pen and do the job that you were elected to do.

    • “This man has not done anything constructive in the past 3 months …”

      Well said sir, you’ve noticed this as well. Bravo 🤜🤛

  4. UPP plan is to use Sean Bird to confine ZDK and Papa Bird to their DUSTBIN OF HISTORY!

    Congratulations Sean!

  5. Harold Edmund Lovell trackrecord:

    1980 LOST
    1994 LOST
    1999 LOST
    2004 won
    2009 won
    2014 LOST
    2018 LOST
    2023 LOSER

  6. UPP is desperate! The organization is imploding. It’s ideas versus violence both physical and verbal. Ideas are winning.UPP stop smothering press freedom!!

    • @ Really

      lol, UPP are really smothering press freedom. They are the ones controlling ABS the nation’s station and only allowing the ABLP on the airwaves.
      What’s your daily wage for writing such garbage. You come across very uneducated!

  7. Sean keep working hard and I hope you win because is not now Clare Hall residents that live close Maria’s constituency branch office asking for speed bumps to be placed on the byroads leading to wireless road. Someone got knocked down and killed on one of those roads before.

      • @Really such an inconsiderate reply, go stand in the middle of the road, palm your hands over your stinking dutty mouth and when the smell of your breath knocks you down stay in the road and see what it feels like to get ran over you dumb f*ck.

        ah waiting…….

  8. Sean Bird has told several people that he is still a Labour man and that he regrets joining the UPP. Ask any of the staff at ZDK and they can corroborate the claim.

    He even unjustifiably blamed me for his decision to join UPP, instead of taking responsibility for his actions.

    They only issue I had with Sean Bird, was his collection of $5500 monthly from the treasury, over an 18 month period without showing up for work.

    This caused me to terminate his employment to prevent the abuse of public resources.

    It was expected that he would have repaid the amount since it was not earned. However, he has not pay back the amounts collected.

    I maintain my position that Sean says that he is not happy with the UPP and he will leave the party after he loses the next general elections.

    In fact, I was told that he even plans to migrate to the US and has started to make plans to that effect.

    He has no choice but to deny, deny, deny at this point but, the truth always rises to the top and this will be proven in due course.

    Sean Bird said that joining the UPP was a big mistake and he can’t wait to leave.

    • @gaston Browne
      When your wife stays home and collects her big pay cheque should she pay back the government? You have such negative things to say about Sean, why would he rejoin labour. It seems to me you are worried about your wife loosing her seat and has just resorted to try and fool people. If you are so sure he is going to loose, why not leave him alone.
      Tell us who bought the lands at Jolly Beach.

    • @Gaston Browne…
      Garrat language….Jumbee_Picknee say dat, U sound lakkah wan jealous man, who want fu knuckle, he best Fren, and a tell, nuff tun a lie pan he!

      Translation from Garrat…

      Jumbee_Picknee son of Mami_Wata says, Gaston Browne is sounding like a jealous man, who wants to screw his best friend wife, is telling all kinds of fabricated lies, on his best friend.

      Psychology is a #mofo!

    • @Gaston
      did Sean Bird have a conversation with you? Here you go again, somebody told you. You are a Shim. Ask Colin what this means. And by the way, somebody told somebody who told me that somebody in the Labour Party was trying to buy off UPP candidates to not run.

  9. @ Gaston Browne
    If there are 4 traitors in the UPP party, and they are expressing an interest in the ABLP, why would the PM disclose this? Why would he be throwing them under the bus? Would it not be prudent too have them there aligned with UPP, and undermine them from inside?

    I’m very suspicious of this report from the PM to be honest.

    LOL. What I believe happened, the PM asked them to join him, and they said no, so the next best is to go on and talk crap about them.

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