Screen-printed T-shirt Washing and Drying Instructions for beginners


If you’ve ever bought a printed t-shirt, you have surely seen the impact of frequent washing clothes on the imprinted ink. The misuse and decades of washing have faded and cracked some people’s beloved t-shirts.


If you’re like the majority of millenials, you probably have a collection of screen-printed tees. They could be shirts with a corporate logo, shirts with an event, shirts with your favorite movie quotation or characters, and so on. The custom t shirts Canada featuring “ironic” phrases or graphics, on the other hand, are pretty popular. You might have some ‘pleasanter’ clothing with silk-screened designs for a special touch.


You want your personalized printed T-shirts to last after you buy them. Our clothes’ quality preservation depends on various factors that you may not be aware of. We have done the legwork for you and compiled a comprehensive laundry guideline for print on demand T-shirts so you can offer them exactly whatever they want.


Popularity of printed garments


Screen-printed clothing, mainly t-shirts, is constantly in vogue. They’re an excellent way to promote a company or event, express support for a favorite athlete, club, or issue, and printed t-shirts always are a popular gift.


The camera method gained popularity in the early 1960s after Andy Warhol used it to produce his famous symbol of actresses. In the late 1960s, screen printing on clothes became fashionable, and the practice has persisted. Clothes now account for more than half of all print techniques throughout the globe.


With much screen-printed clothing on the market, many people wondered how to protect and care for them to maintain them looking gorgeous. In today’s hectic environment, most individuals prefer to wash as fast as possible. You can do many things to keep your printed clothes fresh and pleasant but washing them properly should always be the first step. Continue reading to learn some valuable ins and outs for caring for your screen-printed clothes.


Screen printed clothes care tips


How to Care for Custom Screen Printed Clothes, here are some of the ideas on how to make your t-shirt last longer:


  • If you break some other guidelines on this list, remember to keep this one in mind. It will assist keep the design on your shirt while also getting it cleaned and washed. Flipping the garment inside out reduces the image’s movement from the washer, which is especially beneficial if you have an agitator. The picture will most likely break as a result of machine pressure. You know what we’ve been speaking with if you’ve ever laundered a shirt with medium or poor image quality. It’s all broken and discolored when it comes out of the machine.


  • From the pattern form, the durability of your personalized garments depends on how well you look for them. We may harm our favorite t-shirts in a variety of ways without ever noticing it, whether that’s via washing it, pressing them, or simply keeping them incorrectly. You cannot wholly trust health labels; one might lead people astray. These labels aren’t constantly developed with printing in mind, so they can’t become your go-to guide for clothing maintenance.


  • When an article of particular clothing is no longer worn due to shrinking, it can be aggravating. Many producers post their clothes before delivering them for screen printing, which is quite helpful. In the first washing, clothes produced from non-pre-shrunk fabric might shrink by as much as a full length. Shrinkage happens due to the heat from the drying or hot spraying water. It is particularly true if the clothing is made entirely of cotton. The larger the percentage of cotton in a garment, the higher the opportunity of shrinking.


  • Wash all clothing on cold cycles and use heated processes only when required. The silk patterns on garments have a plastic-like quality that makes them highly vulnerable to soapy air, and they will most likely bubble, split, and tear under these conditions.


  • You need to understand how to care for something fresh when you buy it, whether it’s a vehicle, a puppy, a plant, or a t-shirt. It seems logical that the individuals who know how and where to accomplish this best are the ones you buy from; it’s just what they embrace. Make sure you’re informed before, throughout, and after your transaction.


Screen-printed clothes face damages due to the minerals present in hard water. Minerals accumulate in the fibers of the cloth, making it rigid. The pigments in digital printing degrade using soft water, and the colors fade or flow. The very same elements contribute to cloth pilling. Apart from acquiring a water softening device, the best approach to preserve screen-printed clothing before washing is to soak clothes in a liter of water combined with one glass of isopropyl alcohol.


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